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Want to get engaged in Bend? 5 couples share how they did it!

September 17th, 2014

As I shared in last week’s post, I just got married September 6. While I’m with you all in spirit, I have to confess I’m currently on a beach in Belize sipping fruity drinks and feeling a little nostalgic I’m missing my favorite time of year in Bend.

But in the spirit of passing along some giddy romantic vibes, we recently asked folks on Visit Bend’s Facebook page to share stories of marriage proposals that took place in Bend and Central Oregon. After all, the town named one of America’s Most Romantic Cities by should have some great tales of people getting down on one knee to pledge eternal devotion.

Here’s what we rounded up for you:


Greg and Kristen (a January proposal at Smith Rock State Park)

Greg and xxx celebrate their engagement at Smith Rock.

Greg and Kristen celebrate their engagement at Smith Rock.

“I proposed to my fiancée back in January,” Greg shared on Visit Bend’s Facebook page. “I surprised her by telling her I wanted to do a hike up to Misery Ridge [at Smith Rock State Park] to watch the sunrise. Little did she know our closest friends and family had hiked up at 4 a.m. to hide and take pictures, carrying celebration champagne to the top. It worked out perfectly, and I proposed at the bench on the lookout on top of Misery Ridge. We watched the sunrise, even though it was freezing fog.”

The couple is planning a June wedding in Bend.


Misty and Novin (a July proposal at Tumalo Falls)

Misty and Novin get engaged at Tumalo Falls.

Misty and Novin get engaged at Tumalo Falls.

“Bend is THE PLACE to get engaged!” Misty shared on Visit Bend’s Facebook page. “My fiancé proposed on the Fourth of July last year at Tumalo Falls. We were standing on this rock admiring the falls, and he was looking nervous and awkwardly fumbling with his pocket. He started mumbling some nice words I can’t remember, and he tried to take the ring out of the box, but I started yelling at him to stop because I had a bad feeling he would drop the ring into the water. Haha!

“We moved back onto the trail so he could safely put the ring on my finger. We spent the holiday weekend with family in Sunriver and celebrated the rest of the weekend at several awesome spots including Sunriver Brewing Company and Ariana Restaurant. We’re getting married in September at Eagle Crest Resort. We just love Central Oregon that much!”



Jacob and Rebecca (a July proposal at Suttle Lake)

Jacob and Rebecca's romantic proposal scene at Suttle Lake.

Jacob and Rebecca’s romantic proposal scene at Suttle Lake.

“Rebecca had just landed at PDX airport after climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro,” Jacob shared on Visit Bend’s Facebook page. “I had given her a letter for every day she was gone and then this big surprise on the way home.”

Jacob really wanted to surprise her, so he pulled off the road next to Suttle Lake on the way back to their hometown in Bend, Oregon, right at sunset. Some good friends helped him set up a candlelit dinner scene with Rebecca’s favorite dessert and music by the side of the lake.

After a few minutes of slow dancing, he spun her onto his knee and asked if she’d spend the rest of her life with him.

She said yes (of course!) and the couple is set to wed in early October.


Larry and Lisa* (a November proposal at Mt. Bachelor)

Lisa and Larry moments after they got engaged at Mt. Bachelor more than 27 years ago!

Lisa and Larry moments after they got engaged at Mt. Bachelor more than 27 years ago!

“Larry was working at the Olympia Brewery at the time, when we decided to spend a long weekend in Bend,” Lisa shared. “We had been dating for a while, and both of us knew we had found our soulmates. It was Sadie Hawkins Day, and I was getting increasingly chicken about proposing while skiing at Mt. Bachelor.  Finally, Larry couldn’t wait any longer and while we were taking in the view, he popped the question.  I was so surprised, he had to ask twice! (Larry really likes to tell this part of the story).  This was 27 wonderful years, two kids, and two breweries ago!


* Lisa Sidor is the Visitor Information Specialist for Visit Bend, and Larry Sidor is the owner/brewer at Crux Fermentation Project.



Becky and Geoff (a March proposal at Smith Rock State Park)

“My now fiancé, Geoff, my dog Yogi, and I visited Smith Rock for the first time in December 2013,” Becky shared in an email. “We fell in love with it so much that we hiked there twice in one weekend. Although only visiting there twice, I claimed that was my favorite place in all of Oregon and the entire world. I made plans with a running guide to trail run there as well in May.

Geof and Becky got engaged at Smith Rock last spring.

Geof and Becky got engaged at Smith Rock last spring.

“On Saturday, March 22, 2014, Geoff, my dog Yogi, and I drove all the way to Terrebonne from Portland, anticipating a great day of hiking. It was 60 degrees, sunny, in my favorite place in the world.

“We hiked the Misery Ridge trail, and once we got to the summit, he took me to an area that was secluded from the hikers.  He started taking photos of me, and I didn’t know why. He kept saying I looked really beautiful and kept snapping away. After soaking in the beautiful views of Smith Rock, I jokingly mentioned “this would have been the perfect place to propose”. He laughed and said “eventually!” We stayed for a bit as he took photos of me, then told me to lead us back to the trail. Then he said, “Becky?” I thought he was going to tell me a joke, and I said, “WHAT?” Then I saw him on one knee, with the ring out, and he asked “Will you marry me?”

“I was in so much shock, I didn’t expect a proposal. My dog, Yogi, was our only witness! I was so happy and the first words that immediately came out of my mouth were, “what the hell?!” Because I was so surprised. I then started crying, kissed him, and said “yes!” It was the perfect moment, on Smith Rock, on one of the most gorgeous days! Or maybe it’s always gorgeous. We spent the entire hike smiling, kissing, and enjoying the moment.”



7 reasons Bend makes a great place to honeymoon, get hitched, or drop to one knee

September 8th, 2014
Your regular blogger, Tawna, won't be here for a couple weeks. This is why.

Your regular blogger, Tawna, won’t be here for a couple weeks. This is why.

I got married at Tumalo State Park in Bend this past Saturday, so you might say I have weddings on the brain. The fact that I already live here precluded me from choosing Bend as a honeymoon destination, but rest assured, I’m aware that this is one of the most romantic spots in the universe.

Here are seven of my favorite reasons Bend makes a fabulous place for a romantic marriage proposal, a couples’ getaway, or a destination wedding:


How ‘bout that backdrop?

Whether you’re popping the question or popping the cork on your wedding day champagne, you want a scenic backdrop to your special moment. Luckily, Bend is packed full of vistas so beautiful you want to gobble them up with a spoon.

It's too bad Bend is such an unpleasant place to get married (said no bride, ever, including Tawna from her scenic wedding site at Tumalo State Park).

It’s too bad Bend is such an unpleasant place to get married (said no bride, ever, including Tawna from her scenic wedding site at Tumalo State Park).

Want a romantic riverfront setting? Scope out the parks map to find a setting that’s perfect for your big moment. Scenic locales like Smith Rock State Park and Tumalo Falls are popular places for couples to get engaged or share a romantic moment. Just about any hiking trail around Central Oregon will lead you to a scenic, secluded setting that’s perfect for asking your honeybun to be with you ’til it’s time to choose matching cemetery plots.

Planning a wedding? It cost me a whopping $50 to reserve the picnic area where we wed last Saturday at Tumalo State Park, so clearly you can get the scenic setting on a budget. For more elaborate affairs, consider the stunning backdrop at Brasada Ranch and start planning your destination wedding today.

Visit Bend has multiple web pages devoted to finding the right venue, flowers, DJ, and more, so click the link to get started.


Spoil me, pamper me, love me

River views abound from the styling chairs at Luminescence Salon in Bend.

River views abound from the styling chairs at Luminescence Salon in Bend.

If your vision of a romantic weekend getaway involves a decadent massage for two, you’ll find tons of great ideas on Visit Bend’s spa page. Two of my favorite spots offering couples’ massage are Jinsei and Anjou. Both have cozy, romantic suites where they set up two massage tables side-by-side and spoil you with chocolates and champagne.

Bend’s spas are a great place to get spiffed up and beautiful for a wedding, too. In the weeks leading up to my own nuptials, I sprung for a series of facials at Revive Skin Services to help smooth out some of the damage done by Bend’s harsh desert climate. Jen at Polish works magic when it comes to waxing and eyelash extensions, and my tootsies were perfectly pampered thanks to a pedicure at Raelynn at Images Salon. I’ve trusted Fawnda at Luminescence to trim and style my hair for more than a decade, with the added bonus of stunning river views as I sit in her chair.

To plan your own weekend of pampering in Bend, be sure to check Visit Bend’s spa page.


Make memories together

There’s nothing quite like marking a special vacation with an activity you’d never get to do at home. Whether you choose to propose during a romantic moonlight snowshoe tour, or celebrate your honeymoon with a starlight canoe outing, you owe it to yourself (not to mention your sweetie) to book a special outing with Wanderlust Tours.

One of many couples to get engaged during the Bonfire on the Snow outing with Wanderlust Tours.

One of many couples to get engaged during the Bonfire on the Snow outing with Wanderlust Tours.

If you’re more of a foodie than an adventurer, schedule a cooking class together with The Well Traveled Fork. I can’t tell you how many times my new hubby and I have consulted the recipe packets from our classes with Chef Bette, and it makes us smile every time we prepare one of the dishes we learned to make together. Watch her offerings around Valentine’s Day for special classes like aphrodisiac cooking!

Want to bond over a shared adrenaline rush? Book a whitewater raft trip with Sun Country Tours, or opt for the ultimate adventure with an aerial tour. You can see Bend from the vantage-point of a helicopter, airplane, or hot air balloon. You can even scope out the scenery while skydiving. Talk about taking the plunge!


Table for two, please?

If you’re looking to canoodle over canapés, there are plenty of romantic restaurants in Bend for your special occasion. One of my favorite splurgy dinner spots is Ariana Restaurant. Their outdoor patio is sunny and open, and their indoor space is cozy and romantic. The menu is centered around Northwest cuisine and unique twists on classic dishes, and their wine list can’t be beat.

The herb gardens adorning the cozy courtyard at Jackalope Grill are one of many things to make this a great spot for a romantic dinner.

The herb gardens adorning the cozy courtyard at Jackalope Grill are one of many things to make this a great spot for a romantic dinner.

If you want Italian cuisine like you’ve never experienced before, Trattoria Sbandati is your spot. You can go here to read my full write-up on this magnificent little Italian restaurant, or just trust me when I say the food here is one of those things you’ll remember for years after you’ve lovingly polished off the last forkful of Tagliatelle al Gorgonzola.

Jackalope Grill is another special occasion hotspot guaranteed to leave you swooning from more than just the romance. Order the Osso Bucco and a seat in their sunny courtyard, and prepare to have your mind blown.

If you feel like venturing outside the city limits for something a little different, check out the scenic dining at Black Butte Ranch. Their menu features creative Northwest cuisine, and you’ll always find unique dishes like elk loin or brook trout.

For a complete roundup of Bend restaurants to fit every taste and budget, go here.


The honeymoon suite

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, or just a romantic weekend getaway, Bend is jam-packed with hotels, motels, vacation rentals, and resorts. For an in-depth look at the charming array of bed and breakfast establishments in Bend, check out this post, or peruse Visit Bend’s lodging page for info on all kinds of great places to stay.

The stunning view from Tawna's wedding night suite at Riverhouse Hotel and Convention Center.

The stunning view from Tawna’s wedding night suite at Riverhouse Hotel and Convention Center.

Even though I was Belize-bound for my honeymoon, I chose to spend my wedding night in a lovely river-view suite at the Riverhouse Hotel & Convention Center. We had a breathtaking view of the Deschutes River, an in-room hot tub, and a fireplace that came fully-stocked with everything we needed to start a toasty little fire to sit beside while we enjoyed the champagne and chocolate they left for us. Perfect!


Hey, don’t just take my word for it

OK, I know what you’re thinking. “Of course the lovestruck newlywed thinks Bend is the perfect place for romance.” That may be true, but I’m not the only one with that opinion. Travel + Leisure included Bend in their January 2013 roundup of America’s most romantic towns, and ranked Bend in the #1 slot in their roundup of the nation’s top 10 romantic cities. See? It’s not just me.


Come back again and again

When you get engaged, hitched, or otherwise romantic in a certain city, ever notice how you want to go back? Once you’ve made some memories in Bend, we hope you’ll want to return for anniversaries and special getaways. Luckily, it’s easy to reach Bend from just about anywhere. Nonstop flights depart daily to major hubs like Seattle, Portland, LA, San Francisco, Denver, and Salt Lake City.

If you crave the bonding time of a road trip, check out our handy Getting Here page for maps and info about travel times.


6 Bend breakfast spots you MUST visit for divine eggs benedict

September 3rd, 2014

There are certain comfort foods that leave me feeling warm all over. Mac & Cheese. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Bacon.

Those are all live links to posts I’ve done previously in my quests to find the best dishes Bend has to offer in each of those categories. Since we’ve had a lot of requests lately from folks wanting the inside scoop on finding a great breakfast in Bend, I decided it was my patriotic duty to embark upon a mission to the city’s best eggs benedict.

Here are some of my favorite spots:

The Victorian Café

Scrumptious eggs benedict at The Vic. Add a little avocado and tomato if you feel like being healthy.

Scrumptious eggs benedict at The Vic. Add a little avocado and tomato if you feel like being healthy.

This Westside hotspot has been voted Bend’s best breakfast so many times they should probably stop counting. While I’ll admit there’s often a part of me that sees long lines outside some renowned Bend eateries and scoffs “overrated,” that’s not the case with the Victorian Café. The breakfasts here are worth every bit of buzz they generate, and then some.

Their creativity when it comes to eggs benedict is unparalleled. They offer seemingly endless variations, ranging from Naples eggs benedict (housemade Mediterranean sausage, shitake mushrooms, feta, roasted red peppers, with two poached eggs on a Big Ed’s English muffin, topped with housemade hollandaise) or the Caribbean benedict (Cuban seasoned ham, mango, black beans, fresh cilantro, plus all the usual benedict goodies).

For the purpose of this blog post though, I stuck as closely as possible to traditional eggs benedict. I was definitely not disappointed here, as the hollandaise was rich and flavorful, and the ratio of egg to ham to muffin to sauce was somehow precisely perfect. You can pick between their homestyle potatoes or homemade applesauce as a side, and while both are delicious, I highly recommend the applesauce. Wash it down with one of their award-winning (and monstrous bloody marys) and you’ve got the perfect Sunday brunch.

Rockin’ Daves

These guys are famous for their delicious bagels, so they make good use of them when they create an order of eggs benedict. If you arrive right as Rockin Daves opens, be prepared to wait a few minutes while they whip up the hollandaise sauce from scratch. It’s well worth the wait, and you can definitely taste the freshness of the ingredients.

The bagel-based eggs benedict at Rockin' Daves is perfect for those who like a hearty foundation.

The bagel-based eggs benedict at Rockin’ Daves is perfect for those who like a hearty foundation.

You’ll find a lot of creative seasonal specials on their menu as well, including specialty benedicts and to-die-for veggie scrambles. Be sure to grab a few bagels to take home, or have them whip up some bagel sandwiches for your afternoon hike.

Even if the food here weren’t amazing, I’d still love visiting Rockin’ Daves for the creative way they take your order. Rather than asking for your name, they request your favorite band or musician. Few things are as entertaining as sitting there on a busy Saturday morning hearing the server call out, “Justin Timberlake? Milli Vanilli?” and watching who raises a hand.


Café Sintra

I’ve been to this cozy little Mediterranean bistro plenty of times for lunch, but I’d never tried their breakfasts until I posted a Facebook query asking folks to share their favorite eggs benedict in Bend. The volume of commenters who raved about Café Sintra was enough to send me scurrying over there to see what all the fuss was about.

Linguiça and chipotle hollandaise add a little zing to your breakfast at Café Sintra.

Linguiça and chipotle hollandaise add a little zing to your breakfast at Café Sintra.

I opted to sample two variations on the dish. One was their version of a traditional eggs benedict with sourdough toast in place of the English muffin and a serving of ham on the side as opposed to layered beneath the hollandaise. There was something about the flavor and texture of the sourdough that added an amazing zing to this dish, and the hollandaise was sinfully buttery. There’s also a slice of roma tomato in the mix, adding another dimension of flavor to the dish.

At the urging of several Facebook fans, I also tried their specialty Sintra eggs benedict with Linguiça (a traditional Portuguese sausage) and their chipotle hollandaise. This is a dish to wake you up in the morning! I loved the combination of spicy, creamy, zingy, and crunchy. Added bonus: my dining companion declared both their pancakes and their bacon some of the best he’s ever tasted.


McKay Cottage

Regular blog readers may recall McKay Cottage earned my effusive praises for offering some of the best bacon in Bend.

Don't forget to nab a side of bacon when you enjoy eggs benedict at McKay Cottage.

Don’t forget to nab a side of bacon when you enjoy eggs benedict at McKay Cottage.

They’ve also got some of the best hashes around, especially when they whip up seasonal specialties to the enchantment of fans who’ve named them Bend’s Best Breakfast in The Source Weekly every year since 2010.

The classic benedict here is every bit as scrumptious as you’d expect, with housemade hollandaise that’ll leave you licking the plate. The wait at McKay can be lengthy on weekends, but it’s especially worth it if you can nab one of their sunny outdoor tables before the weather turns too cool. Vegetarians will appreciate that you can choose an organic veggie patty over the ham in their benedict.

If you’re not a vegetarian though, be sure to order an extra side of bacon. You’ll thank me for it.



This charming Westside eatery always wins my undying love for their commitment to fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. You’ll see it in their expansive on-site gardens, and in their creative daily specials featuring meats and produce purchased directly from local farmers.

The blackstone benedict at Chow perfectly showcases this restaurant's commitment to seasonal, locally-sourced food.

The blackstone benedict at Chow perfectly showcases this restaurant’s commitment to seasonal, locally-sourced food.

You’ll see it in their eggs benedict, too, with fresh local eggs and locally-sourced meats. Chow’s traditional eggs benedict is always a good staple, with a choice of béarnaise or hollandaise for the discerning palate. Folks craving a creative twist will love the Blackstone benedict, which features corn-crusted tomatoes in place of the English muffin, spinach, bacon, and béarnaise sauce.

This is another restaurant where I’ve been known to lick the plate if I think no one’s looking. Be forewarned, it’ll bring out that urge in you, too.


Palmer’s Café

I’ll confess I was a little surprised when I saw Palmer’s Café popping up over and over in comments on our Facebook page. This tucked-away little diner on Greenwood doesn’t seem like anything remarkable from the outside, and I hadn’t ventured inside for 17 years.

The potatoes at Palmer's Café are like nothing you've ever experienced. Trust me here.

The potatoes at Palmer’s Café are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Trust me here.

Boy, was I in for a surprise. The line outside clued me in that the little diner that touts itself as “Bend’s best kept secret” isn’t a secret from everyone. They had hot coffee for folks who had to wait, and the service was cheerful and speedy.

The eggs benedict itself was your classic fare—a large English muffin, thick ham, well-poached eggs, and generous ladles of hollandaise. But it was the side dish of housemade potatoes that really had me swooning. Holy cow, you guys, these potatoes blew me away. I know that seems weird to say about potatoes, but trust me when I say I’m going back for these alone. A drool-worthy hybrid of potato chunks smooshed and fried like hashbrowns, they perfectly complemented the meal and had me using them to mop up any leftover hollandaise.

I’m getting dizzy just thinking about those potatoes, so I probably need to stop now. Who wants breakfast? And who has YOUR favorite eggs benedict in Bend?


8 frequently mispronounced Bend words (and how to say them right)

August 28th, 2014

You know that squirmy feeling you get when you stare at an unfamiliar word? You take a deep breath and think, “I’m pretty sure I’m going to say this wrong.”

When you plan a Bend vacation for the first time, odds are good you’ll encounter a handful of words you’ve never tried to pronounce before. To help you out, we’ve assembled a few of the most commonly mispronounced ones, along with a handy key to untying your tongue and nailing the pronunciation on your first try.



While a lot of vacationers trek to Bend from Portland, Eugene, or Salem, there’s a good percentage setting foot in our fair state for the first time.

Scenes from scenic Tumalo State Park on the bank of the Deschutes River.

Scenes from scenic Tumalo State Park on the bank of the Deschutes River.

Nothing generates a chorus of boos quicker than a concert performer announcing he’s glad to be here in “Orey-gone,” so it’s important to get this one right. Pronounce Oregon with a softer inflection on both syllables and the emphasis on the first one. It should come out sounding something like “OREH-gun.”



From Tumalo Falls to Tumalo State Park to Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe, you’ll see this word attached to a lot of Bend landmarks. The exact origin is debated occasionally among historians, but it means either “wild plum” or “cold water,” depending on your preferred translation of the Klamath dialect. This is another instance where visitors often give the word a harsher sound than it actually has. To say Tumalo correctly, think of those chalky tablets you chew when you have heartburn, then say “TUM-ah-low.”



A handy reminder for correctly pronouncing Willamette (courtesy of Willamette Valley Vineyards).

A handy reminder for correctly pronouncing Willamette (courtesy of Willamette Valley Vineyards).

Though Bend is a good three hours from the lush Willamette Valley, you’ll still stumble upon the occasional business with Willamette in the title. Stumble is a good word there, since visitors often trip over the correct pronunciation.

For this one, I defer to the wisdom of Willamette Valley Vineyards where they sell t-shirts that read, “It’s Willamette, dammit.” In other words, the “a” sounds like the one in “cat” and the last syllable should sound like the thing a baseball player wears on his hand. Say it like “Wil-AAH-mit.”



The mighty river that flows through the center of Bend has spawned the name of everything from streets to events to the city’s iconic Deschutes Brewery (the fifth largest craft brewery in the nation). Whether you’re sipping a Black Butte Porter or heading out for a float on the Deschutes River, make sure you’re saying it like this: “Deh-SHOOTS.”



The crystal clear waters of Paulina Lake. Just make sure you pronounce it correctly!

The crystal clear waters of Paulina Lake. Just make sure you pronounce it correctly!

You’ll see this one a lot if you’re visiting Newberry National Volcanic Monument and enjoying a swim in Paulina Lake, a hike to Paulina Peak, or an afternoon of peddling and splashing on the Paulina Plunge. Yes, it’s spelled just like the woman’s name, but it’s actually a reference to the fearless Northern Paiute leader, Chief Paulina. The middle syllable should rhyme with “high,” or “eye,” so pronounce it like this: “Pol-EYE-nuh.”



A visit to the breathtaking Metolius River should be high on your list of must-do activities in Bend, whether you’re taking a road cycling trip there with Wanderlust Tours, or enjoying a quick hike to see where the river appears by magic from beneath a mossy hillside. When you say the word, it should sound like “Muh-TOE-lee-us.”

The Metolius River where it emerges from under a mossy hillside.

The Metolius River where it emerges from under a mossy hillside.



Though this chain of Oregon-based brewpubs has locations all over Oregon, and I’ve visited no fewer than a dozen of them, I’ll confess I sometimes still stumble over the pronunciation of McMenamins. When you visit their Old Saint Francis School location in Bend for a tasty pint of Ruby, make sure to tell your server how delighted you are to be sipping a tasty brew at “MICK-mena-minz.”



This tiny town just a little north of Redmond (pronounced “RED-mund,” in case you’re wondering) is another tongue-twister for some visitors. You’ll drive through it on your way to Smith Rock State Park, so don’t be fooled into pronouncing the last syllable like something you’d give a dog to chew. The correct pronunciation should be “Terra-BON.”


While I’m pretty sure that covers most of our commonly mispronounced words in Bend and Central Oregon, feel free to comment with any I might’ve missed. Oh, and just to help you out, here’s a short video of me uttering every one of those words in something that almost passes for normal-sounding conversation. You’re welcome.

6 ways to squeeze the last juicy drops out of summer in Bend, Oregon

August 21st, 2014

It makes me sad to say it, but summer is winding down in Bend.

Luckily, we still have plenty of great weather and copious opportunities to seize summer by its peppy little scruff and give it a fierce, friendly shake. Here are a few of my favorite ways to squeeze the last drops of summer out of your Bend experience.


Splash around

Blogger Tawna hits the river for an early evening SUP.

Blogger Tawna hits the river for an early evening SUP.

Water recreation is such a big deal in Bend that we have a whole page devoted to it on the Visit Bend website. From canoeing to standup paddleboarding to floating the river, there’s no better way to soak up the best things Bend has to offer.

If whitewater rafting is on your bucket list, now’s the time to call Sun Country Tours and get that Big Eddy trip booked before the weather turns chilly and getting splashed becomes decidedly less fun. Though Wanderlust Tours offers their fabulous Moonlight and Starlight Canoe trips into the fall months, August and September are great months to go if you prefer not to don gloves before taking your paddle in-hand.

Standup paddleboarding (or SUP for folks cooler than me) is my water recreation of choice, and I feel twitchy when the days start getting shorter. Luckily, the hour just before sunset is my favorite time to be out on the Deschutes River, since that’s when fish are jumping and beavers are cruising around looking for dinner salad. If you don’t have your own gear and the SUP rental shop of your choice closes at 5 p.m., opt for a full-day rental that lets you keep the board overnight. No roof rack? (Or no desire to haul a board around town)? Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe offers a variety of SUP social nights in the evening hours, and $25 gets you a board rental and a two-hour guided tour guaranteed to let you make the most of the dwindling warm summer evenings.


Sip summer beers on the Bend Ale Trail

While winter always feels like the season for malty porters and beefy stouts, summertime seems perfect for lighter brews. Now’s a great time to head out on the Bend Ale Trail to sample some of these made-in-Bend beers that just wouldn’t taste the same if you sipped them in mid-December.

Nothing's better than a can of Sweet As while kicking back on Elk Lake.

Nothing’s better than a can of Sweet As while kicking back on Elk Lake.

At Worthy Brewing, the Easy Day Kolsch is a light, crisp brew that goes down easy when the weather’s warm. Though it’s gone for the season now, plan ahead next summer to get your hands on Gary’s No Quit Wit, a seasonal Belgian-style wheat ale spiced with coriander and orange peel for a unique, fruity flavor that’s perfect for summer. For bonus points, be sure to enjoy your Worthy brew on their awesome outdoor patio.

Deschutes Brewery’s delicious Fresh Squeezed IPA and River Ale are two of my longtime favorite summer brews, even though both are now bottled and offered year-round. For a sip of something you can only get this time of year, grab a Twilight Summer Ale and enjoy a crisp, malty brew with a heady dose of Amarillo hops.

My go-to brew to throw in the cooler for a summertime trip to the lake is GoodLife Brewing’s tasty Sweet As. It won the People’s Choice Award at the 2012 Bend Brewfest, and it’s light, refreshing, and perfectly portable in a handy can.

One of my favorite summer brews of all is Off Leash from Crux Fermentation Project. Admittedly I’m partial to it because my talented fiancé is the guy who came up with the name, and it’s the beer we’ll be serving at our upcoming wedding. But aside from all that, it’s really freakin’ delicious. A session IPA, Off Leash has a sort of floral, hoppy taste with just the faintest hint of grapefruit. Perfectly refreshing on a hot day!


Hike it before the snow flies

One of the best things about Bend is that it’s a great destination for hiking no matter what time of year you visit. But there are some hiking hot spots that really shine when it comes to summertime hiking, so now’s the time to lace up your boots and go.

The wildflowers are in full bloom now for the Cone & Iron Mountain hike.

The wildflowers are in full bloom now for the Cone & Iron Mountain hike.

Tumalo Falls can be tricky to navigate when there’s snow on the ground, which makes summertime and early fall a great time to go. You can hoof it for miles without the risk of post-holing up to your crotch (something I’ve done more than once when hiking there in late-spring).

Late summer is also when a lot of the wildflowers are in full-bloom at the upper elevations, so this is a great time to head to the high Cascade Lakes or out to the Mount Jefferson Wilderness area. The Cone and Iron Mountain Hike spotlighted on the Cascade Hiking Adventures page is another great option for wildflower viewing.

Speaking of the Cascade Lakes, this time of year is particularly great for heading up there to enjoy some snow-free hiking. Visit Bend’s marketing director took my dog up to Green Lakes Trail last weekend and declared it one of the best hikes he’s ever done around Bend (instantly making me envious of my own dog). The area is brimming with waterfalls, amazing lava-scapes, and a creek that runs alongside it for most of the hike. You can read more about that hike (along with a dozen or so others) on Visit Bend’s hiking page.


Dine al fresco

This is the time of year when outdoor dining is at its best in Bend, so don’t miss the opportunity to nab a spot on one of Bend’s sunny patios.

900 Wall is one of many fabulous Bend hotspots offering outdoor dining.

900 Wall is one of many fabulous Bend hotspots offering outdoor dining.

If you want views of the Deschutes River, Crossings at The Riverhouse has a scenic and spacious deck that’s the perfect place to lift a fork or a glass. If you’d prefer to dine along a stretch of river dotted with happy kayakers and river floaters, nab a table at Greg’s Grill or Anthony’s in the Old Mill District. One of Bend’s oldest restaurants, the Pine Tavern, has a breathtaking riverfront patio in Downtown Bend, and the only thing better than the views is a basket of their famous sourdough scones.

Prefer to set out on your own? Check out this blog post on planning the perfect picnic in Bend!


It’s a great time to shop

Shopping in Downtown Bend is terrific this time of year.

Shopping in Downtown Bend is terrific this time of year.

Stores are busy trotting out fall sweaters and back-to-school fashions, so it’s easy to overlook the fact that we’ve still got a couple more months of short-sleeve weather in Bend. Not only that, but a lot of retailers are offering killer deals on summer fashions you’ll be able to wear again next year when the weather turns warm.

Cruise through Downtown Bend and nab deals on designer duds from Hot Box Betty, or pick up a snazzy new bag from Clutch: A Handbag Boutique in the Tres Jolie marketplace. I’m obsessed with the outdoor clearance racks at downtown consignment shops Rescue Moderne Consignment and Dahlia’s, so if you end up there, please save some cute summer skirts and dresses for me.

If you’re in the Old Mill District, you’ll find oodles of great summer clearance racks right now at big-box retailers like Gap and Banana Republic. You can also scope out the deals from local favorites like Bend-based jewelry designer Nashelle or Vanilla Urban Threads.


Mt. Bachelor’s got more than just skiing

Plenty of folks know Mt. Bachelor as a snow lover’s paradise in the wintertime, but did you know they’ve got a great roundup of summer activities, too? Their downhill mountain bike park offers a great way to shred the slopes in a totally different way than you would on your snowboard.

Get along, little doggies!

Get along, little doggies!

Oregon Trail of Dreams does summertime sled dog rides with Iditarod musher Racheal Scodoris and her dad, Jerry. The pups pull a wheeled cart that cruises along at surprising speeds while the doggies yap their excitement. Stick around afterward to help feed and water the dogs.

If you’d rather skip the recreation and go straight to dinner, book a reservation to ride the chairlift and enjoy a scenic, sunset meal at 7,775-feet. You get unparalleled mountain views, and bragging rights for one of the most unique dining experiences in Central Oregon. The opportunity ends for the season on August 31, so book fast (and don’t forget to pack a sweater—it gets chilly up there!)




Even more happiness! Bend’s best happy hours outside Bend’s main zones, plus special late-night and alternate-hour specials! (part 2 of 2)

August 15th, 2014

In last week’s blog post, I risked the health of my liver to offer you a roundup of Bend’s best happy hours in the Old Mill District and Downtown Bend. You can scope it out here.

That was a link to the blog post, not pictures of my liver.

This week, I’m taking a look at happy hours outside those two geographic areas. I’m also rounding up the deals and steals that happen outside the usual happy hour time-frame near the end of a 9-5 workday.

Get ready to lift your glass.


Bend’s best happy hours beyond Downtown and Old Mill

Portello Winecafé in Northwest Crossing is a great spot to get your vino on.

Portello Winecafé in Northwest Crossing is a great spot to get your vino on.

  • Located in Bend’s Northwest Crossing neighborhood, Portello Winecafé offers happy hour every Tuesday through Friday from 4-6 p.m. As you might guess from the name, the specialty here is wine. They’ve got an amazing selection of it, and the daily special is just $5 a glass during happy hour. On Mondays from 4-9 p.m., all wines are $5 a glass, which gives you an extra good reason to venture out at the start of the week. Must-try items on the food menu include the lemony Caesar salad (seriously, one of the best Caesar salads you’ll eat EVER) for just $5, prosciutto-wrapped dates with chevre for $6, or a small selection of meat and cheese for $5. Bottoms up!
  • Kayo’s Dinnerhouse on NE Third Street touts itself as “Bend’s best kept secret”—a bold statement, but one I might actually have to agree with. Their bar menu boasts a huge array of items that are a killer deal even when it’s not happy hour, including $2.50 for a cheeseburger and fries on Mondays, two tacos for $5 on Tuesdays, or ladies’ night on Thursdays (i.e. happy hour pricing all night for the fairer sex). From 4-7 p.m. Monday through Saturday is when you’ll score the biggest deals, with happy hour options like cod fish & chips for $5, killer BBQ wings for $5, or potato skins stuffed with Andouille, cheese, and peppers for $5. There are oodles of drink discounts, too, and their tap list is enviable. I’m partial to the ladies’ night drink specials when I can score well drinks for $3-$4.
  • The Man Van Margarita (packed with flavors of citrus and vanilla) is a must-try during happy hour at La Rosa.

    The Man Van Margarita (packed with flavors of citrus and vanilla) is a must-try during happy hour at La Rosa.

    Bend’s La Rosa Mexican restaurant has two convenient locations for folks who need a margarita fix while visiting Northwest Crossing or southeast Bend at Brookswood Plaza. Happy hour takes place from 4-6 p.m. daily, and your best bet here is the Man Van Margarita (silver tequila with flavors of mandarin, pineapple, vanilla, and La Rosa Liqueur). Priced at $4.95 during happy hour, it pairs perfectly with their bacon-wrapped shrimp (six for just $5.95). Olé!

  • Tucked in a cozy little spot on Greenwood Avenue,Los Jalapeños offers super-authentic Mexican cuisine and an extra-long happy hour to boot. From 2-6 p.m. daily, you can plunk down $7.95 and get a margarita paired with your choice of regular nachos, fajita nachos, two al pastor tacos, or two carne asada tacos. It’s a pretty fab deal for what amounts to a full meal, and this is one of those local hotspots you might not find if you didn’t go looking for it.

    Enjoy inexpensive shrimp cocktail and some killer river views during happy hour at Crossings at the Riverhouse.

    Enjoy inexpensive shrimp cocktail and some killer river views during happy hour at Crossings at the Riverhouse.

  • Crossings Restaurant at the Riverhouse Hotel and Convention Center has one of the best riverfront patios in Bend, and since weather typically permits outdoor dining into October, you’ve still got time to take in a happy hour or two this season. The shrimp cocktail (Cajun boil with grapefruit cocktail sauce) is one of the best deals on the menu for $6, but their calamari is pretty spectacular, too, with a red bell tartar sauce that’s guaranteed to leave you licking your fingers. That’s just $5.50, and no order is complete without adding on a dish of their sweet tater fries wth ginger remoulade for $3. Their tap list and wine menu are always excellent here, so you’ll have plenty to choose from when washing down all that great grub.
  • I know some people have a problem with chain restaurants, but for those who don’t, Johnny Carino’s is a pretty handy spot on the north end of Bend, particularly if you’re traveling to or from the airport in Redmond. They have one of the lengthiest happy hours in town, spanning from 2-9 p.m. on weekdays or all day on Saturdays and Sundays. Happy hour features a wide array of local microbrews on tap for $3.50. Food items include goodies like mozzarella cheese sticks for $5, or Sicilian fire sticks (tomato-basil tortillas rolled with Italian sausage, chicken, bacon, Roma tomatoes, jalapeños and Italian cheeses, served with spicy marinara sauce and ranch dressing) for $5. This place has the added bonus of being super kid-friendly.



Need a happy hour outside the post-work time frame?

  • The dining room at 10Below is so groovy, you might as well stay for both happy hours.

    The dining room at 10Below is so groovy, you might as well stay for both happy hours.

    Happy hour at 10 Below on the lower level of the Oxford Hotel is worth raving about in its regular 4-6 p.m. time slot, but they double the fun and savings by offering it again from 9-11. That’s super handy for a late-night snack or a delicious way to wrap up a night of roaming around the Bend Ale Trail (something I’ve been known to do once or twice or 83 times). Their crisp iceberg lettuce wedge (creamy gorgonzola, bacon candy, garlic bread crumbs, oven-roasted tomatoes) is a great way to end your evening on a semi-sorta healthy note for $5, or just give in to sin and get the truffle fries for $7 (so worth it). 10 Below is a cocktail lover’s paradise, and I’m always partial to the Mello Yellow (whipped cream flavored vodka, champagne syrup, and lemon juice—I swear it’s not as sweet as it sounds).

  • The Blacksmith is another popular downtown hotspot offering a late-night happy hour on top of their already-fabulous afternoon one. Nab their happy hour deals from 4-6 p.m. and then again from 9 p.m. to close all day Tuesday through Saturday, then ALL DAY on Sundays and Mondays. I’m a big fan of their sliders here, featuring three certified Angus beef patties with lettuce and tomato for $6. Mac and cheese fans will especially love their sample flight that includes a small portion of their smoked, bacon, and truffle mac and cheese. Pair it up with the bonus of taking $1 off their fabulous cocktails or grabbing a glass of wine for $5 and you’ve got yourself a treat!
  • There’s no doubt Bend is a beer town, so why not round out your happy hour lineup with a late-night stop at McMenamins Old St. Francis? On top of their regular 3-6 p.m. happy hour, you can hit their late-night one from 10 p.m. to close every day of the week. It’s physically impossible for me to come here and not order a round of their Cajun tater tots for $2.50, and I’m partial to washing it down with a pint of Ruby raspberry ale. Vegetarians will dig the grilled asparagus for $4.50, and carnivores can chow down on the BBQ pork ribs for $5.50.

    The only thing better than Sunset Hour at Crux Fermentation Project, is watching the sunset through your rapidly dwindling pint of Crux brew.

    The only thing better than Sunset Hour at Crux Fermentation Project, is watching the sunset through your rapidly dwindling pint of Crux brew.

  • Speaking of beer, you’ll find some of the best in town at Crux Fermentation Project. You’ll also find one of the coolest happy hour concepts. Rather than locking theirs down to a specific time every day, they set it for 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after sunset every evening. Makes sense, since they’ve got spectacular sunset views from their patio. If you’re not sure when sunset is, they’ve always got it listed on their website. During the sunset hour, beer specials abound, and all starters are $2 off. You can keep it simple with their boiled pretzel featuring a couple tasty dipping sauces (I’ve been known to lick the condiment cup), or go all out with the project board, an assortment of cheeses, meats, figs, baguette, and more. The beer here is too good to pick just one, so order a flight and get generous tastes of six different varieties.
  • The upside of Joolz in downtown Bend isn’t just that they offer unique middle-eastern cuisine in a town packed with pub fare—it’s that you can sit at the bar for the opportunity to order from their happy hour menu any time of the day. Pick out your barstool, then snag an order of their tasty hummus for $5 or baba ganouj for $6. Their cocktail menu is exceptionally good here (I’m partial to the Pimm’s cup) or go with the happy hour white or red wine special for $5.
  • I’m going to group The Summit Saloon and Astro Lounge together not because the downtown hotspots have anything common in terms of atmosphere or food (one’s a sports bar, the other is a hipster hotspot—can you guess which is which?!) but because their happy hours both go until 7 p.m. Seems like a minor thing, but that extra hour above and beyond most restaurants’ happy hour has been a godsend for me many times when I’m running late after work. The spinach dip and quesadillas are my go-to faves at Summit, and I almost order a pint from their expansive tap list. At Astro, go for their pork belly tacos and a lavender lemon drop.



Get happy! Finding Bend’s best happy hours in Downtown Bend and the Old Mill District (part 1 of 2)

August 7th, 2014

It was recently brought to my attention that Bend Buzz Blog readers continue to seek out my 2010 blog post on finding the best happy hour in Bend. While that’s awesome to hear, it’s alarming to realize you guys are relying on four-year-old information to get your drink on.

The dirty dog, a bacon-wrapped hot dog with caramelized onion, bell pepper, cheese, and fried jalapeños. You'll find it on the happy hour menu at Level 2 in the Old Mill District.

The dirty dog, a bacon-wrapped hot dog with caramelized onion, bell pepper, cheese, and fried jalapeños. You’ll find it on the happy hour menu at Level 2 in the Old Mill District.

That just won’t do.

Bend’s happy hour scene has changed a lot in four years—so much that it makes sense to split this new blog post into two sections. This week, I’m focusing on happy hours in Bend’s popular Downtown area and the Old Mill District.

Be sure to check back next week when we’ll spotlight happy hours outside those zones, including spots like Crossings at the Riverhouse, some great finds in Northwest Crossing, and more. We’ll also tell you about finding killer happy hour deals outside the traditional post-work time-frame, including hotspots like 10Below and Joolz.

But for now, let’s focus on drinking our way through Downtown and the Old Mill District.


Lift a glass in Downtown Bend

    • 900 Wall’s happy hour (3-6 p.m. nightly) has been one of my favorites from the moment they opened. The menu changes seasonally, but one thing you can always count on is that they make one of the best greyhounds in town. They also mix it up with unique offerings like the beer cocktail “Michelada” for $5 or a Pearl Plum Vodka Kamikaze for $6. The best deals are found on their food menu, however. On the cheap end of the spectrum, go for the deviled eggs at $1.50 each. Other great bets are the Caesar salad or the tempura fried green beans for $6. Their beef carpaccio is a splurge at $10, but it’s one of the best you’ll find in town.
The carpaccio at 900 Wall is one of the best in Bend, and you'll find it on the happy hour menu.

The carpaccio at 900 Wall is one of the best in Bend, and you’ll find it on the happy hour menu.

  • Founded in 1936, Pine Tavern is one of Bend’s oldest restaurants, but it recently came under new ownership. One result is a pretty stellar happy hour that’s worth investigating from 3-6 weekdays, noon to 5 Saturdays, or Sundays 3-close. It’s only available in the bar, so you won’t get to sit next to those landmark pine trees jutting through the roof or take in the killer river views from the patio, but the great deals more than make up for it. Try the scrumptious Cajun shrimp & grits for just $4.95 or the tasty spinach & artichoke dip for $3.95. The house-made hummus plate is a steal at $2.95, and if you ask nicely, they’ll even bring you extra flatbread or veggies. Your best bet on the drink menu is to opt for a well-drink for $4.50, then have them add freshly-squeezed juice for just 50-cents more.
  • Noi Thai Cuisine is one of those spots I never seem to go except during happy hour (3:30-6 daily), which is not any sort of commentary on their regular menu. It’s just that their happy hour is too good to miss. I’m especially fond of their fresh rolls (made with tofu, prawn, or BBQ pork) and their small portions of red or yellow curry. The Tom Kah soup is also delightful, especially when washed down by one of their fun cocktails (try the pumpkin martini when the weather turns cooler, and prepare to be blown away).
  • Dogwood Cocktail Cabin is one of Bend's newest (and tastiest) places to grab a drink.

    Dogwood Cocktail Cabin is one of Bend’s newest (and tastiest) places to grab a drink.

    Dogwood Cocktail Cabin is a newcomer to Downtown Bend, though they’ve had a successful restaurant in Colorado for a number of years. Admittedly the drinks are on the pricey end of the spectrum during regular hours, which is why you don’t want to miss happy hour from 4-6 Tuesday through Sunday. That’s when all their martinis are $4 off (regularly $10). My personal faves (and yes, I’ve tried them all) are the summer squash (vodka, butternut squash, lemon, and spices), the fennomial (vodka, fennel, strawberry). Those who prefer something sweeter will dig the Portuguese (rum, port, fig) or the yellow rose (vodka, rosemary, lemon). Their rosemary-spiced nuts make an excellent thing to nibble for just $6, or for an extra special treat, try their fried mac-and-cheese balls (gruyere, sage, green apple, truffle oil, greens) for $12.

  • When out-of-town guests come to visit me, one of the places they always ask to go is5 Fusion. Head chef Joe Kim was recently a James Beard finalist (kinda like the Oscars for chefs) so it’s no wonder my pals drool at the thought of going there, and their happy hour (4-6 weekdays) is a great way to save a few bucks. Their cucumber gimlet is a steal for $6, or try the lavender lemondrop if you like your happy hour cocktail a bit sweeter. Most of the items on their happy hour menu are $5-$6, so it’s easy to order four or five and make a meal of it. My top picks include the crispy lobster fritters in red pepper sauce, the filet mignon lollipops with mashed potatoes, and the ebi tempura roll with tempura shrimp, avocado, and tobiko.
  • Brickhouse is known for having some of the best steaks in Bend, but they’ve also got a pretty impressive happy hour (4-6 weekdays) offering plenty of things that don’t moo. The zucchini tempura is a steal at just $3, and the heirloom tomato bruschetta is divine for just $6. My drink of choice here is the huckletini (a huckleberry martini) for just $6 during happy hour.


Drink up in the Old Mill District

  • The outdoor patio with riverfront seating make Anthony’sone of my favorite happy hour spots in Bend during the summer months. The ahi nachos made with sashimi-grade ahi tuna, wasabi, and pineapple chutney served on taro chips is my absolute favorite treat, particularly when combined with one of their $5 wine flights. Their cocktails are tasty here as well, especially the garden cocktail made with vodka, St. Germain, pineapple juice, bitters, Sprite, and plenty of fresh mint for just $5.
  • The lavender love cocktail at Level 2 is delicious and lovely.

    The lavender love cocktail at Level 2 is delicious and lovely.

    Another great Old Mill hotspot with killer river views, Greg’s Grill has the added bonus of offering their happy hour bar menu from 3-close anytime you dine in the bar. The wine selection here is especially good, so grab a glass to pair with their classic burger sliders with frizzled onions for just $5.95. The sweet potato fries with sweet chili aioli is another great choice for just $4.95.

  • Located in the second floor space above Saxon’s Jewelry, Level 2 Global Food & Lounge has a swanky, intimate vibe that makes it a great happy hour spot for couples. From 3-6 daily, choose from a fairly expansive happy hour menu that includes unique offerings like the dirty dog (a bacon-wrapped hot dog with caramelized onion, bell pepper, cheese, and fried jalapenos) for just $5. The grilled Caesar salad is another tasty option for $5, or get a pair of scrumptious fish tacos with smoked fish, black beans, Napa cabbage, salsa, and chipotle aioli for just $5. Draft beer is just $3.50 during happy hour, so that’s an excellent choice here, or try the lavender love cocktail (vodka, house-infused lavender syrup, and citrus juice) for $6.
  • Don't miss the maple fennel pizzetta at Flatbread Community Oven.

    Don’t miss the maple fennel pizzetta at Flatbread Community Oven.

    Flatbread Community Oven not only offers a terrific happy hour menu (3-6 daily and 9-close Friday and Saturday) but they’re also one of the most family-friendly spots in the lineup. While the kids assemble their own pizzas to stuff in the wood-fired oven, mom and dad can pick from an awesome array of cocktails like the strawberry basil martini or the cucumber sage cooler ($9). There’s also a terrific lineup of wine flights and draft beer (local drafts are just $3.50 during happy hour). The happy hour food menu has a great roundup of items starting at $3.50 for a cheese pizzetta or $4.50-$5.50 for some of their more specialty pizzettas like the chopped veggie or the maple-fennel (my personal fave).

  • Mio Sushi is a cozy little sushi spot offering a surprisingly terrific happy hour menu (4-6 weekdays).  The lineup includes a choice of five premium rolls for $6.95 (regularly $8.95 to $9.95) and a wide range of appetizers and salads, plus sake, beer, and wine ranging from $2.50 to $5. The sushi and roll combo for $6.95 is a great way to sample three kinds of nigiri (tuna, salmon, shrimp) plus a choice of California roll or spicy tuna roll. Happy hour is also a great time to sample sake for super-fab prices starting at less than three bucks.

12 ways you know you’re in Bend, Oregon

July 31st, 2014

Saying Bend has a unique vibe is kinda like saying there’s beer on the Bend Ale Trail. It goes without saying. Nearly every day, I’ll see or experience something that makes me smile fondly and think, “that could only happen in Bend.”
Here are twelve things that make you absolutely, positively certain you’re in Bend (and loving every minute of it).


  1. The new spray park for dogs at the Bob Wenger Memorial Off-Leash Area.

    The new spray park for dogs at the Bob Wenger Memorial Off-Leash Area.

    Even the dogs have a waterpark. You know Bend was named the nation’s dog-friendliest city by Dog Fancy magazine, but you haven’t fully grasped the magnitude of this until you visit the 17-acre Bob Wenger Memorial Off-Leash Area—one of seven dog parks in the city limits—and witness Fido and Rover frolicking in their very own canine spray park. For more info and a map to the park, go here.

  2. A pretty common sight to see in Bend, particularly near the Colorado Avenue Bridge.

    A pretty common sight to see in Bend, particularly near the Colorado Avenue Bridge.

    Have air mattress, will travel. You see a giant air mattress walking down the street and instead of thinking “what the @#$% is that?” you think “I’d better learn everything I need to know about floating the Deschutes river.”

  3. Free beer and a bike repair. You belly up to the bar at Hub Cyclery and enjoy a complimentary Bend draft beer while you wait for your bike to get fixed.
  4. Your restaurant, bike trail, and art gallery all have fresh air and mountain views. In Bend, we take our outdoor pursuits seriously. From oodles of Bend restaurants with patio seating to 277 miles of singletrack bike trails, Bend offers everyone the opportunity to play outside—even the art. Check out the Roundabout Art Route (a collection of sculptures in the city’s traffic circles) and the Tin Pan Alley Art Collection (an awesome array of paintings scattered throughout Downtown Bend).
  5. Scenes from Tawna's evening paddleboard outing this past Tuesday night (complete with shirtless fiancé eye candy).

    Scenes from Tawna’s evening paddleboard outing this past Tuesday night (complete with shirtless fiancé eye candy).

    Sunsets, fitness, romance, and beavers? You head out on the Deschutes River for some standup paddleboarding with your fiancé just before sunset. Over the course of an hour, you enjoy passionate conversation, a brisk core workout, the joy of paddling through water tinted pink-orange by the setting sun, and the sight of three large beavers dragging hunks of river weed to shore for a dinner salad. This is how I spent both Monday and Tuesday evening this week, and it’s how I plan to spend a lot more evenings this summer. Did I mention this was all within a few hundred yards of a killer shopping district and dog park in the Old Mill District?

  6. Making friends on the Bend Ale Trail. You show up at the Bend Visitor Center with a completed Bend Ale Trail Atlas at the same time as a couple from Austin, Texas, and another set of beer fans from Canada. You all become fast friends while chatting about your favorite breweries, and agree to walk down the street to Deschutes Brewery to discuss the issue in more depth.
  7. Visit Bend Facebook fan Jerry Hannon captured this photo of a rather impressive buck outside his dentist's office in Bend.

    Visit Bend Facebook fan Jerry Hannon captured this photo of a rather impressive buck outside his dentist’s office in Bend.

    Deer and dentistry. You go to the Bend office of Mark E. Jensen, DMD, for a routine dental checkup and see a family of deer in the parking lot.

  8. One Subaru, two Subarus, three Subarus. You realize at least half the cars on the road at any given time are Subarus, and that most have bike racks attached.
  9. You hike a volcano on your lunch break. Bend is one of only a handful of cities in the continental U.S. with a dormant volcano in the city limits, so visitors and locals alike enjoy hoofing it up this 500-foot cinder cone for sweeping city and mountain views.
  10. It's not uncommon to see someone biking up to Mt. Bachelor for a day of snowboarding.

    It’s not uncommon to see someone biking up to Mt. Bachelor for a day of snowboarding.

    Double-duty recreation. En route to Mt. Bachelor, you see someone peddling uphill with a snowboard strapped to the back of his bike. On the way home, you see a car loaded down with mountain bikes, a canoe, and fishing gear.

  11. River views abound from the styling chairs at Luminescence Salon in Bend.

    River views abound from the styling chairs at Luminescence Salon in Bend.

    Is it a bar or a bike? Driving your car through downtown on a Saturday night, you’re passed by three different CyclePub vehicles en route to the next brewery. All the riders cheer for no apparent reason, peddling gleefully while sipping ale from their Silipints.

  12. River views and a bang trim. You enjoy killer views of the Deschutes River while having your hair trimmed and highlighted at Luminescence Salon.

5 great places to find a swimming pool in Bend & Central Oregon

July 24th, 2014

When summertime is in full swing in Bend, you look for lots of ways to beat the heat. Floating the Deschutes River is a popular option, along with standup paddleboarding, whitewater rafting, or a dozen other outdoorsy options you can read about on our water recreation page. But sometimes, you just want a swimming pool. Maybe it’s the childhood nostalgia you get from the whiff of chlorine, or maybe you just want to park your towel someplace no muddy dog could roll on it. If you need a pool to get cool, here are five great options in Bend and Central Oregon:

The SHARC in Sunriver

SHARC stands for Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center, but this mecca of cool water and warm sunshine is open to people who aren’t homeowners. In fact, the general public is welcome year-round, even if you’re staying in a Bend hotel or vacation rental.

Fun for the whole family at SHARC in Sunriver.

Fun for the whole family at SHARC in Sunriver.

Located just 20 miles south of Bend, SHARC features more than 2.5 acres of grass, indoor and outdoor recreation pools, a hot tub, two water slides, a lazy river, and a tubing hill. The outdoor pool is adorned with a veritable water playground of kid-friendly goodies, while the lazy river makes an excellent spot for folks seeking a more laidback experience. I love being able to sprawl on a lawn chair in the grass with a good book while the young’uns make dizzying loops down the two waterslides. There’s an on-site snack bar offering things like nachos, hot dogs, and plenty of cool drinks. If you get tired of swimming, check out the tubing hill (which is included with your SHARC admission). A visit to SHARC is a bit on the pricy side, at $25 per person 4 and older, but it’s worth it for a full day of cool, watery bliss and kids who’ll sleep in the car all the way back to Bend.

The public pools at Juniper Swim & Fitness

Frugal families are especially fond of this gem in the middle of Bend. Operated by Bend Parks & Rec, the public pools at Juniper Swim & Fitness offer an excellent option for locals and thrifty visitors alike.

Frugal fun in the kids' pool at Juniper Swim & Fitness.

Frugal fun in the kids’ pool at Juniper Swim & Fitness.

Out-of-district residents (i.e. vacationers!) pay just $7 a person to access an Olympic 50-meter pool that’s indoors in the winter, outdoors in the summer, plus another indoor 25 meter pool with diving boards and rope swing and an indoor children’s pool. There’s also a seasonal outdoor activity pool complete with waterslide and a kid-friendly aquatic playground. On chillier days, grownups in particular will appreciate the indoor co-ed hot tub, sauna, and steam room. As an added bonus, your admission gets you access to the exercise facilities, or pay $1 more to join a variety of fitness classes including barre, yoga, and more.

The Athletic Center at Brasada Ranch

The bad news: this one’s only open to folks who are staying at Brasada Ranch. The good news: this one’s only open to folks who are staying at Brasada Ranch. BrasadaPoolThe amazing news: holy cow, you have an excuse to stay at Brasada Ranch! If you’re looking for an incredible oasis in Central Oregon, Brasada Ranch is it. The ranch offers championship golf, equestrian trail riding, panoramic mountain views, killer hiking trails, farm-to-table dining, a state-of-the-art spa, and luxury cabins that will make you never want to leave. But the gem in the middle of it all is their 17,000-square-foot athletic center. Besides the fitness facilities, it includes two oversized, seasonal outdoor pools with a fun waterslide, a lazy river, and the coolest design imaginable. The pictures don’t do it justice, and that’s saying something considering the pictures make me do a happy little sigh. There’s even a waterfall you can stand under for a killer shoulder massage, or pick a lounge chair in the sunshine and order one of their gourmet wraps from the on-site snack bar. There’s also a year-round indoor lap pool, indoor kiddie pool, and five year-round outdoor hot tubs. You’ll also find private hot tubs at most of the luxury cabins, which means you pretty much never need to leave the water. Well, maybe to go to the bathroom. Please.  

The hot springs mineral pool at Kah-Nee-Ta Resort and Spa

This one’s a bit of a drive from Bend, but it’s a nice day trip if you want the bonus of some Central Oregon sightseeing. Located on the Warm Springs reservation 69 miles northeast of Bend, Kah-Nee-Tah offers a hot springs mineral pool that’s both soothing and thrilling. It’s heated to 92 degrees in the winter months, and cooled during the summer to make it refreshingly perfect.

Fun times at Kah-Nee-Ta's enormous hot springs mineral pool.

Fun times at Kah-Nee-Ta’s enormous hot springs mineral pool.

There are two awesome slides, including a 184-foot enclosed tube and a 140-foot slide with an open top for claustrophobic fraidy-cats like me. There are a couple hot tubs, a kids’ wading pool, and these adorable bear statues that have been squirting water into the pool since my parents first brought me here in a swim diaper. Don’t forget tons of sunscreen and an air mattress, and remember your camera to snap scenic shots of the landscape surrounding the Warm Springs reservation. Rates for the hot springs pool are $15 for those 11 and older, and $10 for kids 10 and under. Unlimited use of the waterslides is $4 extra.

Bend vacation rentals, motels, and hotels with pools

Sure, waterslides and lazy rivers are awesome, but there are tons of other options if you’d prefer the convenience of having a pool within walking distance of your bed.

The pine-fringed pool at Mt. Bachelor Village Resort is one of many places you can splash just a short distance from where you snooze.

The pine-fringed pool at Mt. Bachelor Village Resort is one of many places you can splash just a short distance from where you snooze.

There are more than two dozen Bend hotels and motels with swimming pools on-site. Some are indoor, some are outdoor, but all offer the luxury of being mere steps from where you rest your head. Mt. Bachelor Village Resort has a particularly lovely outdoor pool nestled among towing Ponderosa Pines, while the Hilton DoubleTree offers an indoor pool and a convenient location in the middle of Downtown Bend. Check out the grid listing on our Bend Lodging page to find a hotel pool that fits your family’s needs.

The Paulina Plunge: Fill day 2 of your Newberry National Volcanic Monument adventure with this once-in-a-lifetime experience (part 2 of 2)

July 17th, 2014

Last week I told you all about the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, and how to make the most of a one-day itinerary.

Craig Zagurski adjusts Cedar Zagurski's helmet while Violet Zagurski looks on after the first bicycle leg of the Paulina Plunge.

Craig Zagurski adjusts Cedar Zagurski’s helmet while Violet Zagurski looks on after the first bicycle leg of the Paulina Plunge.

But I’d be doing you a great disservice if I didn’t tell you that you absolutely, positively MUST stick around for a second day and add the Paulina Plunge to your agenda. I promise, you’ll thank me for this later.

What’s the Paulina Plunge?

It’s honestly one of the coolest things I’ve experienced in 17 years of living in Bend and nearly 40 years spending summer vacations here. I can’t believe it took me this long to try this full-day adventure tour that includes mountain biking, hiking, and visits to half-a-dozen pristine waterfalls for swimming, splashing, jumping, and sliding.

We kicked off our morning at 10 a.m. by meeting our tour group at the Paulina Plunge office in Sunriver. Participants ranged in age from a five-year-old who spent much of his ride time hitched to the back of dad’s bicycle, to a retired couple on an anniversary adventure.

Roughly 40 of us loaded into a school bus and rode to our starting point as one of the tour guides shared a bit of history about Chief Paulina and the area we’d be visiting on the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. After a 25-minute ride, we disembarked and got outfitted with appropriately-sized bikes and helmets.

Cedar belly-slides down one of the waterfalls on the Paulina Plunge.

Cedar belly-slides down one of the waterfalls on the Paulina Plunge.

My eight-year-old stepdaughter is a fairly new bike rider, so she was nervous about the cycling aspect of the trip. We were relieved to see how thoroughly they checked her skill level and made sure she was comfortable with hand brakes. They also split the 40 of us into two groups of 20—one with more experienced riders, and one with young kids and less-confident cyclists. Our group also got two tour guides instead of one, and it was clear they both had a knack for wrangling kids.

The biking portion of the trip is split into four segments of roughly 1.5 miles each, and most of it is downhill. The short uphill climb in the first segment gave us a good chance to assess everyone’s fitness and experience level so we had a better idea how to space ourselves in the pack. I’ll admit the cycling portion was the part I most fretted about (not being much of a bike rider myself) but it was way easier than I expected.

Crag takes the plunge down one of the bigger waterfalls.

Crag takes the plunge down one of the bigger waterfalls.

The waterfalls along the Paulina Plunge route range from 10 feet to 40 feet tall. The first one on our list required a short half-mile hike to reach and gave everyone a chance to splash around, wade, or lie down in the water.

We got back on our bikes and pedaled another 1.5 miles to the next waterfall. This one was more interactive, with lots of space for swimming and wading. The guides led a few brave kids to a spot at the bottom edge of the waterfall where it’s safe to jump. After a few minutes, all the grownups started muttering, “that looks fun,” and pretty soon everyone was in line to give it a try.

After we’d all cooled off in the water, we hiked the half-mile back to our bikes and pedaled a short distance to a spot the guides had chosen for a lunchtime picnic. We had spectacular views of the Cascade Mountains and surrounding volcanic landscape while we enjoyed the lunch we’d packed that morning. For $10 extra per person, the Paulina Plunge folks will pack a lunch for you.

By the time the meal was over, we were all air-dried and ready to hit the water again. We pedaled another 1.5 miles or so for the portion of the outing the kids had been squealing about all week—natural waterfall slides!

The whole family takes a break at one of the last waterfalls.

The whole family takes a break at one of the last waterfalls.

There are two different slides to try. The first is a smooth, sloped plane that lends itself well to both upright sliding or going down on your belly. Not wanting to lose my top, I stuck with the former.

The second slide just a bit downstream is a more twisty, turny waterfall with separate sections allowing two people to converge at the midpoint in a splashy, giggly mess. We stayed here until everyone was exhausted and drenched and possibly a bit butt-bruised.

The next leg of our journey took us to a great big waterfall with a pool at the bottom for swimming. This was a more relaxing segment of the trip, and my fiancé enjoyed sitting under the pounding water for a natural massage.

We ended the journey with a longer downhill bike leg and a cold soda at the end. We were back at our car by about 4:30 p.m. with the kids fast asleep in the backseat about two minutes later.

The price per person for the Paulina Plunge is $65, which is a screamin’ deal considering it includes all your transportation, bike and helmet, a day pack if you need it, tour guides with CPR and first aid training, and a full day of the sort of once-in-a-lifetime you’ll only find in the volcanic wonderland of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.

There’s a great FAQ page that covers a lot of ground, but allow me to add a few tips of my own:

  • The FAQ page advises people to dress in shorts, t-shirts, and old sneakers. Admittedly, that outfit provides adequate protection, but it made me feel like a soggy dork with sand in my socks. Regular sandals or Tevas aren’t a good option (the most common injury is to the big toe) but if you’ve got a pair of Keen sandals with burly toe protection, wear those instead. I also opted to wear a bikini with a super-supportive top (bike riding can be bumpy!) with shorts and a top with a built-in bra, plus a lightweight sweatshirt in my pack. That provided a pretty good system for donning and removing layers, and I didn’t have to pedal anywhere in a dripping t-shirt.
  • The FAQ page downplays the necessity of sunscreen a bit, but trust me, you need it. A LOT. You’ll be at a high altitude with several long stretches without the protection of a forest canopy. Make sure you’ve got plenty of water-resistant stuff and reapply often!
  • Bring plenty of water—follow the guidelines on the FAQ page, and don’t forget to add a little extra for your lunchtime stop.
  • Remember to bring a little cash to tip your guide(s) at the end. It’s not mandatory, of course, but it’s a nice gesture, and trust me—these guys earn it.

For more info on the Paulina Plunge, check out their website or call 1-800-296-0562.

Here are a couple videos of the kids having a ball in the waterfalls.

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