Scavenger Hunts and Team Building

Riddle Routes

Clue-solving hunts around town – Discover What Lies Ahead.

If you love Amazing Race, trivia, and scavenger hunts, you’ll love Riddle Routes! Exercise mind and body with this interactive game, which guides you through town using a variety of clues. Solve each riddle to get to the next clue destination on the route, earning points and rewards as you go. Learn fun facts about the town’s history and discover local favorite spots along the route. Are you ready to explore? Let the game be your guide!

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Bend Spring Vacation

My love “Bear” and I “Mama Bear” will be going to Bend to see all the beautiful sights and enjoy ourselves. We have done so much hard work together as Husband and Wife in the time that we have been together, we even believe this trip will be the experience of a lifetime for us both.

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