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How to impress 4 important people with your Bend vacation


There are plenty of good reasons to plan that Bend vacation you’ve been dreaming about. Fun. Fresh air. Relaxation.

But there’s another good reason to crack open that day planner and start making hotel reservations. Did you know a Bend vacation can help you impress important people?

Don’t believe me? Here’s a roundup of four people I promise will be wildly impressed by your plans to frolic in Central Oregon’s mountainous high desert.


Impress your boss!

In my non-Visit Bend life, I’m a romantic comedy author. On the days I’m not writing blog posts giving you tips on fun things to do around Bend, I’m writing funny smut.

Or trying to, anyway. See, sometimes I get stuck. In my younger days as an author, I’d force myself to sit at my desk gnawing on that plot knot until I fixed it. Most of the time, gnawing off my own foot would have been preferable.

Eventually it occurred to me that every time I gave myself a break and took the dog for a long walk, something magical happened. Blame it on Bend’s fresh air or the beautiful scenery, but within a few steps of my front door, I’d almost always solved my plot problem.

This is what brainstorming looks like in Bend.

This is what brainstorming looks like in Bend.

Okay, so most of you probably aren’t romance authors. That doesn’t mean your professional brain can’t be refreshed and rejuvenated in the same way. Explore Bend’s hiking trails. Spend an afternoon fishing. Take a bike ride. Whatever you do, get out of your element and into Bend’s great outdoors. I guarantee it’ll work wonders for your creativity, productivity, and probably a few other –ivities I can’t even think of right now.

See? I totally need to rejuvenate my vocabulary by ducking out early to go standup paddleboarding.


Impress your neighbors!

Look, I’m not one to advocate for keeping up with the Joneses. Just because Jim and Sally next door bought a new BMW doesn’t mean you have to do the same.

That said, is it really the worst thing in the world to want your neighbors to feel just a teeny, tiny bit jealous of you? Like if they see you loading up the roof rack with all your bikes, kayaks, skis, and sporting equipment, is there a small part of you that kinda wants them to feel a twist of envy?

Maybe that’s just me. Or maybe you’re a kind and generous soul who would never, ever want to inflict those kinds of feelings upon your dear, sweet neighbors. In fact, if you love your neighbors that much, why not rent a Bend vacation home with them? There are oodles of them around town, ranging from private residences with hot tubs to little cottages on the fringe of popular hiking and biking trails.

Just make sure the Joneses know you’ve got dibs on the biggest room.


Impress your significant other!

I didn’t realize until I started plotting out this blog post how frequently I’ve written about romance in Bend. Like this post on planning a romantic Valentine’s Day. Or this post on unique date ideas in Bend. Or this post on the best spots to kiss. Or this post featuring five adorable stories of couples who got engaged in Bend. Or this post on how to plan a fabulous proposal, honeymoon, or wedding in Bend.

In my defense, I’ve been blogging here nearly five years, and I am a romance author. Still, that’s a whole lotta romantic ideas at your fingertips. Really, you have no excuse not to use them to prove to your loved one that you’re all that and a bag of chips.

A cooking class with The Well Traveled Fork is a great way to impress your parents with your new culinary skills.

Impress your parents!

This one’s a little tougher, depending on who your parents are. Like maybe mom and dad have always pushed

you toward self-improvement. Why not use your Bend vacation as an excuse to learn a new skill? You can take a cooking class from The Well Traveled Fork or learn to snowshoe or kayak with the naturalist guides from Wanderlust Tours.

If it’s professional development your parents want you to work on, check out the continuing ed classes from Central Oregon Community College or consult Visit Bend’s event calendar for a roundup of educational opportunities during your planned vacation.

Maybe mom and dad have been nagging you to change your wardrobe or cut your hair. There’s tons of great shopping in Bend, and you can get that haircut while you enjoy a tasty Bend craft beer if you stop by Bond Street Barber Shop.

Oh, and if your parents are nagging you for grandkids? Er, go back and read that last section on romance. You’re welcome.



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