Downtown Bend Art Walk

A Place That Has It All

Downtown Bend

Bend offers one of the most charming downtown areas in the Pacific Northwest, with tree-lined streets and cobblestone sidewalks. It feels both like a Norman Rockwell painting and a chic, cosmopolitan center.

Downtown Bend features a wide array sophisticated and unique small businesses, from beauty salons to fitness stores, from clothing boutiques to art galleries. Downtown Bend is also a diner’s paradise: make a reservation at Zydeco or Joolz Restaurant and indulge in award-winning dishes prepared by some of the most renowned chefs in the country. And don’t miss out on the five downtown breweries serving up frothy ambers and crisp lagers with names like Chainbreaker White IPA, and Snake Bite Porter.

The downtown area is made up primarily of two one-way streets, Wall and Bond, which are intersected by Greenwood, Minnesota, Oregon and Franklin. Just west of downtown is Drake Park, where a dam that brought electricity to Bend in 1910 still operates and has created the picturesque Mirror Pond. South of the park is the Riverfront Neighborhood with older mill-worker cottages and newer homes closer to the river. Upscale craftsman and colonial style residences can be found along the park and closer to downtown, where the streets are shaded by mature ponderosa pines.

Downtown Bend and the surrounding neighborhoods offer the perfect place to visit or live for those seeking a town with character and history. A number of mixed-use buildings such as Franklin Crossing and 919 Bond offer penthouse-style condos, close to urban amenities. And the historic district, between the Old Mill and downtown, has a number of quaint cottages reminiscent of Bend’s Milltown era.


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