The Visitor Center in Bend, OR

Michelle Mercer

Michelle Mercer
About Michelle
Michelle has lived in Bend since 2007, and holds a degree in Journalism from Butler University, Indianapolis. In addition to serving as the marketing director for Sun Country Tours, she provides content marketing and public relations to a variety of Bend-based businesses.

Prior to her appointment to the Visit Bend board, Mercer served on the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association’s board of directors and had a long career in radio before her move to Bend.

What’s your Favorite Bend Adventure?
Getting out on the trails with a good friend, whether on a bike or on skis, realizing the conditions are AWESOME, and just going until the point of exhaustion, exclaiming and appreciating the entire time how amazing the experience is and how fortunate we are. I’ve had these moments of nirvana in Phil’s Trails, on fire roads between Bend and Sisters, on the groomed trails at Virginia Meissner and the backcountry trails between Dutchman Flat and Todd Lake.

What’s Your Favorite Dining Spot?
I love that Bend has foodie food available at every level, from food carts to fine dining restaurants. If I had to pick, I’d go for Spork, 5 Fusion, Joolz, Barrio, Thai Thai, Hola … OK, I’ll just stop there.

Best Piece of Advice For First Time Visitors To Bend?
Visit Bend like a local. Don’t over think it, just get out and immerse yourself. Rent bikes and hit Phil’s Trails, float the river, walk around downtown and decide spontaneously where to eat. Seriously, you can’t go wrong in a town as great as Bend.