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Visit Bend staffers share their favorite fall belly warmers

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When temps drop outside, it’s a good excuse to warm up your insides.

Perhaps you’re a pumpkin latte connoisseur, or maybe you crave a seasonal beer that signals your belly that autumn is here. No matter what your taste buds and tummy want, you’ll find perfect fall sips in Bend.

We asked members of the Visit Bend team to share their favorite fall belly warmer beverages in Bend (and most importantly, where to find ‘em!) Here’s what they had to say.


Metolius Tea Jacksons Corner

A steaming hot mug of Metolius tea served up at Jackson’s Corner.

Tawna FenskeTeam member name: Tawna Fenske

Visit Bend job title: PR and Communications Manager

What I do here: Manage Visit Bend’s Facebook content, write the Bend Adventure Journal, and take travel journalists out standup paddleboarding and sipping beer on the Bend Ale Trail to introduce them to everything our awesome city has to offer.

My favorite fall belly warmer: Tea blends from Metolius Artisan Tea

Where I get it: I order Metolius Tea every time I have breakfast at Jackson’s Corner or swing by Thump Coffee, and I sometimes buy jars of it at Newport Avenue Market so I can brew my own at home. You can even visit their tea factory when you’re in Bend!

What’s awesome about it: I’m a hardcore tea snob, and I love that Metolius is dedicated to sourcing high-quality, organic ingredients and supporting local agriculture. Their tea blends are out-of-this world delicious, and every time I try something new I think, “this is my absolute favorite.” And then I try something else and think the same thing again. I love the simplicity of their Black & Gold blend (which is usually what I have for breakfast) but this time of year I crave their Signature Blend. It’s made with hand-picked Yunan black tea tossed with lavender, chocolate, blueberries, vanilla bean, and bright blue bachelor’s buttons. Yum!



The pumpkin spice latte from Wild Roots.

Kelli CarrowTeam member name: Kelli Carrow

Visit Bend job title: Marketing Manager

What I do here: Support the Marketing VP in all things marketing, including advertising, digital marketing, social media management, and web maintenance.

My favorite fall belly warmer: Pumpkin Spice Latte (or anything coffee-related)

Where I get it: Wild Roots Coffeehouse on the NE side of Bend

What’s awesome about it: This pumpkin spice latte adds the perfect amount of spice flavor to my typical go-to latte. I’m not a big fan of pumpkin or anything too sweet, so that’s where this drink nails it. Wild Roots’ pumpkin spice is locally made, so it’s not sweet and definitely tastes more natural than your average syrup flavoring. To say the least, it’s the one pumpkin spice latte you’ll see me sipping on. Plus, Wild Roots Coffeehouse is one of my fav coffee shops in Bend, so that’s a bonus.



Old Fashioned Jackalope Grill

Old Fashioneds at Jackalope Grill

Valerie WarrenTeam member name: Valerie Warren

Visit Bend job title: VP of Operations & Policy

What I do here: The super fun stuff! I handle all of the business operations and administration and supervise the Visitor Center staff.

My favorite fall belly warmer: The Old Fashioned at the Jackalope Grill

Where I get it: Since the Jackalope Grill is right next door to Visit Bend, it’s the perfect place for an after-work happy hour cocktail. (Or maybe even for the occasional 4:30 meeting).

What’s awesome about it: While the Old Fashioned is available all year long, I feel that it’s a particularly nice drink to have on fall evenings as the weather is getting a bit cooler. The Jackalope Grill’s Old Fashioned is magical. It’s kind of a combination of a Manhattan (a Visit Bend favorite!) and a “regular” Old Fashioned. Rich, the bartender at the Jackalope, starts with a large spherical ice cube that is half orange juice and half water. It melts very slowly and gives the cocktail a nice, rounded orange flavor. In a separate glass, he muddles a sugar cube with bitters and a dash of Luxardo cherry juice before adding ice and pouring in the whiskey. It is then strained into the glass with the ice cube sphere and finished with an orange peel and cherry garnish.



The Dirty Hippie (with pumpkin puree!) from Looney Bean.

Hank TherienTeam member name: Hank Therien

Visit Bend job title: Director of Sales & Sports Development

What I do here: Bring awesome sporting events to town during the shoulder season months (when Bend isn’t already packed with tourists) to experience Bend and leave some of their money behind when they depart.

My favorite fall belly warmer: Pumpkin Pie Dirty Hippie from the Looney Bean

Where I get it: I order it at the Looney Bean and sip it in their fantastic backyard setting on Mirror Pond while enjoying the view in my puffy.

What’s awesome about it: The Dirty Hippie (chai tea with espresso shots) is amazing on its own but in the fall when you can add real pumpkin puree and the optional espresso whipped cream, the beverage becomes a snow-dance in a cup. It just tastes like snow will start falling at any time. J



Tough Love Crux

Tough Love Imperial Stout from Crux Fermentation Project

Lisa SidorTeam member name: Lisa Sidor

Visit Bend job title: Visitor Center Manager

What I do here: I’m one of the people likely to greet you as you walk into the Bend Visitor Center to look for maps or seek suggestions about Bend restaurants and hotels. I also order goodies for our in-house gift shop and make sure the front desk is manned by helpful, knowledgeable staff and volunteers.

My favorite fall belly warmer: [Banished] Tough Love Barrel-aged Imperial Stout

Where I get it: Crux Fermentation Project

What’s awesome about it: This beer is part of Crux’s special Banished series (meaning it’s been “banished” to Kentucky bourbon barrels and aged there). The aging process smooths out the edges and brings in notes of vanilla beans and hints of dried cherries. It’s the perfect beer for sipping by the fire on a chilly fall evening!

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