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5 last-minute gift ideas you should buy me (or someone you love more!) in Bend


A couple weeks ago I shared 25 Bend experiences that make great holiday gifts. While I’m a big advocate for giving experiences instead of things, there are times you want something tangible to put under the tree

HydroFlask reusable and insulated tea vessel.

All I want for Christmas is a mug that keeps my tea warm while I ski.

I get it. With that in mind, here are five things you can totally stuff in my stocking (or the stocking of anyone who loves both you and Bend) this holiday season.


A new Hydro Flask mug

I already have a Hydro Flask that I carry with me everywhere for ultra-chilly ice water all the time. I also sip my morning tea from a Silipint cup that feels squishy and happy in my hand.

But sometimes when I’m sitting in the frigid cold at a kid’s soccer match or baseball game, I want something with extra power to keep my beverage piping hot for a long stretch of time.

That’s what sparked my desire for a 20-ounce travel mug from Hydro Flask (though the lightweights among you will be happy to know it comes in 12-ounce and 16-ounce varieties). My husband has one I’ve coveted for years, and he swears it keeps his coffee hot all day long.

It comes in lots of colors, so I’ll go ahead and let you choose which one to give me. You’re welcome.


Something tasty from Navidi’s

Yesterday I visited my go-to stop for gourmet olive oils, scrumptious balsamic vinegars, flavored salts, tasty pastas, and more. Do you know what I forgot as I stocked up on gifts at Navidi’s?

Salt selection at Navidi's in Bend, OR

So many salts and seasonings to choose from at Navidi’s!

Something for me!

Let’s fix that. Their small three-ounce bottles of olive oil and balsamic make perfect stocking stuffers, and it’s fun to mix and match the flavors (I’m currently smitten with the blood orange olive oil blended with fig balsamic).

You can also indulge my popcorn habit by grabbing me a jar of flavored gourmet salt. I’ve been enjoying black truffle, curry, and alderwood smoked salt, so how about we try something new?


Adorable Bend-esque items from Clementine

Shopping at Clementine in Bend, OR

You’ll find these adorable hats and t-shirts for men and women at Clementine in Downtown Bend.

I might have become a little obsessed with Clementine Urban Mercantile since they opened just over a year ago in Downtown Bend. I’ve found everything from cozy sweaters to cute workout gear to adorable novelty items like bumper stickers, bracelets, perfume, socks, books, mugs, handbags, and more.

In other words, they’ve got a lot of fun stuff, and you can’t go wrong with a gift certificate.

But if you’re looking for a tangible item to wrap, check out their “Mountains Please” t-shirts and caps adorned with a simple little mountain silhouette. Shirts come in men’s and women’s sizes from small to XXL.

I’ll take a medium, please.



What is it about soap that makes such a great stocking stuffer? It smells nice, it’s inexpensive, and it has the added benefit of helping that dirty person in your life get clean.

Ooodles of awesome soap that’s made in Bend!

I have two favorite picks on this front. There’s Boneyard Beer soap made by LeCol’s. It’s made in Bend with Bend beer that has hops and amino acids to soften and soothe irritated skin, while the polyphenols in beer offer antibacterial properties.

I also adore Lava Love soaps that are made from natural volcanic ingredients, including bentonite clay, zeolite, and activated charcoal. The ingredients come from Oregon volcanoes, and promise to restore your body to its natural balance, leaving your skin clean, soft, and kissable.

We sell both options in the Bend Visitor Center on the corner of Lava Ave. and Oregon Ave. in Downtown Bend.


A wilderness tour and photo tutorial with Extreme Oregon

Guided hikes in Bend, Oregon

Get a guided hike and learn to take photos like this one when you book a tour with Extreme Oregon.

This probably should have made my roundup of 25 Bend experiences that make great holiday gifts, but I didn’t learn until just now that photographer James Parsons of Extreme Oregon fame got licensed to lead wilderness tours.

He’s combining that with photo workshops to make this a fab experience whether you’re a budding photographer or someone who just wants an experienced guide to show you some of the best hiking trails.

Goodies bag in Bend, Oregon

Your Extreme Oregon gift certificate comes with these adorable (and edible!) handmade goodies. Perfect for gifting!

Here’s the part that makes this a really awesome gift right now: This freakin’ adorable gift certificate that comes with a couple handmade cookies in a nifty little gift bag that makes it perfect for tucking in a stocking.

The other cool thing is that these Bend photography tours are totally customizable. For instance, let’s say my photographer husband wanted some tips on shooting waterfalls at sunset, while I wanted to tag along for hiking tips and a chance to learn more about “Leave No Trace” principles on the trail. No problem! Same deal whether you want to see mountains or lakes or rivers or some other scenic locale in any season.

Go here for more info on guided tours with Extreme Oregon.


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