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Is it a bar? Is it a bike? Yes! Catch a ride on Bend, Oregon’s new Cycle Pub


We’ve all been there. You’re sipping a frosty microbrew and find yourself staring at your barstool musing, “I really wish this thing had pedals.”

OK, maybe not.

Still, that doesn’t make Bend, Oregon’s new Cycle Pub any less cool. In fact, the oddity of this rolling bar on wheels is what makes Cycle Pub so deliciously awesome.

The concept is simple: as many as 14 riders belly-up to the bar and park their butts on bike seats. As they pedal and sip, the bar begins to move. With the aid of a skilled (and sober) driver, the contraption winds its way along Bend’s picturesque streets.

I had the opportunity to join the Cycle Pub on its third official outing, and I’ve gotta say – this thing rocks. We started off peddling our way from McMenamins toward Boneyard Brewery where we replenished our Silipint silicone beverage glasses. From there, we sipped and pedaled back downtown where we cruised the streets for the First Friday Art Walk.

This thing couldn’t possibly have drawn more attention if we’d had the entire Bend City Council strapped naked to the roof. People waved, stared, shouted, laughed, pointed, cheered, and in one memorable instance, chased us down the street groupie fashion. We doled out stickers and waves to adoring fans, all the while making sure our beverage glasses stayed topped off and the Cycle Pub kept moving along.

When I bragged to everyone I knew shared with a few select friends that I got to join the Cycle Pub on one of its maiden voyages, everyone had the same question: “how is that legal?”

Think of it like a limousine or a party bus (except eight million times cooler). Riders can’t step off and meander around with drinks, and Cycle Pub employees can’t serve you. It’s strictly BYOB, though the Cycle Pub crew will be happy to arrange for food, music, or pretty much anything else your tipsy little heart desires.

The Cycle Pub has been booking up fast for weddings, birthday parties, and team-building excursions. Tours start at $300 for two hours, but there are plenty of options for longer outings or smaller groups that want to buddy up and split the cost.

The Cycle Pub is sponsored by the fabulous Old Mill District, and tours kick off from the storage facility right on the fringe of it. There are several pre-selected routes with plenty of stops along the Bend Ale Trail. You can also pick a scenic journey of your own (though you may want to reconsider any ideas that involve big hills).

Got any questions about Cycle Pub? Feel free to ask them here, or mosey over to their website where you’ll find their reservation form and all sorts of other good info.

And be sure to wave when you see us out cruising!

P.S. I just got word that (by popular demand) Cycle Pub t-shirts are going to be available just in time for summer. Keep an eye out for those!



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