Bend Women's March 1600

Answers to Common Questions

Bend Women's March FAQs

Bend Women’s March is taking a little hiatus for 2020 with the hopes of coming back in 2021 with an energized calendar of events to get everyone excited. Stay tuned to our social media for more.


Q: Do I have to be a nonprofit organization to participate?
A: No, any type of organization may apply – including government agencies. The BWM Team will determine if your event aligns with our vision.

Q: Do I have to be based in Bend to participate?
A: No; however, your activity must take place in Bend during the month of March and qualify to be a part of BWM.

Q: What events and/or activities can be included?
A: Any women-focused arts & culture, business, or outdoor adventure activity that would appeal to an out-of-area visitor and encourage a visit to Bend for the event. The BWM team will determine if you qualify.

Q: What type of events can be part of BWM?
A: Read the following guidelines below to see if your event qualifies:

  • Qualifies for BWM:
    • Events that will attract attendees from outside the region
    • Multi-day festivals/conferences. Examples: Muse Conference, Swivel.
    • Annual headlining event for an organization. Example: BendFilm Festival.
  • Does Not Qualify for BWM:
    • Fundraising events and membership drives
    • Events of local interest only. Examples: high school plays, trivia night, home & garden shows.

Q: How much does it cost to participate?
A: Nothing – it’s free to participate. Visit Bend is funding the campaign to encourage tourism to Bend during the shoulder season. We only require you to “give back” to BWM’s promotional efforts. (see collaboration criteria)

Q: Will Visit Bend be providing funding for event production or costs?
A: No, Visit Bend will be funding an estimated $30,000 multi-platform marketing campaign to promote Bend Women’s March. Visit Bend will not be directly funding any individual events or organizations.

Q: Why should I participate?
A: BWM will be marketed extensively outside of Bend to promote all related events under the BWM campaign. All PR, marketing, and media buys will drive inquiries to Your event will receive significant exposure.

Q: How do I participate in BWM?
A: BWM promotions are being developed to enhanced your event marketing. To be considered as a BWM event, you need to meet the following qualifications:

  • Event website
  • Active social media channels
  • Completion of an online form at
  • Description of your event (we reserve the right to edit based on BWM brand tone and brevity)
  • Logo (high resolution 300 DPI, full-color, vector EPS or AI file)
  • Three photos (high resolution 300 DPI) from your event for BWM to use in promotions (if applicable)
  • Contact person’s name, email and phone number for all marketing related questions and needs
  • Follow all collaboration criteria to be promoted as an official BWM event

Please note: all of the provided information will be included on the website and may be published as submitted.

Q: What are the collaboration criteria once my event has been approved?
A: All participating events need to contribute to BWM promotional efforts through a show of collaboration and affiliation. This benefits all of us. Your commitment to the following is required in order to be included:

  • Include the official BWM logo badge on all print and marketing materials. An official BWM badge will be provided to all participants with brand guidelines.
  • Include the official BWM logo badge on your website with a link to
  • Include the official #BendWomensMarch hashtag in relevant social media posts and/or social media event pages
  • Provide contact information for the person handling the marketing for your event

Q: Whom should I contact if these answers don’t address my questions?
A: Contact or by phone at 541-382-8048.

Q: Where can I find information on Bend Tourism?
A: Please click here additional information