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The Bend Cultural Tourism Fund (BCTF) is a grant program dedicated to enhancing the local economy through the promotion and cultivation of Bend’s cultural tourism programs. Grants allocated through the BCTF support art and culture based projects and programs that attract tourists to Bend.

Visit Bend established the BCTF with the goal of attracting cultural tourists during the shoulder seasons and winter months – a time of year when the city’s tourism industry struggles, yet a time when cultural tourism organizations are most active.

Through a stable source of funding for cultural tourism program development, expansion, and marketing, the BCTF will:

  • Attract incremental tourists to Bend during the shoulder seasons and winter months
  • Diversify Bend’s tourism offerings
  • Enrich and cultivate Bend’s arts and cultural assets
  • Establish Bend as a premier cultural tourism destination
  • Enhance Bend’s quality of life
  • Increase Bend’s appeal to attract new long-term investment into the community

Visit Bend funds the BCTF with 7.5% of Visit Bend’s total annual public funding received from the City of Bend. As a tourism development program, the BCTF is managed in strict accordance with Visit Bend’s mission, values, purpose, and public accountability. Similar to all Visit Bend’s programs, the BCTF is subject to the highest standards of public accountability, transparency, and financial management.

In July, the Bend Cultural Tourism Fund commission will hold its​ first general meeting, which will be open to the public. From there, the group will establish the process and timeline of accepting grant proposals from individuals and organizations seeking to promote arts and culture-based tourism in Bend. The first granting cycle ​took place in 2015.

>> View the BCTF policies here.

>> View grant application and other information here.


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