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6 ways to get dirty in Bend


Sometimes, you just want to be dirty. I mean really dirty.

Those of you who don’t have your minds in the gutter know I’m talking about mud, dust, dirt-inspired culinary treats, and all the ways you can enjoy those things in Bend.

Churn up some dust in the Downhill Bike Park at Mt. Bachelor.

Churn up some dust in the Downhill Bike Park at Mt. Bachelor.

Here are six ideas for how to get your fill of dirty deeds and delights in Bend.


Gobble some gravel on a mountain bike trail

Mountain biking is one of those sports where you kinda expect to get a little grubby. If that’s your cup of tea, you’ll be delighted to know Bend has nearly 300 miles of singletrack ranging from sweet, flowy dirt to kid-friendly trails to epic dirt jumps. Scope out our mountain biking page for details.

Remember to follow respectful trail etiquette by staying off muddy trails so ruts don’t form, and never skid on corners or blow out berms.

Want to enjoy Bend’s epic mountain biking dirt to its fullest? Book a guided trip with Cog Wild. They’ll not only hook you up with all the right gear, but they’ll show you where to go and how to ride whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned expert. They also offer shuttles for mountain bikers who want to avoid the need to do the double-car shuffle.


Let your young’uns get filthy

Kids love mud, and while parents might not always love doing the laundry, you’ve gotta admit it’s pretty fun to see your offspring grinning ear-to-ear while covered head-to-toe in dirt.


Make sure to register your kid (and yourself!) for the Kids Obstacle Challenge at Mt. Bachelor on August 20, 2016.

For the ultimate kid-friendly mud adventure, sign your child up for the Kids Obstacle Challenge at Mt. Bachelor on August 20, 2016. Kids ages 5-16 will have a chance to rope swing into a mud pit, army crawl through tough terrain, scale up rugged cargo nets, and slide into a muddy paradise.

But the very best thing? Parents are invited to run for FREE! You can pretend you’re just supporting your offspring, when in reality you’re seizing the opportunity to get just as muddy as your kiddo.

For details and signup info, go here.


Let mud make you glow

If mud is your thing, you’ll find a number of Bend day spas that can leave you feeling dirty and pampered all at once.

Get muddy in a good way at Spa W.

Get muddy in a good way at Spa W.

Spa W offers a Moor Mud Body Mask that’s simply divine. They start with a dry brush exfoliation before smoothing on generous portions of Moor Mud and wrapping you in a cocoon. Next comes a facial massage, followed by a serene Vichy shower and light moisturizing application. You can read more about it here.

Prefer to get your mud on in the privacy of your Bend vacation home or hotel? Bend favorite Angelina Skincare has a Terramoor Restorative Herbal Mud Mask designed to remove impurities and leave skin feeling refreshed and smooth. Swing by their shop in Downtown Bend to check it out in-person.


Scope out the cyclocross scene

If you’re not familiar with cyclocross, it’s a type of off-road bike racing with competitors navigating grass, dirt, mud, gravel, sand, and a variety of obstacles along the course. In other words, it’s crazy fun to watch.

Mud cyclocross

Cyclocross: The sport for those who love mud (or love watching others love mud).

If you are familiar with it and you feel like scoping out the scene, you’ll find all kinds of cyclocross listings on Visit Bend’s event calendar. Most events take place in late-fall through early winter, offering a fun shoulder-season activity whether you’re warching or participating.

Bend’s biggest and most spectator-friendly cyclocross event is the Halloween Cross Crusades in October. Check out the schedule online, then show up to watch riders get covered head-to-toe in dust and mud and sweat and blood.

Er, that sounded more sadistic than I meant it to.


Need more mud-themed events?

Cyclocross isn’t the only mud-sport around.

Don’t forget the Dirty Half Marathon happening every June in Bend. There’s also the Sunriver March Mudness (formerly the Sunriver Mudslinger) happening in March.

You’ll see other mud-themed races popping up from time to time on the calendar, so try searching the keyword “mud” at and look for events happening in the coming year.


Fill your belly with dirt

A dirty martini and a mudslide at Astro Lounge in Bend.

A dirty martini and a mudslide at Astro Lounge in Bend.

It might not sound appetizing, but there are lots of ways to get a delicious dirt fix around Bend. Plenty of local watering holes can hook you up with a delicious mudslide or a dirty martini. Make sure you request locally-made spirits from Bendistillery, Oregon Spirit Distillers, or Cascade Alchemy.

Looking for a dirt-inspired entrée? You can make these scrumptious Sloppy Joes using Black Butte Porter from Deschutes Porter. Yummy! You’ll also find dirty rice popping up alongside Cajun-inspired entrees at places like Zydeco.

Mud Pie from Pine Tavern.

Mud Pie from Pine Tavern.

Ready for dessert? Don’t forget the famous Mud Pie at the Pine Tavern (one of Bend’s longest-standing restaurants in business for more than 80 years). It’s creamy and sweet and oh-so-delicious when paired with a selection from their impressive list of dessert wines.


Get dirty, then clean, then dirty again on the Paulina Plunge

If you ask my stepkids their favorite Bend activity they’ve enjoyed over the years, I guarantee they’ll mention the Paulina Plunge. This is a full-day adventure tour that includes mountain biking, hiking, and visits to half-a-dozen pristine waterfalls for swimming, splashing, jumping, and sliding.

Rinse off the trail dirt on a natural waterfall slide when you book a tour with the Paulina Plunge.

Rinse off the trail dirt on a natural waterfall slide when you book a tour with the Paulina Plunge.

As you might imagine, splashing in a waterfall and then hopping on a mountain bike will leave your legs a little muddy. And your arms. And probably other parts of your body, too. But that’s half the fun, and if you find yourself feeling too gritty, there’s bound to be another waterfall to rinse off in along the way.

Make sure you book your Paulina Plunge outing in advance of your vacation, since this family-friendly adventure tends to fill up early. And if you want my full recap on my family’s experience with the Paulina Plunge, go here.


Time to clean up now!

Cleaning up after a full day of frolicking in mud can be half the fun if you know how to do it right.

You’ll find many Bend hotels, Bend vacation homes, and Bend B&Bs have bike wash stations, so phone ahead and make sure your chosen home-away-from-home has what you need if you’re planning to get grubby on a bike.

Did you bring your four-legged friend with you? You’ll find plenty of awesome u-wash dog spots in Bend. I’m partial to locally-owned Bend Pet Express where the oatmeal shampoo leaves my pup smelling like cookies for days afterward.

And speaking of cleaning up, make sure you’re practicing leave-no-trace ethics when you’re out there enjoying the wilderness. Bring a trash bag with you when you hike and leave your favorite trail even nicer than you found it.

Now go out there and get dirty!

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