About Hank
My hometown is Corvallis, Oregon. I moved to Bend in the fall of 2008 from South Lake Tahoe, California. In 2011, I earned a bachelor’s degree in ​Tourism & ​Outdoor ​Recreation Management from OSU-Cascades. I am an avid snowboarder which is the main reason for choosing Bend, but I also love most other outdoor recreational activities (especially those I can bring my family & dog along for).

What’s Your Favorite Bend Adventure?
My favorite outdoor adventure is finding any new outdoor adventure. Central Oregon has way too much to offer outside to dream of doing it all, but I am trying. I am always looking for fun new trips to broaden my knowledge of the outdoor opportunities in and around Bend.

What’s Your Favorite Dining Spot?
There are so many great spots to grab a bite in Bend that this is a tough question to answer. I love to sit at the Summit for a sandwich and soup for lunch or a burger and beer during ball games. Zydeco is another downtown spot that is hard to beat for dinner. I also have been on a big Kona Mix Plate kick lately. Fast Hawaiian style plate lunch in the Old Mill is at least an every other week stop for me.

Best Piece Of Advice For First Time Visitors To Bend?
Find the locals! Bendites are friendly and they know the best spots in town. Don’t be too shy to ask for advice on where to eat, stay or what to do.