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It’s tea time all the time in Bend, Oregon!

Bend Restaurants

Oregon is a coffee lovin’ state, and Bend has plenty of great spots to grab your cuppa joe.

And though most of them serve tea as well, sometimes tea drinkers just want to feel special. Indulged. Like we’ve got a little something of our own.

Luckily, Bend’s got it covered.

Townshend’s Bend Teahouse is in downtown Bend next to Great Harvest Bakery on Bond Street. With warm lighting and cozy brick walls, it’s the perfect place to curl up on a retro sofa with a mug of some of their special brew.

One of my favorites is their Rose Tea, which  is a black tea scented with rose petals and lychee. You can drink your tea there, or get it to go. They also have a fabulous selection of teapots and tea accessories.

Another great option for tea drinkers who like to brew their own is Inspired Leaf, a Bend-based company offering a wide array of unique tea blends. When I say unique, I’m not kidding. There’s Caramel Popcorn, with real bits of corn and caramel pieces. There’s Carrot Cake which has tiny shreds of carrots, cloves, walnuts, and maple brittle in the mix. My favorite is Cucumber Mojito, though Chocolate Strawberry Saffron runs a close second.

You can buy their teas online or shop in person at Ray’s Food Place on Century Drive or Serendipity in the Old Mill District. If you want to taste before you buy, Café Sintra in downtown Bend serves several of their teas.

For those seeking an extra-special experience for the kids, Treasured Tea parties offers Tea Parties to Go. They’ll deliver and set up everything you need to throw the most amazing tea party ever – tables, chairs, tablecloths, chair covers, napkins, and all the fancy serving pieces. Best of all, they offer craft activities and costumes for participating kids. Children can choose from fancy dress-up, fairy outfits, princess attire, or ballerina costumes.

Sorry, grown-ups – no costumes for you, but if you want to slip on a feather boa and prance around a bit, no one will tell.

How do you like to enjoy your tea in Bend? Are you a fanatic, or just an occasional sipper? Please share!

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