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If you’re going to get out and enjoy all that Central Oregon has to offer, you’re going to need some “toys”. Central Oregon Rentals delivers with an assortment of off-road machines, all featuring environmentally friendly fuel injected four stroke or high-efficiency E-tec engines. While providing quick responsive power, these motors emit very low emissions and noise for maximum fun and minimal impact on natural surroundings. Rentals are available for all four seasons of fun, from snowmobiles to RVs, travel trailers to ski boats, pontoons to stand up paddleboards, and so much more. You’ll even find a full range of accessories, including HD cameras to document every moment of your adventure, and generators of all sizes to power your every excursion. Central Oregon Rentals also offer membership in their Central Oregon Recreation Equipment Club (CORE Club). A CORE Club membership means you can eliminate the cost, storage, and maintenance associated with personal ownership and enjoy equipment that is clean, serviced, fueled, and ready to go for a fraction of the normal rental costs.

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