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Why it’s a great time to be a girl in Bend


Today is International Women’s Day, and I’m waiting for someone to appear in my office with a tiara and a glass of wine.

Even if that doesn’t happen, I still feel pretty darn good about being a woman in Bend. That’s the case every day, but especially the third month of the year. That’s because Bend Women’s March is a month-long celebration of the ways women are shaping the community through arts and culture, business, and outdoor adventure.

Running + writing + sisterhood = winning combination.

It kicked off with the annual Muse Conference March 1-4, but there are still tons of fabulous events happening the whole month. Here are some of the highlights of Bend Women’s March.


Wilder Running and Writing

A few slots remain available for this weekend’s Wilder Running and Writing event in Bend happening March 9-11.

This workshop is designed to help women find their authentic voice through writing in a way that will come to life on and beyond the page. It also includes coached running by champion runner Lauren Fleshman, along with a deep dive into wild writing with acclaimed teacher Laurie Wagner. There’s even a nutrition talk with bestselling cookbook author Elyse Kopecky.

The event kicks off Friday evening with an optional meet and greet, followed by a full day of programming on Saturday and a half day Sunday. For details and registration, go here.


Art and design and social change (oh my!)

Looking for the ultimate girls’ getaway in Bend?

Girl power with Bend Design.

Scalehouse and Bend Design have teamed up to create an exciting agenda you won’t want to miss. Mark your calendar for March 16-17 and plan on two days packed with exciting speakers, creative arts, and a chance to spark your urge for activism.

The event will feature renowned speakers devoted to creating social, civic, and/or business change. Focus areas include storytelling, visual arts, architecture and design, performing arts, conceptual art, and activism.

To learn more, check out this link.


Cotopaxi Questival

If you hear the words “adventure race” and imagine slogging through an 80-mile course filled with mud and barbed wire, it’s time to recalibrate your mental picture.

Get your team ready for Bend Questival!

The Cotopaxi Questival Bend 2018 is happening March 23-24, and features a series of challenges in categories like fitness, camping, service, and teamwork. Prizes are awarded throughout competition, and it’s open to all ages and genders of teams from 2-6.

In a nutshell, you register your team and then download the app. The day before the event, you’ll be emailed a list of challenges. These can vary, but think “take a picture with your favorite piece of art in the city,” or “donate blood while wearing Dracula teeth.” Fun stuff.

To kick things off, there’s a check-in party where you pick up your race materials, meet other teams, and enjoy local food and music.

For more info or to register, go here.


REI Outdoor Women’s Fest

If outdoorsy fun is your fave, mark your calendar for the Outdoor Women’s Fest happening March 29-31. Sponsored by REI, the event includes three days of dynamic outdoor events and activities ranging from climbing classes at Smith Rock State Park to group hikes to film screenings for several inspiring films.

Perfect your mountain biking technique with the Ladies All Ride clinic.

There are also skiing and mountain biking clinics for those who want to hone their skills or lean something new.

This is another awesome opportunity for a girls’ getaway weekend, so go here to learn more or register.


Other special events

Outside the major headlining events, there are gobs of great activities and celebrations happening throughout Bend Women’s March. From poetry workshops to bouldering, yoga classes to film screenings, there’s something for everyone.

Go here to check out the schedule and find a date and event that floats your boat.




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