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Blissing out at Boom Boom Beauty room in Bend, Oregon

Bend Oregon Spas

I was smitten the instant I heard the name of Bend, Oregon’s newest day spa, Boom Boom Beauty Room. How cute is that?

Of course, one can’t judge a day spa based solely on an adorable name. One must experience the day spa. A hardship, to be sure, but I was willing.

The fabulous pedicure station.

The great thing about Bend’s many day spas is that each one has its own unique vibe. Jinsei Spa features a decidedly Asian feel, while Anjou’s niche is organic and green. At Boom Boom Beauty Room, you feel like you’re walking into the stylish, cozy home of your very best girlfriend.

Well, that’s assuming your very best girlfriend is a fabulous aesthetician with 18 years of experience and oodles of amazing products for pampering.

Boom Boom Beauty Room is located on Colorado Avenue in a remodeled home built in 1916. It opened just over four months ago, and features warm wood floors, big windows, crystal chandeliers, and gorgeous, artsy décor.

I instantly wanted to curl up on the luxurious chaise in the lobby and have shirtless men feed me peeled grapes, but that wasn’t what I came for. I came for a facial, and owner Kathleen McDonald delivered.

I’ve had facials before, but I can say without fear of contradiction this was the best one I’ve experienced. Kathleen started by taking a close look at my skin to determine the best products and treatments. Every facial is customized, something Kathleen takes quite seriously.

Once my hands were dipped in paraffin and I was bundled snugly in a cocoon of warm blankets, Kathleen began to work her magic. I relaxed while she massaged, lotioned, and steamed me to perfection.

When I confessed it had been awhile since my last brow wax, she cheerfully took a few minutes to remedy the situation before continuing with the facial. She also provided my first microdermabrasion treatment to exfoliate dead skin cells and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

“Not that you have any,” she assured me. “You look so young.”

I would have gotten up and hugged her right then, but I wasn’t wearing a shirt. Besides, I was nice and cozy in my blanket cocoon.

Visit Bend Communications Manager Tawna Fenske enjoys an amazing facial.

The facial lasted well over an hour and included a foot massage, shoulder rub, and so many yummy smelling potions and lotions I wanted to lick them off my face when no one was looking.

Besides facials, Boom Boom Beauty Room offers manicures, pedicures, massage, all sorts of waxing, brow and lash tinting, and a variety of hair and makeup services. If you go, be sure to tell Kathleen that Visit Bend sent you. Also, could you give her that hug for me?

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