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Bend Bowmen Archery Club is an organization of over 200 members dedicated to the promotion of the sport, safety, and love of archery and bowhunting through the community. Supportive of youth and women’s programs, they promote a family-friendly atmosphere with very active members who foster archery education and promote lifelong learning. Bend Bowmen instills a connection to self and nature, and promotes the importance of conservation of natural resources, fisheries and wildlife for the enjoyment of all generations, current and future members, hunters and non-hunters alike. The club hosts a number of events throughout the year, both on-site and at picturesque outdoor locations across Central Oregon. Events are geared for members of various ages, ranging from full competitions to Indoor Spot and Indoor 3-D Leagues. Individual and family memberships are available and include the club’s monthly newsletter as well as use of the private indoor range.

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