I can find something magical about every month in Bend, Oregon, but if you ask my favorite of the twelve, I won’t hesitate to tell you it’s September.

Here's one of the lovely spots along the Old Mill District where you could be dining if you win!
Here’s one of the lovely spots along the Old Mill District where you could be dining if you win!

Summer is still going strong for the first 2/3 of the month, but crowds have thinned out. Our days are still warm enough for floating the river, but our nights are cool enough to make sleeping with the windows open feel blissfully like camping. There are still enough people milling about to create the energetic feel of summer, but you won’t have to fight for a table at your favorite restaurant.

Sounds nice, huh? Here’s what you need to know about visiting Bend, Oregon in September (plus keep reading to win $100 to spend on a fabulous dinner in the Old Mill District!)


What to bring

I’m pretty sure you can manage to round up your own toothpaste and underpants, so don’t use this as an all-inclusive packing list.

September is a great time to play on the Deschutes River in Bend.
September is a great time to play on the Deschutes River in Bend.

But when you plan a September vacation in Bend, here are a few things you should bring:

  • Sunscreen. Yep, you still need it (though you can buy it in plenty of places around town if you forget). The sun is still strong, and there’s a good chance you’ll be playing outside, so slather it on and stay safe.
  • A bathing suit, a jacket, and a pair of lightweight gloves. I’m lumping these three things together not because you’ll be wearing them all at once (though I’d pay to see a photo of that!) but because it’s important to plan for extreme ends of the weather spectrum when you visit Bend in September. I walked my dog at 6:30 this morning and wished I’d worn a thin pair of gloves to keep my fingers from freezing. By 2 p.m., I was sweltering in 90-degree heat. Here in the mountainous high desert, you have to be ready for anything on the cusp of a season change.
  • Golf clubs, kayak, standup paddleboard, bike… You get the idea. This is still the time of year when you want your warm weather toys, so whatever they may be, make sure you toss them in the car.
  • A cardigan and a sundress. Er, the male readers may want to skip this one (or not—hey, I’m not here to judge). September is still a terrific time of year to dine outdoors in your strappy little sandals and cute sundress. But if you’re opting for an evening meal outside (like that one you could win in the Old Mill District if you keep reading!) make sure you stash a sweater in your bag. You’ll thank me later.
  • Hiking sandals. I know a lot of folks prefer to hoof it in hiking boots year-round, but I’m not one of those people. I live for months where I can comfortably hike in a pair of Keens or Tevas, and September still counts as one of those months. I love the feeling of splashing through a creek and not getting my socks all soggy, and if you’re the same, go ahead and pack the sandals.

For an even better roundup of 10 things you may not know you need to pack for your Bend vacation, check out this blog post.


What to do

You can peruse www.visitbend.com to find oodles of ideas for activities ranging from arts and culture to restaurants to water recreation to hiking. But for the sake of this blog post, let’s focus on the things you should definitely add to your September agenda:

  • Don't miss your last chance to see a concert at the Les Schwab Amphitheater this season! Tickets are still available for Weird Al Yankovic (Sept. 4) and Ben Harper (Sept. 6).
    Don’t miss your last chance to see a concert at the Les Schwab Amphitheater this season! Tickets are still available for Weird Al Yankovic (Sept. 4) and Ben Harper (Sept. 6).

    Watch a sunset. September is arguably the best time of year to catch dramatic, colorful sunsets in Bend. For ideas on where to get the best view, go here.

  • Stroll through Drake Park. The leaves in Bend don’t typically change colors until mid-October, but I’ve heard a few weather geeks predicting it could happen earlier this year. Even if all the leaves are still green and in their proper place on the trees, there are few places on earth more spellbinding than this 13-acre riverfront park in downtown Bend. Walk along the water with a bowl of Bonta Gelato. Hit the Bend Farmers Market on Wednesday for a cornucopia of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, jams, and more.
  • Cruise up Pilot Butte. I’m a staunch advocate for traveling on foot to reach the summit of the 500-foot dormant volcano in the middle of Bend, but I know that’s not an option for everyone. Maybe you’re pressed for time, or maybe mobility is limited. Whatever your reason for preferring to drive to the top, September’s a good month to do it. The road closes to motorized vehicles in October, and icy conditions in late-fall or early-winter can make it trickier to hike. One way or another, put Pilot Butte on your bucket list for killer views of the city.
  • Catch a concert. The most amazing concert season in Les Schwab Amphitheater history is coming to a close with two remaining shows: Weird Al Yankovic on Friday, Sept. 4, and Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals on Sunday, Sept. 6. You can still buy tickets here. While you’re at it, take advantage of the chance to dine outside on the riverfront in Old Mill District. You’ll find a roundup of those restaurants here. (Pssst….for a chance to win a $100 to dine in any Old Mill restaurant, follow the directions at the bottom of this post!)


Where to go

Some of Bend’s most popular hotspots are teeming with people in the summer months, so September is your prime opportunity to visit them when the weather’s still great but the crowds have thinned out. Among them:

  • Your favorite Bend Ale Trail stop. We have oodles of amazing breweries along the Bend Ale Trail, but there are several where you’ll almost always encounter crowds. That’s especially true in the summer months, but things thin out just a tad when summer ends, making it a little easier for you to nab a seat at Crux Fermentation Project, Worthy Brewing, Deschutes Brewery, and 10 Barrel Brewing. Now’s your chance to claim that outdoor table you’ve been coveting!

    September's a great time of year to nab that coveted outdoor table at popular breweries like Crux Fermentation Project.
    September’s a great time of year to nab that coveted outdoor table at popular breweries like Crux Fermentation Project.
  • The High Cascade Lakes. Bend locals occasionally fuss if they arrive at popular summer spots like Elk Lake or Green Lake and find hiking trails and picnic areas teeming with people. Thankfully, that tapers off in September, so if you’re hoping for a bit of solitude at a mountain lake without the threat of snow falling, September’s your time to find it.
  • Smith Rock State Park. Another Central Oregon hotspot popular with hikers, climbers, sightseers, and birdwatchers, Smith Rock can get a little busy in the summer months. That’s why September makes an extra special time to swing by, with the bonus of offering slightly cooler temps that make it more inviting to wander amid the towering basalt rocks.
  • All the hiking trails. Rather than listing them one by one, I’ll just say that all the great hiking trails in Bend and Central Oregon see a slowdown of traffic once September comes, so now’s a great time to cross one off your bucket list. Need ideas? In addition to Visit Bend’s hiking page, the folks at Cascade Hiking Adventures have some terrific suggestions.


Where to stay

One more thing that’s awesome about September? It gets a whole lot easier to get reservations at your favorite hotel, resort, or vacation rental. Go here to start looking!


WIN $100 to dine in the Old Mill District

Another great spot where you could be dining in the Old Mill District.
Another great spot where you could be dining in the Old Mill District.

Want to enjoy a delicious, romantic meal at your choice of restaurant in the Old Mill District? Winning a $100 gift card would be a great way to do that, and you can take your pick of restaurants. Just think….it would be a fabulous date night if you also bought tickets to see Weird Al Yankovic on Sept. 4 or Ben Harper on Sept. 6 at the Les Schwab Amphitheater (you can still buy tickets here).

Comment on this post with one thing from this blog post that you really, really want to do in Bend this September. Better yet, come up with your own! We’ll pick a winner on Wednesday, September 2. Good luck!



146 responses to “Everything you need to know for a September vacation in Bend, Oregon (plus win $100 to dine in the Old Mill District!)”

  1. Two years ago we made a one night stop through Bend on our way to Crater Lake. After going to a couple of breweries around Bend for the night it was love at first visit! After our trip, I discovered that we had passed right by this beautiful place called Smith Rock State Park and I vowed I would be back. Next week we have planned our September return to Bend and a trip to Smith Rock State Park. We can’t wait to explore the Bend area more!

  2. The one thing I want to do is attempt to see Bend through the eyes of true local. Maybe I should attempt to reincarnate my self as a canine and walk the streets and trails with everyone and see how it really is from approx. 2 ft off the ground. We will be in bend in mid Sept 2015.

  3. I always enjoy the tips and hints in the Bend blog. The only problem I have with Bend is trying to fit in everything my wife and I want to do during our regular visits, and the blog helps us optimize our time. Mountain biking trails are quieter in September too, by the way!

  4. We are trying to sell our house and move to Bend and can’t imagine a more welcoming, comfortable first night in Bend than enjoying a pizza and brew on Worthy Brewing’s (or Crux or Anthony’s) patio watching a glorious sunset. Ahhh!

  5. I would love to enjoy a romantic getaway with my hubby. Enjoying a nice dinner in the beautiful late summer in Bend would be perfect. I have just glanced in the Ild Mill District; I would love to explore it more!

  6. I would love to spend the day floating down the river with the family, followed by an afternoon of shopping in the Old Mill District, concluding with a nice dinner at riverside overlooking the Cascades! YES!

  7. I just want to come and relax! We have had a crazy, hard working, too many bumps in the road summer. I want to eat downtown, go for some nice, long walks along the river, and decide depending on the weather, and how I am feeling that day what adventure I will be up for! Whether it is rafting, visiting old haunts, or sitting out in a beautiful place, reading a book!

  8. I haven’t been on a Bend brewery tour (even when I lived there!) so I would love to go to Deschuttes and 10 Barrel. I’ve also heard great things about Worthy. My birthday is in September so it would be an awesome trip 🙂

  9. Moved to Bend 2 days ago from Alaska. Appreciate the advice on the blog. We plan to do some evening paddle boarding and watch Ben Harper on the 6th. September is amazing. I won’t miss the long, cold, dark nights of north.

  10. I am bringing my mother-in-law and her friend to Bend in September. We will visit The Old Mill District, Sisters, the High Desert Museum and more.

  11. I love to take pictures of the leaves changing colors. September is a great time to catch the great color differences between the pines and the leaves changing!

  12. Looking to do some more hiking at Smith Rock. Didn’t head up Misery Ridge Trail last time we were there and really want to get back up to the top. What an amazing view from there!

  13. I’ve lived in Central Oregon for 8 years and have never went out and watched a sunset here. Nor have I ever floated the river. We have a 5 year old daughter and a newborn baby girl and would love to do both. My daughter also wants to climb pilot butte as she says “it’s the biggest mountain in town” haha!

  14. I REALLY need to get up to some of the Cascade Lakes! I’ve been saying it all summer but somehow it hasn’t happened yet!

  15. My kids want me to take them to Wierd Al, which happens to be my birthday! I’m thinking I’d rather spend my birthday shopping and grabbing dinner at Anthony’s on the patio!

  16. As long as it includes fresh air and /or Good food my fam is there! There are so many great ideas in this Blog for any one to enjoy a day out and about!

  17. Having just moved to Bend on 8/17, we are soooooo looking forward to seeing leaves change color and experience the onset of fall. Bend is so amazing. We cannot wait to experience all four seasons. The people have all been amazing. We are proud to call Bend our new home.

  18. I’ve lived in Central Oregon for about 30 years, and I still haven’t been to (or found) Elk or Green lake. That’s on my bucket list for this summer/fall. ♡

  19. Hike up pilot butte, but I will be definetly be bringing my bikes and hitting the trails as well as walking the brew trail!

  20. I would really like to float down the river on a standup paddleboard, or kayak. Enjoy a cocktail at one of the fine dining establishments, and maybe catch a concert at Les Schwab Amphitheater.

  21. I would love to do something kid friendly and outdoors with my kiddos! A concert would be an amazing experience with my kids!

  22. Next time I’m in Bend (we love coming here!) I want to ride the chair lift to the Pine Mountain lodge for a sunset dinner on Mount Bachelor with my honey!

  23. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hit the Bend Ale Trail with my fabulous girlfriend! I enjoy a lot of the breweries on the map but am excited to try a few new stops, as well! And with the perfect weather (good for the abundance of outdoor seating at most of those breweries), there’s no better time.

  24. Take the dogs to Todd Lake to hike, swim and play. Come back to town and grab a beer at the Crux followed by dinner in the Old Mill for sunset 🙂 That is one happy day!

  25. I’m looking forward to a quieter time, September, to visit Elk Lake, and be reminded of a two-week vacation there, when I was about 50 years younger than I am today.

    By the way, this would be much easier if you said Email, rather than Mail!

  26. My husband will be visiting Bend for the first time – I really want to take him to the Volcanic monument and Smith Rock. He is probably more interested in the multitude of Bend beer options!

  27. Well, I’d love to just move to Bend so I can enjoy all it has to offer every single day! For now, our trip to Bend will include breaking in my new bicycle around town and kayaking on Elk Lake.

  28. I would love to come and do some awesome mountain biking, followed by a delicious beverage from ten barrel brewing, finished up by some amazing shopping and dinner at the Old Mill District!

  29. We bought tickets to see Weird Al, it would be fun to do a dinner at one of the breweries on the Ale Trail before hand. Our wedding Anniversary is in early September, so the concert tickets were our gift to each other.
    We LOVE living in Bend, it’s our little slice of heaven on Earth.

  30. We are headed that way in a few weekends for our 10 year anniversary get away. Can’t wait to try a few of the breweries! Would love that $100 for a great dinner! Thanks for the great blog!

  31. We have only been to Bend twice on vacation since buying our house there last year and never before. I am bringing my daughter to Bend for her very first visit to the State! We’re coming up for Labor Day weekend and I am looking forward to sharing the beauty of Bend with her. The information you provided in your blog will come in handy for new experiences! The $100 would be a great Birthday gift for the 2 of us! (Mine 8/26, hers 9/15)

  32. I’m with Victor… paddleboard on the Deschutes…yes! Enjoy a cocktail alongside the Deschutes…yes! Catch a concert at Les Schwab Amphitheater…yes! One more… go for a hike along Beautiful Benham Falls! I <3 Bend!

  33. It would have to be explore some more hiking trails and try new places to eat. I love Bend and each trip over there is a fantastic one and just another chance to try something new!

  34. Being a new Bendite myself, it all seems amazing (especially since I’ve never seen Bend in September)! After seeing the people chillin’ on the river during the Michael Franti show, I think I’d most love to take the canoe out on the river and enjoy the sweet tunes of Ben Harper (for the unbeatable price of free)!

  35. Can’t wait for relaxation, pool time and maybe a trip to Smith Rock this time around. Will definitely be drinking beer and soaking up those rays!!

  36. My husband and I are visiting Bend for the first time in September. We cannot wait to check out the biking and hiking trails, as well as getting some craft brews from the local breweries.

  37. My husband has had a terrible last six months with personal illness. He is on the mend. What I want to do in Bend is sit outside on a 70 degree day in the fall with him, and listen to the rustle of fall leaves turning brown from the cold nights. I want to bask in the fall sunshine while people roam by in the Old Mill District and appreciate the dogs on parade, the combination of shorts, long pants and fleece jackets (gives you an indication of where folks are from). I just want to be with my life partner in a place we love the most.

  38. I can’t wait to hit up some fresh hop beers, in fact maybe we’ll tote a full growler to the top of pilot butte to watch the sunset, still haven’t been to the top yet!

  39. I will be visiting Bend in October (not summer I know) and eager to try so many of these activities. The water sports might be out of question depending on weather, but I am planning to walk the Old Mill District, watch a sunset with a local brew in hand, dine out at the local favorites, hike mountains, take pictures of the beautiful scenery, and hit the links. I cannot wait!

  40. What I really, really, REALLY want to do is come to Bend to babysit my five grandchildren, so my adult daughters and their husbands can cruise up Pilot Butte, stroll through Drake Park (grab coffee at Looney Bean’s), watch a sunset (with dinner to go from Mazza Bistro), and if time–catch a concert 🙂

  41. My husband and I have had a very stressful year. I am dreaming of a weekend of relaxing, pretty views, long walks and good eats! Bend is perfect for that!

  42. I’ve got plans to spend Labor Day weekend in Bend with my boyfriend. We’re going to an opening at an art gallery, will probably float the river, and may check out the Little Woody Festival. I really would love to see Ben Harper when he plays at the amphitheater! A free meal or two for us in the Old Mill District would definitely motivate me to get the tickets so I don’t regret missing what will, undoubtedly, be an amazing and memorable show.

  43. I have never been to Bend but have always wanted to go! I would love to hike and do a brewery tour with my husband we work very hard and a romantic getaway would be great!

  44. We are going to go camping in the area. We DEFINITELY want to go to Smith Rock State Park. We were there briefly in June and want to spend more time there.

  45. I’d really, REALLY like to finish my trip on the Bend Ale Trail. I’ve hit Crux, Boneyard and Deschutes, but that $100 would help along the way!! Plus, what a great fall getaway as a treat for starting back with my fifth grade students!

  46. Well, a nice birthday dinner at a restaurant in The Old Mill District while watching the sunset would be blissful. Yes, that will do just fine.

  47. I love Old Mill District for the fabulous eateries and the River Trail. There are so many breweries we haven’t visited. The scenery can’t be beat!

  48. I’d love to sit around a fire with good company watching the sun set over the river like in that last picture!! <3

  49. I would love to go kayaking on the Deschutes. I always find a new place to hike while I am there, but I have yet to do Pilot Butte. I would love to dine at some fine restaurants as opposed to my typical brewery stops. I pretty much just want to move to Bend!

  50. The best for September would be a staycation weekend. Have a picnic and hiking at Smith Rock, then do some SUP on the Deschutes and cap it off with a brewery tour! Would love to include a sunset dinner at the Old Mill for our fifteen year anniversary. 🙂

  51. We just moved to Bend and are looking forward to our first September here. We are looking forward to hiking and biking the trails and seeing the changing of the leaves at Drake park!

  52. My fiancé and I fell in love with the Old Mill District when we visited for the first time last September. We loved it so much we decided to move to Bend after we get married in November! our idea of a perfect weekend would be: get a smoothie from Mothers Juice and take our Great Dane Dallas to Riverbend Park and people watch and maybe meet some cuddly dogs too!

  53. We just moved to Oregon but haven’t ever been to Bend. We were thinking about a weekend trip to watch the Slide the City in September. We would love to do the ale trail and go site seeing. I can’t get enough Bend photos which is why I follow Bend pages on Facebook. It looks breathtaking!

  54. My husband proposed to me in Bend in Riverbend park. We’d love to go back and visit again and visit all of you favorite breweries on the Bend Ale Trail while we are there!

  55. Would love to take my wife to SMITH Rock and then go to 900 Wall for a romantic dinner to celebrate our 10th year anniversary!!!!! LOVE BEND!!

  56. Although I recently went camping just south of Sunriver, my fiancé and I haven’t been able to make it to the famous trails for a day of great hiking. I’d also LOVE to bring my horse up and ride some of those trails. I wonder what the locals would think of me trotting by on my Clydesdale!

  57. Start the morning with breakfast at the Maykay Cottage. Then go through the volcano tunnels.Stop in at the High Desert Museum. After go to Crux fermentation for a delicious beer and lunch. Take the paddle boards for a dip in the river. Head over to the Old Mill District for shopping.Then stop in at Greg’s Grill (have yet to eat here) injoy the view and food. To end the day at a concert on the lawn at the Les Schwab Amphitheater would be beyond Fantastic!!!! Love old mill district <3 and all Bend has to offer for a day trip to a few week Vacation. Never a dull moment if you are out and about!

  58. We are coming out your way in a few weeks to see our family and just enjoy being in Central Oregon, especially Bend! I am looking forward to dining outside at my favorite restaurant “Anthony’s!” I am also looking forward to just being alongside of one of my favorite rivers, the Deschutes River. See you soon! Counting down the days.

  59. This is a little embarrassing..I have lived in Bend for 25 years and never floated the river. However, we are doing this weekend with my sister and our boys.

  60. We were there for the 4th of July weekend, so we didn’t get to go to the top of Pilot Butte since it was closed down for the fireworks. Would love to see the view!

  61. I would love to bring my bike over and get some miles in! Also- love the Old Mill District. I remember when it was just the old stacks and abandoned equipment/fields. What a transformation! Also- have to hit some breweries!!!

  62. What I really, really want to do in Bend this September is to catch up on summertime since I was not able to enjoy the summer due to some medical issues. I love hiking, paddle boarding, and just about every other recreational as well as always visiting the Old Mill District.

  63. I can’t wait! Going to Bend Sept.11 with my daughter. She will be going on her first backpacking trip near Three sister. We are going to hike Tumalo mountain and then enjoy a fine meal downtown. We also hope to get in some paddle boarding. We love Bend!

  64. Paddle-in camping at one of the beautiful Cascade Lakes, munch and movies, and the Punch Brothers concert. Love September in Bend!!

  65. September is one of the best months because it bounces betwen fall days with beautiful skies and pleasant winds and hot summer days. Smile and have fun. Be nice!! Go float the river or see munch of movies in nw crossing. Have a romantic dinner at Zydeco than go song karaoke at Coreys. Start your day with breakfast at the Victorian cafe than go shopping at the old mill. Spice shop is a must!! Than happy hour drinks at Anthonys. The options are endless. Make sure u check out the little woody downtown

  66. I would like to watch the sunset from a grassy knoll at the Old Mill after having a great flat bread, salad and glass of wine. Sweet and simple. Life is Good!

  67. Visiting Bend for the first time 9/5-7. I’m really looking forward to a float trip on the Deschutes River, though really everything I’ve seen and read sounds quite good.

  68. We would enjoy kayaking and maybe trying some standup paddle boarding and the dinner & shopping in The Old Mill District. My dad working in the mill when I was growing up.

  69. I am visiting Bend for the first time this fall. I look forward to amazing sunsets and riding my mountain bike on new trails!!

  70. I. ant to take a tour of all the coffeeshops in Bend. We have many. I’ve not made a point to visit them yet but a crisp September morning sounds perfect for this.

  71. I am looking forward to my first visit to Bend and enjoying the gluten-free items that your r town has to offer. Not to mention the lovely kombucha on tap and mountain biking along the river.

  72. Hi! I’m looking forward to kayaking at Elk Lake or one of the other High Cascade Lakes in September. September typically means fewer people on the Cascade Lakes and beautiful fall weather. Autumn is the best time to explore and enjoy our beautiful lakes and mountains.

  73. Check out some of the sweet spots like BBC and sparrow bakery, hike misery ridge, and take a bike ride through Sunriver along the Deschutes.

  74. We ♡ living here. If I won I’d suprise my 2 children, for my birthday on 9/5, as a single mom I wouldn’t have to cook;) The kids love to float the river then I’d suprise them with a gr8 dinner after. Thanks for the opportunity.

  75. We are coming to bend for family bonding time. We are getting a new member added to our family. I thought camping in bend and exploring would be a great way to make our new foster son feel at home. Wonderful suggestions here. time for laughter and fun!

  76. I would like to ride my bike along some of the scenic bikeways around Bend. I heard Oregon is the only state that has official scenic bikeways

  77. I’m visiting Bend for the first time this September. What I want to do more than anything is float the river and do the brewery tour! Problem is, I’m going on this trip with my husband and inlaws who would never do either of those things. My hope for this trip is to relax and enjoy this trip their way by shopping through the old mill district, eating at the best restaurants, and really appreciate this time with family. The float and brew will have to wait ’till next summer! A $100 gift certificate sure would be an amazing addition. Any suggestions on the best places to eat?

  78. I would walk the broken top trail to the glacier lake, I need to see if there is any glacier left in the lake at this point.

  79. If the leaves are changing by the end of the month, a stroll through Shevlin park. When I first moved here, I would tell everyone,on your worst day, you can simply take a walk in Bend, and feel good. The smell of the trees,the noise the tree tops make when the wind blows softly, just a simple walk is enough here.

  80. Love, love, love Bend! There is so much you can do here! These are all great adventures. I still need to make the hike up South Sister myself. Great article.

  81. My Bend/central Oregon wish for September:
    Hiking to the head of the Metolius, attend an art festival, enjoy some music and great food and do a little boating on Lake a Billy Chinook!

  82. I would love to paddle board through town. I got to hike a few trails this month, but was jealous of those on the river. I’d love to be able to have some time with my husband to check it off our list.

  83. About 34 years ago me and my girl friend and future wife would go over to Bend every winter to enjoy the clean air and peace and quiet of Bend and Sun River. I had a friend that had a Beautiful home in Sun River and we stayed there but roamed the country. Sometimes we would be able to visit every town and pub within 50 mile radius and made many friends. When it snowed we were stuck in the resort until the snow plows dug us out. We would like to go back to Bend and see how everything has changed in 30 years.

  84. We are coming geared up with SUP’s and mountainbikes for a long Labor Day weekend. Looking forward to exploring Smith Rock and enjoying leisure time in town. So happy to be in Bend in September!

  85. I am SO excited to be visiting Bend for the first time this upcoming weekend. My childhood best friend and I are meeting up in Bend and I have not seen her since we were in 7th grade. People have been telling me for years that I should visit this magical place– can not wait to take her kayaking for the first time and check out the Deschutes Brewery! My heart is bursting with joy over how excited I am that this is all happening! Thanks for the tips on planning my trip! xx

  86. This Saturday will be my wife and I first time in Bend. Using this blog, it sounds fun to do the Ale trail, dine in the old mill district, and just go explore. We’ll have our 1 year old daughter so we can’t go too crazy 🙂

  87. We are meeting friends in Bend in late September. Would love to see the view from Pilot Butte. Thanks for the recommendation. We are from Louisiana so seeing Mountains is a special treat!

  88. Im a 55 year old man……I am planning on wearing a bathing suit, a jacket and a lightweight pair of gloves as I paddle board in my hiking sandals. Pick me! lol

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