About Brent
Brent had never visited the State of Oregon before coming to Bend in January 2011. He made the decision to relocate to Bend after a few hours in town and moved here full-time in February 2011 to oversee Northview’s acquisition and management of Brasada Ranch, Eagle Crest Resort, and Running Y Ranch. Over the past three years the properties have realized double-digit growth in overnight visitation, and Brasada Ranch has become one of the region’s finest resorts, most recently being named “Oregon’s Best Destination Resort” by The Oregonian. In his role as Vice-President Sales and Marketing, Brent oversees the three properties’ hospitality and real estate business, in addition to a ​performance ​marketing ​team based locally that oversees Northview’s properties coast-to-coast. Over his 19 years in the tourism and real estate industries, Brent has worked with many great destinations and firmly believes “Bend, Oregon has all the pieces to rival the best.” Brent, his wife and newborn son live in Bend.

Favorite Bend Adventure:
Start the day with skiing at Mt. Bachelor with some blue bird powder turns that transitions into 18 holes of golf and then a selection of great beers to wash it all down before the sun sets.

Favorite Dining Spot:
Jackson’s Corner. Great vibe, great menu … perfectly Bend.

Best Piece Of Advice For First Time Visitors To Bend:
Don’t try to conquer Bend in one trip. Come back often … or live the dream and move here.