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Bend Ale Trail Frequently Asked Questions

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Bend Ale Trail

Questioning how best to attain beervana? We have the answers you seek!


What if I am just missing one stamp because the brewery was closed?
Prizes will not be given for incomplete passports, but don’t worry – you can take as long as you like to complete your passport. Some guests do it over multiple visits spanning months or even years.

Keep in mind that each brewery has varying hours and open days, so please check schedules before you start. You must visit every brewery in a territory to win a prize.

Are Bend Ale Trail territory taster glasses available for purchase?
Nope, but Visit Bend has plenty of other Bend Ale Trail merchandise available for purchase including postcards, hats, bottle openers, and more.

Can each member of my family redeem a Bend Ale Trail ™ Passport for a souvenir?
Yes, as long as each family member is 21 or older.

Can I bring my friend’s Bend Ale Trail Passport and pick up their prize? 
Yes, as long as your pal is at least 21 and you bring along the original Bend Ale Trail Passport. If your friend used the app and has completed a territory, we need authorization from them to release their prize.

If I forget to check in at a brewery, can I get a stamp at Visit Bend?
Sorry, nope. Visit Bend does not provide Bend Ale Trail Passport stamps. The fun of the Bend Ale Trail is enjoying Bend’s fine craft breweries, so make sure you consult the hours before setting out. When it’s time to claim your prize, check the hours for the Bend Visitor Center to be certain we’re here to pat you on the back and hand over your prize.

Is there a deadline to turn in a Bend Ale Trail  Passport?
There’s no deadline to complete the Bend Ale Trail, so take as long as you like. That said, prizes are limited to stock on hand.

Can I redeem my Bend Ale Trail Passport and receive my prize by mail?
No. Due to the fragile nature of the prizes, you must collect these in person.

Do I need to collect stamps or check in to breweries in a certain order?
You can trek the trail in any order you like––no need to follow any special route!

Can I take my underage children into these breweries?
Generally, yes. Please contact the brewery if you have questions or need additional details. Minors are not eligible to complete a Bend Ale Trail Passport.

How can I get around the Bend Ale Trail without driving?
There are plenty of awesome operators offering Bend Ale Trail tours. We have the Bend Brew Bus, The Bend Tour Company, Trail Benders, and more. Some of the Bend Ale Trail is bike-able, and parts are walkable. Review the map to decide what you’re up for, or consult the Getting Around the Bend Ale Trail for more info.

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