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The World Cup – Not so far from home.

beer in bend

Whether you are a die-hard soccer fanatic, casual sports fan, or reluctant spectator, you can’t help but get caught up in the action of this year’s FIFA 2010 World Cup.  Being held in nine different South African cities, this year’s tournament has international appeal and attracts millions of viewers – in the stadium, on television and the Internet, via iPhones and over the radio waves.

Bend, like every other US city, is pulling for the US Team.  Saturday’s game against England, finishing in a 1-1 tie felt, more like a victory as we watched from Jackson’s Corner, a local corner store with a country breakfast that is sure to tie you over until dinner.

If you are like me, you don’t have a television and if you do have one, watching a match surrounded by other enthusiasts is a lot more fun that sitting in your living room by yourself, yelling at the flat screen.

Get caught up in the action and check out the next game at one of Bend’s World Cup Hot Spots:

Brother Jon’s Public House

1227 NW Galveston Ave.


Sideline’s Sports Bar

1020 NW Wall St


Summit Salon

125 NW Oregon Ave


Jackson’s Corner

845 Northwest Delaware Avenue


Cascade Lakes Brewery

1441 SW Chandler Ave # 100


Top Leaf Mate Bar

869 NW Tin Pan Aly


Fox’s Billiard Lounge

937 NW Newport Ave


If you don’t have the luxury of spending morning, noon, and night glued to the TV, download the World Cup App from ESPN to your iPhone or Smartphone.

The USA plays next on Friday, June 18th.  Where will you be watching?

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