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The top five made-in-Bend goodies you simply MUST have!

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Every time I blink, another Bend entrepreneur is making a splash with some wildly popular new product.      DawgGrogRaw copy

Take Dawg Grog, for instance. It’s a non-alcoholic beer for dogs invented by Boneyard Beer employee Daniel Keaton. This past week, a routine local news story about the product went viral, prompting everyone from CNN to Conan O’Brian to crow about this hot new doggie brew.

My dog, Bindi, has been a Dawg Grog fan from day one, which got me thinking about other made-in-Bend items with a special place in my heart. Allow me to introduce you to my top five favorite products made right here in beautiful Bend, Oregon.


The Silipint and its hot new lid

I discovered the beauty of the squishy Silipint silicone pint glass more than two ago when I earned one as a prize for completing the Bend Ale Trail.

SilipintSince then, I’ve acquired half-a-dozen, and you’ll rarely find me without a Silipint within arm’s reach. My cats knock them off my desk constantly, and instead of cleaning up broken glass, I just laugh as the Silipint bounces across the floor.

For two years, I filled my Silipints with ice water and the occasional craft beer. Then Silipint introduced a lid. For just $2.50 a pop, I get an instant travel mug. Voila! Now I journey to work every day with hot tea in my Silipint, making it the only beverage container I could ever need.

I should note here that several of my co-workers swear by the Hydro Flask as the Bend-made beverage receptacle of choice. Though I have yet to try one myself, I hear they’re fabulous for keeping cold things cold, and hot things hot.

Both Silipints and Hydro Flasks are available in many sizes and colors at the Bend Visitor Center, so stop by today and stock up.headband2


The Headwater Collar from Ruffwear

My dog tRuffWearCollarakes full of every outdoor activity Bend has to offer. From swimming to snowshoeing to hiking to rolling in giant mud puddles, Bindi does it all.

And until last summer, she smelled like it.

But that all changed when Bend-based Ruffwear began making the Headwater collar. This waterproof, stinkproof collar is perfect for dogs that frequent the water or live in wet climates. The coated webbing is flexible, but non-absorbent—solving the wet, stinky collar problem! It’s even got a cute reflective pattern that provides visibility in low-light conditions.

Best of all, Bindi looks stylin’. It’s kinda like my silk headband. For the record, neither of us stinks.


Nashelle Jewelry

Bend-made Nashelle jewelry has been featured everywhere from People  magazine to InStyle, and worn by stars ranging from Kourtney Kardashian to Chelsea Handler. There’s a reason for that—the jewelry is freakin’ awesome!


The ladies of Visit Bend rockin’ necklaces from Nashelle Jewelry

Nashelle creations have long been available online and in their Bend showroom, but I just learned yesterday there’s a Nashelle retail shop opening in Bend’s Old Mill District later this month. What a great opportunity for everyone to stock up on this fabulous jewelry.

Just save some for me, OK?


Angelina Skincare

When I told two Visit Bend colleagues I was writing about my favorite made-in-Bend items, they nodded knowingly.

Toner“Which Angelina products are you featuring?”

I had to confess that despite every local woman I know gushing about Angelina Skincare products for years, I hadn’t tried any.

My boss shook her head in disgust. “Tomorrow’s Friday. You need to book one of their free Friday facials so you can learn what all the fuss is about.”

The fact that I’m commanded to get facials is one of 2,896 things I love about my job, but I digress.

And I also agree that Angelina’s organic skincare products live up to the hype. I was instantly smitten with the Lavender and Aloe Facial Toner as a natural, gentle alternative to the harsh facial astringent I’ve used since puberty. I also zeroed in on the Skin Doctor Hand Cream after I watched four different strangers file through the shop and purchase it with the declaration that it’s the best hand cream they’ve ever tried.

I’d heard rumors that Angelina’s products had been included in celebrity gift bags at the Academy Awards, and Angelina herself confirmed that to be true. The most popular item among celebrities was the Radience Serum, which repairs damaged skin, fades age spots, and even soothes sunburn.Kama

But perhaps my favorite item of all was the Kama Body Incense. This sensuous powder perfume is scented with exotic Indian lotus petals, sandalwood, frankincense, and other top-secret ingredients Angelina wouldn’t reveal even after I threatened to throw myself on the floor and cry. Regardless of what’s in it, this gorgeous fragrance caused everyone around me to swoon for the rest of the day.

I really need to apologize to the postman for that.

So that’s it for my roundup of my top five favorite made-in-Bend goodies. Please share yours!

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