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A week to remember!

Fishing in Bend

Bend, Oregon is often touted as a place where you can do anything you can think of, Bike, Run, Climb, Fish, Ski, Hike, Golf….you get the point. No matter what you are into there is something for everyone in Bend and that something is usually done extremely well!

I was fortunate to have one of those weeks when this became more apparent than ever. My week started as a normal ho-hum week struggling to drag myself out of bed after a great weekend and get to the office for a cup of coffee and a quick clean up of the email account. At noon I got the call I was waiting for to get the week on a roll!  James from Wanderlust Tours invited Erin (my fiance) and I to join a group of travelers to paddle around sparks lake under the full moon.  What an amazing experience and one I will not soon forget. Great company, great scenery and great memories!

Tuesday proved to be another difficult morning after the late night on Sparks Lake however I had things to look forward to, namely my first Bend Elks game with a friend who was back in town on a short leave before heading to Iraq.  It was great for Erin and I to see our first Bend Elks game and even better to see our friend before he returned to duty. The night was splendid as the field is backed by one of the best backdrops of any ball park I have been to. Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top and the 3 Sisters provided a scenery you wont find anywhere else.  If you haven’t experienced an Elks game 2 dollar Tuesdays is the night to go with 2 dollar tickets, 2 dollar beers and 2 dollar hot dogs each Tuesday night!

Wednesday was a busy day at work and I wanted nothing more than some piece and quiet and a little time on the bike. I had always heard about the Cog Wild Shuttle but had yet to take it. What a great way to get a ride up the hill and be able to ride 20+ miles back to Bend on some of the best single track anywhere in North America. Thank you COTA for all the great work to keep the trails clean and fun!

Thursday the weather got back into the 90’s and nothing sounded better than getting on the river.  A quick phone call around 4pm got Erin and I on the last Big Eddy Thriller white water rafting trip of the day through Sun Country Tours. Both of us have rafted a lot but never had rafted on our home waters of the mighty Deschutes. It turned out to be just what the doctor order and cooled us down after a hot day.  The fridge was empty so off we went to Munch and Music in Drake Park for some local craft beer and some great live music…I can’t think of a better way to end a day.

Friday was here again and the thought of fly fishing filled my mind. The problem is where do you go with all the possibilities Bend offers? This is when it pays to have a friend who owns a guide/outfitting business and has access to some of the best waters around Bend. Thanks to Damien and Deep Canyon Outfitters in didn’t take us long to decide a night of large mouth bass on the fly was the appropriate choice.

Saturday and Sunday had been in the works for a while as we were to house/dog sit for some friends in their house along the river. My down time had finally arrived! Lazy floats on the Deschutes river, hidden cell phones and the great company of my future wife. We attempted to go off the grid with a cooler full of our favorite beverages, 4 happy dogs and all the recovery time in the world to rest up and get ready do it all again next week in Bend!

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