Arts Organization Transforming Bend's Visual Landscape

Art in Public Places

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Art in Public Places is a nonprofit organization rooted in the community of Bend, OR. Since 1973, Art in Public Places (AiPP) has been transforming the cultural and visual landscapes of Bend. Through the permanent installation of indoor and outdoor sculptures, including roundabout art, AiPP functions as a stimulating, unexpected, and uplifting way to experience Bend. At its core, the focus of AiPP is to provide free access to world-class art and to create an impactful and art-centric way of navigating the city. A wonderful way to experience some of Bend’s public artworks is by exploring the Roundabout Art Route with a brochure published by Visit Bend.

Conscious of the who, where, and why of public art installation, AiPP is a dynamic component to the growth of Bend, helping to transform it into an even more unique and special place than it already is. AiPP’s growing collection of public art, which is donated to the city of Bend and other public institutions, helps keep the geography, natural environment, and people of Central Oregon in constant conversation.

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