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5 ways to make the snow fall in Bend


I’ll admit it, I’m superstitious.

I step over sidewalk cracks and pick up pennies for good luck. I believe that if I wash my car on Monday, it’s guaranteed to rain on Tuesday. (This might be why my car is perpetually filthy, but let’s not dwell).

Statistically speaking, Bend is guaranteed to get a lot more snow than the rest of Oregon, with an average annual snowfall of 33.8 inches in town and a whopping 160-180 inches up at Mt. Bachelor. In other words, Bend is a safe bet for all you snow lovers.

But this is the time of year we’re all on snow watch. We check weather reports with the fervor of junkies needing a fix, and we’ve bookmarked the Mt. Bachelor live cams. We twirl naked in our driveways while chanting to the snow gods and doing the best darn snow dance we can muster.

Not prepared for winter driving? That’s a surefire way to see heaps of snow falling in Bend.

If you’re superstitious like me and looking for more ways to summon the snow to Bend, here are five ideas.


Fail to prepare for winter roads

Forgot to toss the chains into your trunk before starting over the mountain pass? Thought you could slip through without putting on those winter tires? Figured you’d just wing it when it comes to boning up on winter driving tips?

That’s a guaranteed way to make sure you get caught in a freakin’ blizzard.

So, what’s the workaround for those who want to see tons of snowfall but still want to stay safe?

Go ahead and take all the necessary safety precautions when it comes to your car. Then tempt fate by “forgetting” to shove an ice scraper in your glove box. You can still scrape the windshield in a pinch by using the side of a credit card. When you get to Bend, you can hit the Dollar Store for a new scraper.

Go ahead and buy that discounted pre-season pass at Mt. Bachelor. We’ve got other ways for you to make sure the powder piles up on the slopes.

Then pat yourself on the back for fooling Mother Nature. Go, you.


Think, “I don’t need to buy that pre-season pass for Mt. Bachelor”

You know the drill. Mt. Bachelor announces early-season discounts and passes, and you think to yourself “Maybe I’ll just wait and see how much snow they get…”

Snowshoe Tour with Wanderlust Tours

It’s okay if you forget the snowshoes. Wanderlust Tours has you covered.

Inevitably, it turns out to be an EPIC snow year, and you’re left sobbing into your mittens because you could have saved so much money if only you’d shopped early.

If failing to take advantage of discounted passes is the way to ensure the snow flies, how can you utilize your superstition to get both the killer snow and the cheap lift tickets?

Identify that annoying guy in your office. You know, the one who steals other people’s lunches from the fridge and mansplains to women in meetings. Tell him not to buy the discounted Mt. Bachelor passes. Assure him it’ll be fine, that brave, bold men like him should take risks.

Then while you’re swooshing down the slopes with extra change in your pocket and fresh powder in your hair, he’ll be back in the copy room wailing “Why, why, why didn’t I buy the pass?”


Decide to skip the winter gear

It’s a given that if you decide not to toss the snowshoes into your trunk when loading up for winter vacation, you’ll turn up in Bend wishing desperately that you had them because ohmygosh here’s eighteen inches of fresh powder.

Never fear! Skip the hassle of packing your gear (and ensure a nice, hearty snowfall accompanies your arrival in Bend) by secretly booking an outing with Wanderlust Tours.

I have it on good authority they won’t rat you out to Mother Nature if you plan ahead. Even better, they’ll provide everything—gear, transportation, snacks, even a top-notch naturalist guide to accompany you on your moonlight snowshoe adventure or beer-centric daytime tour.


Forget to book your winter lodging in Bend

Book ahead to enjoy beautiful, snowy views from Pine Ridge Inn and other Bend hotels.

Few things suck more than learning Mt. Bachelor got two feet of fresh powder and—uh oh—all the rooms in Bend are booked.

Failing to reserve your Bend hotel beforehand is a good way to ensure both gobs of fresh snow and the likelihood you won’t be there to enjoy it.

Forgotten mittens are easily replaced. Memories aren’t.

The solution? Go ahead and book. Seriously, just tempt fate. Worst case scenario, you get to Bend and there’s no fresh powder. We’ve still got tons of fun winter activities, from ice skating to fat biking to hiking to the legendary Bend Ale Trail.

Trust me, you’ll never get bored in Bend.


Misplace your mittens

Lost gloves, forgotten wool socks, warm coats left behind on the coat rack in your foyer…it’s a fact of life that if you’re packing for a winter vacation, one of those things won’t make it into your suitcase.

It’s also a given that if you turn up in Bend with clothing better-suited for a Caribbean vacation, we’ll get two feet of snow overnight.

How can you have your snow-dusted cake and eat it without freezing your butt off?

Go ahead and get crazy by leaving those winter duds at home. Seriously, go nuts.

Then use it as an excuse to go shopping. Boots, coats, socks, gloves…you’ll find all of it at Bend malls, shopping centers, and outdoor gear retailers.

Bonus: Not only will you get spiffy new clothes, you’ll be supporting local businesses. Because you’re a giver like that.


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