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I HATE BEND! Or do you? Here are 7 things you may not know.


Have you ever noticed the phenomenon where something becomes so popular that’s it’s suddenly cool to hate on it?

We’re seeing a bit of that in Bend these days, and it’s no big shocker. Bend is booming as a travel destination, fueled in part by articles like the New York Times declaring it one of 52 worldwide destinations you should visit in 2015 (we’re right there between Papua, New Guinea, and Rabat, Morocco).

And while haters are always gonna hate, here are seven situations where the animosity might be a bit misguided.


I hate beer!

Bend’s reputation as a beer town is well-deserved, and the Bend Ale Trail is one of the city’s biggest draws with more than 50% of Bend visitors hitting at least one brewery during a stay.

But if beer isn’t your thing, that doesn’t mean Bend isn’t for you.

If you crave adult beverages of another sort, Drinkable Diversions is the way to go. Launched as a sister program to the Bend Ale Trail, Drinkable Diversions includes four wineries, three cideries, three distilleries, and even a kombucha brewery. You can sip yourself silly without ever having to touch a sudsy pint of pilsner.

Not a fan of booze in general? Bend has such an impressive array of coffee houses and roasteries that Wanderlust Tours recently added a new Coffee Tour. You’ll visit three local coffee houses stopping for delicious samples and education (plus oddles of great info about Bend history and culture). The $30 price tag includes transportation, guide, tastings, behind-the-scenes roastery access, and a delicious local treat.


I hate the outdoors!

Though it’s hard for me to fathom not wanting to play outside in Bend’s glorious high desert mountain air, I realize there are some who consider themselves more “indoorsy.” If the idea of fresh air and fitness gives you the heebie jeebies, there’s still plenty to do in Bend.

Arts and culture have become a big draw for Bend in recent years, with programs like the Roundabout Art Route and the Tin Pan Alley Art Collection offering plenty of artistic eye candy. Visit Bend’s Arts and Culture page will give you a variety of artsy ideas ranging from galleries to concerts to film festivals.

If museums are your thing, stop by the Deschutes Historical Museum for a glimpse at the area’s rich history, or visit the High Desert Museum to see an amazing array of animal exhibits, natural history, and more.

Are you more of a culinary geek? You’ll be right at home in Bend. Search the Drinking and Dining category on this blog for a huge array of posts featuring restaurant reviews and tips on places to go for sunset dinners, Bend’s best gluten-free dining, vegan and vegetarian meals, or even specific dishes like burgers, bacon, hot wings, and mac & cheese. To fully embrace Bend’s foodie scene, book a culinary tour or cooking class with the Well Traveled Fork.


I hate hipsters! And yuppies! And old people! And kids! And, uh….my fellow tourists?!

There’s always someone in the crowd who hates a certain type of person. I’ll confess that in my late teens I went through a brief “I hate skiers” phase, which was easily remedied by both the evolving open-mindedness that comes with age, and the brilliant discovery that I could simply not go to a ski hill.

Jokes aside, if you’re harboring the delusion that Bend is overrun by a certain type of person, you might just be hanging out in the wrong places. Not a fan of the crowd that spends Saturday mornings sipping coffee and eating veggie scrambles at Jackson’s Corner in Downtown Bend? Head to their eastside location and you’ll discover the same great menu with a totally different scene. It’s the same deal with other local eateries that have both Eastside and Westside locations sporting their own unique ambiance, including Baldy’s Barbecue and Longboard Louie’s.

If you’re craving incredible Mexican food, La Rosa has locations in Northwest Crossing and on the south end of Bend, with two totally different crowds frequenting each locale. If you’re a fan of Cibelli’s Pizza (and who in their right might wouldn’t be?) you’ll be happy to know they not only have Eastside and Westside locations, but a Southside and a Redmond shop to boot. Visit them all and pick the vibe that feels right to you.

If you’re traveling with kids want to visit Bend Ale Trail stops that make it easy to bring the ankle-biters, try Crux Fermentation Project, Cascade Lakes, Deschutes Brewery, or Bend Brewing Company (which has one of my favorite kids’ menus in town). But if you’d prefer to swill your suds in places a little less likely to attract families, opt for Boneyard Brewing, Riverbend Brewing, Silver Moon Brewing, or one of the growler fill stations that let you take your beer back to a cave so you can avoid human contact.


I hate crowds!

Here’s a little secret: Everyone wants to visit Bend in the summer months when it’s perfect for rafting, hiking, standup paddleboarding, and other warm weather activities. On the average summer day, Bend sees an influx of 18,000 visitors. There’s also a surge of visitors at the peak of winter season when everyone wants to ski, snowboard, snowshoe, and sled.

But fall and spring are known as “the shoulder season” in the tourism biz, and they’re fabulous times to show up and have the place to yourself. You’ll score screamin’ deals on hotel stays, encounter much milder weather than you’ll get during peak seasons, and discover a more mellow, laidback version of Bend than you’ll see in mid-August or mid-December. To learn more about planning a shoulder season vacation in Bend, go here.


I hate snow!

Come to Bend in the summer.


I hate the heat!

Come to Bend in the winter.


I hate fun!

Huh. You know what? I can’t help you with this one.

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