Bend, Oregon – It’s Where You Go To Play!

Bend has been dubbed the outdoor playground of the West for a thousand good reasons, but there’s more to this magical place than outdoorsy fun.

Sure, you might spend an afternoon dipping your kayak paddle in the crystal clear waters of the Deschutes River or plunging through pristine fields of fresh powder on your snowshoes. But how you feel when you do that—and as your smile lingers in the days that follow—that’s the Bend spirit.

It’s the smell of sagebrush after a high desert rainstorm. It’s the tickle of sunshine on your bare shoulders as you sip a frosty craft beer on an outdoor patio. It’s the taste of fresh carrots plucked from a basket at the Bend Farmers Market. It’s the sound of your kids’ laughter as they twirl as they dance to a concert at Les Schwab Amphitheater.

This is Bend. Welcome.

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If You Crave Adventure, You Belong In Bend

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The mountain town that has it all.

A warm, inviting mountain getaway with a cosmopolitan appeal is what you’ll find when you arrive in the friendly town of Bend, Oregon. Majestic, snow-capped peaks adorn the high-desert skyline, making for some of the best weather in Oregon — think sun-drenched days and cool nights — along with endless options for plenty of play time. Playing in the Cascades, hiking, mountain biking, or skiing at Mt. Bachelor are just a few of the outdoor adventures you can tackle in a weekend or a week.

Dubbed the “outdoor playground of the West” for a thousand good reasons, Bend is world famous for both its outdoor pursuits and pristine beauty. You can catch an art exhibit, dine at an award-winning restaurant, spoil yourself at one of our many spas, or trek the legendary Bend Ale Trail, the largest beer trail in the West. Bend makes a great spot for family-friendly fun as well, from cool cave tours in some of Bend’s ancient lava tubes to watching raptors soar at the High Desert Museum. When you’re all done with the fun, Bend’s diverse lodging options are sure to recharge you. What will your Bend adventure be?

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