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Who’s ready to go sledding in Bend, Oregon?!

Catching some air on the sledding hill at Al Moody Park in northeast Bend.

Catching some air on the sledding hill at Al Moody Park in northeast Bend.

Whoever’s been doing the snow dance must have some mad boogie skills.

Over the last week, Mt. Bachelor has gotten more than five feet of new snow, and some parts of Bend had two feet of fresh snowfall last weekend. Kinda makes you want to grease up the saucer sled and hit the slopes for some good old fashioned sledding fun, huh?

Family sledding adventure in Drake Park.

Family sledding adventure in Drake Park.

When the snow piles up in town, any sloped space becomes fair game in local parks. Bend Parks and Recreation has nearly 70 parks to choose from, and several offer fun spots for sledding when there’s snow on the ground.

Bend’s crown jewel, Drake Park, spans 13 acres with several easy slopes that transform into popular sledding hills when the white stuff piles up. Hollinshead Park also has several nice sledding spots dotted around its 16.5 acre space. In the northeast part of town, try Al Moody Park, which also boasts some awesome playground equipment in case the kiddies need a change of scenery.

If snow isn’t blanketing the ground in town, drive just 20 minutes up Century Drive to Wanoga Sno-Park. Besides its snowmobile area and fabulous dog-friendly trails for snowshoeing and Nordic skiing, Wanoga offers an expansive sledding area with a huge warming hut (complete with woodstove and picnic tables) at the base. Don’t forget to buy a sno-park permit, which you can grab at the Bend Visitor Center on the corner of Lava & Oregon in Downtown Bend.

Looking for a sledding experience that doesn’t require you to have your own sled? Check out Mt.Bachelor’s Snowblast Tubing Park. Located between the Mountain Gateway building and the bottom of Red Chair, the tubing park is an 800-foot ride complete with lanes, rollers, and surface lifts that pull you and your tube up the hill quickly and comfortably.

Prices vary depending on the date range, your age, and whether you’re looking for a full day or just a couple hours, but expect to pay anywhere from $10-$31 (not too shabby, considering the price includes your tube and as many rides as you can handle without having to hoof it to the top lugging a heavy sled).

For more ideas on sledding around Bend and Central Oregon, check out Visit Bend’s sledding page.

Oh, and in case you’ve wondered what it’s like to cruise down the sledding hill at the Mt. Bachelor Snowblast Tubing Park, here’s an up-close-and-personal look at it from Pete Alport:

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