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11 spots for great sushi in Bend, Oregon


For some, it’s weird to imagine finding good sushi in a landlocked city nearly 200 miles from the nearest ocean.

But you don’t just find good sushi in Bend—you find AMAZING sushi in at least 11 different places around town. And I made it my mission to dine at every single one to ensure I’m giving you a fair and balanced overview. (Related: My job does not suck).

Here—listed from north to south—are 11 fab places to find sushi in Bend, Oregon.


Shinsei Sushi

Since I’m a longtime resident of northeast Bend, Shinsei Sushi is my go-to spot for quick takeout on my end of town. They have an impressive selection of not just sushi, but also yakisoba, stir fries, lunch specials, and more.

Blogger Tawna enjoys takeout sushi from Shinsei while her thieving cat lurks nearby.

But it’s the sushi that pulls me in, and I almost always pick from the day’s selection of specials. There are typically three, and it’s a great way to try something new and so-fresh-it’s-still-flopping.

The Bachelor Roll is my personal fave, made with real crab, avocado, and cucumber, then topped with fresh tuna, fresh salmon, and unagi sauce. Their spicy tuna rolls are also excellent.

The sushi chefs here offer the warmest greeting in town, with shouted hellos as you enter and a cheerful chorus of thank yous as you depart.

Chi Chinese and Sushi Bar

This restaurant on the edge of the Deschutes River made my list of 11 great spots for river view dining in Bend, so there’s more than just great sushi to be had at Chi Chinese and Sushi Bar.

Enjoy cocktails and sushi with a river view at Chi.

The happy hour here is one of the best in town, and their creative cocktail menu makes it tough to choose just one (so don’t pick—order both The Emperor and Mr. Chu and share with me!)

Not just a sushi joint, Chi offers traditional Chinese fare with a gourmet flair. They also have some pretty cool river views from the outdoor patio. If the weather isn’t great, their indoor dining room is also quite lovely (and for some reason I’m especially fond of the bar seating).

My favorite roll is the Last Samarai, which is made with tempura jalapeño, unagi, asparagus, butterfish tempura fried, then topped with spicy salmon poke, soy infused tobiko, and unagi sauce. Yum!


5 Fusion & Sushi Bar

There’s a reason Chef Joe Kim of 5 Fusion has racked up multiple James Beard nominations (sorta like the Oscars of the culinary world). Actually, there are many reasons, and many of them can be found on the sushi menu.

The cool overhead water feature at 5 Fusion is one of many reasons to make sure this hip dining spot is on your list.

5 Fusion offers an eclectic mix of creative fusion dishes, mouthwatering sushi rolls, and plates that will appeal to non-fish-loving members of your party (order them the filet mignon lollipops for your sushi-skeptic uncle and watch him start to drool).

Besides amazing food, 5 Fusion boasts a stunningly beautiful dining room space with a unique water feature on the ceiling. They also have an incredible happy hour, which makes this a great spot to get your evening started before you spend a night strolling Downtown Bend.

Enjoy more tastiness from chef Joe Kim with a noodle bowl from Ajii.

Keep an eye out for their regular charity dinners, which are a great way to score a fabulous multi-course meal while supporting great local causes.

Sidenote: Though not a sushi spot, it’s worth mentioning the brand new Ajii Asian Kitchen in Bend. It’s owned by 5 Fusion’s Joe Kim, but offers a much more casual dining experience than 5 Fusion. Noodle and rice bowls abound, and prices are super-affordable. The food is hearty, nourishing, and delicious, and it’s a great lunch stop for families who love the simplicity of a one-dish meal.


Kanpai Sushi & Sake Bar

When my sushi-loving sister-in-law visits from Seattle, Kanpai Sushi & Sake Bar is always on her shortlist of restaurants to hit.

Small and cozy with a sunny outdoor patio, the sushi is always super-fresh, and the sake is plentiful. Sushi superfans will find plenty to choose from here, and they boast an impressive wine list to boot.

If you’re a sushi newbie who’s not super-adventurous just yet, try ordering their sushi combo that includes three nigari, sashimi, half a California roll, and a spicy tuna roll. It’s a great way to get your feet wet if you can’t decide what to order.

Personally, I adore the Orgasm Roll (and not just for the name). It’s made with tempura unagi, crab, and cucumber topped with avocado, creamy scallops, tobiko, and sweet soy reduction. So tasty!


Sora Sushi Restaurant

The newest newcomer to Bend’s sushi scene, Sora Sushi Restaurant has the added bonus of offering our city’s only sushi train (ie. the sushi conveyor belt that provides a rotating roundup of delectable sushi you can grab as it goes by).

Checking out the sushi train at newcomer Sora Sushi.

The visual appeal of the conveyor belt makes this a great place to bring kids, and my stepdaughter loves seeing her options roll past so she can snag what looks yummy. The prices are good, too, with a handy pricing structure that lists the price of the dish according to the color of the plate.

There’s a regular menu, too, plus a popular happy hour seven days a week. But if you’re in a hurry, sit at the conveyor belt and grab what catches your eye. Save a little room for one of the tasty tiny dessert bites you’ll see rolling past.


Juno Japanese Sushi Garden

Another sushi newcomer in Bend, Juno Japanese Sushi Garden is the smallest, coziest restaurant in the roundup. But don’t let the size fool you (and don’t let the “reservation only” signs on the door scare you. While it’s true you’ll need one on busy nights, there’s a good chance you can stroll in and make a reservation on the spot if you show up on a slower night).

Enjoying fresh, flavorful sushi in the dining room at Juno.

The restaurant is the baby of Michi Nakanishi, a native of Kyoto, Japan who moved to Bend at 17 and worked in three different sushi spots around town before starting her own. Focusing on “true Japanese food,” the menu is small but mighty (tasty).

Everything they offer tastes unbelievably fresh, and the interesting addition of mild jalapeño peppers gives many of the rolls a refreshingly bright pop. The El Sancho roll was my personal favorite, with soft shell crab, cucumber, jalapeno, cilantro, avocado, and lettuce. Also outstanding was the Ninshi Jin (a “non-everyday special” made with seared albacore, ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, mango, avocado, and cucumber).

And if you’re looking for a unique appetizer, try the Cream Corn Korroke, which is a deep fried potato and corn croquette covered in panko bread and served with the most delectable sauce imaginable. Top it off with a small carafe of sake, and you’re good to go!


Mio Sushi

Located in the Old Mill District, Mio Sushi is one of my favorite spots to drop by with my stepdaughter for a kid-friendly sushi lunch. She loves the mango iced tea, and I love the fact that the menu spells out very clearly what’s in each roll (and what non-sushi options are available if she isn’t in the mood—she swoons for the tempura!)

Blogger Tawna at Mio Sushi with stepdaughter Violet.

This is also home to one of my favorite sushi rolls in town, the Bubble Bubble. Made with avocado, tobiko, salmon, and ikura, it’s topped with the thinnest, most scrumptious slices of fresh lemon you can imagine. Trust me when I say the lemon adds a whole new dimension to the dish that’ll have you ordering it again and again (and possibly commanding your husband to swing by on his way home from work to grab a double order—what, that’s just me?)

Bonus: Coming here will give you a great excuse to stroll the Deschutes riverfront and check out the cool shops in the Old Mill District. Not that you need an excuse.


Okawa Japanese Steak House & Sushi

I made my first visit to Okawa Japanese Steak House & Sushi quite recently, and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. The former home of Outback Steakhouse, this expansive restaurant is much more than a sushi joint. It’s a hibachi grill where the entertainment value from the chefs is every bit as awesome as the food.

Don’t miss the sushi at Okawa, but also make sure you order a hibachi meal cooked right at your table.

Make sure at least one member in your party orders a hibachi dish, and that you request a seat next to the grill. Be prepared for an acrobatic display of tool flipping and flames, not to mention a tasty and hearty dish. Also be prepared for leftovers, as these meals are HUGE.

If you’ve come for the sushi, you won’t be disappointed. The menu boasts some of the most creatively-named rolls in town, including the Stinky Roll (spicy crabmeat, asparagus, and avocado inside Cajun albacore and topped with garlic ponzu sauce), and the One Night Stand roll (spicy tuna, asparagus, and avocado, topped with seared salmon and served with basil sauce).

Expect to see a few rowdy groups of birthday parties or girls’ night gatherings. Better yet, schedule your own.


Tomo Sushi

A locals’ favorite on the south end of town, Tomo Sushi is best known for offering half-priced sushi on Mondays from 4 to close (sorry, no to-go orders, and wait times can be long).

But paying full price won’t break the bank here anyway, as the sushi and non-sushi dishes are all reasonably priced and plentiful. The ambiance is surprisingly cool and funky, and the cocktail menu is impressive.

This is also another kid-friendly spot where you won’t get dirty looks for bringing in youngsters who haven’t fully mastered chopsticks.

Try the Back in Black roll with tempura shrimp, avocado, and spicy tuna, topped with blackened tuna, spicy aioli, unagi sauce, and spicy masago. And scope out their selection of local beers on draft, which make a nice accompaniment to many of the sushi rolls.


Grocery store sushi

I know, I know . . . there’s a stigma that comes with grocery store sushi, and it’s not great.

But trust me when I say there are two spots worth a second look, especially when you’re seeking an on-the-go sushi meal to take with you on a picnic or a day drive from Bend.

Customers survey the selection at Market of Choice on $4.99 Sushi Wednesdays.

The first is Newport Avenue Market, which is a local favorite for fresh, gourmet ingredients and unique grocery items you won’t find in other stores. Their sushi is made fresh daily, and ranges from tempura rolls to sashimi balls to specialty rolls. My favorite perk is the fact that you can always find rolls made with brown rice, which adds a nutty flavor and unique texture I find appealing.

Another good grocery store option is the new Market of Choice on Bend’s west side. They have an on-site sushi kitchen, and a surprisingly good (and well-priced!) variety of rolls to pick from in their deli case. But the best deal of all is their $4.99 Sushi Wednesday special, which offers up to 10 varieties for $4.99 all day each Wednesday. Just look for the special red Sushi Wednesday sticker.

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