Dave Nissen, Board Chair
Co-Owner, Wanderlust Tours

About Dave
Dave Nissen, founded Wanderlust Tours, a nature-based tour company, in 1993. Wanderlust Tours, which is based in Bend, offers half- and full-day guided, natural and cultural history tours around the Central Oregon region. Dave’s passion is to help people understand the intricate links between nature and we who rely on everything she provides for us.

Dave and his wife, Aleta, have received the 2000 Governor’s Tourism Award. Governor Kitzhaber gave this award to Wanderlust Tours in recognition of their leadership, cooperation, and support for building sustainable tourism in Oregon. In 2005, Wanderlust Tours received the Gene Leo award for their outstanding contributions and efforts in outdoor recreation and for its focus on Oregon’s natural beauty. In 2007, they were awarded the Excellence in Family Business Award from the Austin Family Business Program at Oregon State University for promoting the understanding of natural, cultural, and environmental issues in Oregon.

Outside of business, life is active with his family pursuing outdoor recreation in Bend’s nearby forests, traveling and volunteering in various capacities.

What’s your Favorite Bend Adventure?
My next one. After 20 years of exploring the area, there is much more yet to be learned and experienced. Pin me down? Enjoying a bonfire at 6,500 feet under a snow-laden canopy of old growth trees accompanied by getting 20 feet of air on snowshoes off of a lava flow and landing in deep powder.

The edge of Elk Lake.

Best Piece of Advice For First Time Visitors To Bend?
Make this the first of many visits because there is much here!