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What mom really wants for Mother’s Day 2019 in Bend

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Ever ask your mom what she wants and get the ol’ “Just you, dear” in response? Yeah, she’s lying.

Moms are selfless creatures programmed to put everyone else’s needs first, but that doesn’t mean she should get shortchanged on holidays. Here are a few things your mom really wants in Bend for Mother’s Day 2019.

A meal she doesn’t have to cook

Let me acknowledge up front that many families don’t operate under stereotypical gender roles in which mom does the meal planning and cooking.

But if that’s how your family rolls, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Mom is tired. She won’t tell you this, but she’d desperately love a break from all the grocery shopping, meal planning, and food prep required to make that plate of lasagna magically land on the table.

This Mother’s Day, give Mom a meal she doesn’t have to plan, purchase, or prepare. Plenty of spots like 10 Below, Riverhouse on the Deschutes, and Pronghorn Resort are offering Mother’s Day Buffets that’ll ensure every member of the family gets exactly what he or she wants to eat.

If lunch or dinner is more your speed, you’ll find dozens of Bend restaurants offering everything from Asian Fusion to Italian to creative twists on American fare. You’ll also discover plenty of vegan and gluten-free options.

Blogger Tawna’s family on a High Lakes hike.

For families on a budget, plan a picnic instead! Hit a Bend grocery store to stock up on deli items, some fruit and veggies, or maybe pre-made sandwiches. This weekend’s weather is expected to hit the 80s, so pick a park, throw down a blankie, and lay out a spread that’ll make Mom swoon.


A hike she doesn’t plan

The fact that I’ve worked at the Bend Visitor Center for almost nine years makes me my family’s default hike planner. While I relish the job at times, I love when another family member suggests a hike he or she wants to try.

Even better: When they fill all the water bottles, pack all the 10 essentials, and generally make sure the only thing I need to do is lace up my boots and start walking.

Bend hiking guidebooks

Some awesome guidebooks available in the Bend Visitor Center to help plan your Bend adventure.

Need ideas? Check out Visit Bend’s hiking page or scope out this roundup of family-friendly hikes.

You can also swing by the Bend Visitor Center for tips from our friendly front desk staff, or to purchase a hiking guide that’ll give you ideas for future Bend visits. I’m a huge fan of Bend Overall, and own three different copies that live in various glove boxes and bookshelves at my house.


A little alone time

This may not be a popular admission, and certainly not every mom shares the sentiment.

Hook Mom up with a massage appointment.

But for a lot of moms, alone time is a rare and precious commodity. Your hours are spent wiping backsides, driving the carpool, helping with homework, cheering at games, or answering “why?” for the zillionth time.

Even the most devoted mom needs a break, so give her that for an hour or two on Mother’s Day.

Buy her a gift certificate for services at a day spa, or hook her up with an hour of silent float time at Easy Float.

Tell her about the free outdoor yoga class happening at Crux Fermentation Project and let her know you’ll entertain the kids for a couple hours while she checks it out, and hits their special Mother’s Day buffet while she’s at it!

If she’s a mountain biker or a standup paddleboarder (or a mom who just wants to try it) hook her up with a guided tour or a lesson to enjoy while you hold down the fort with the kiddos.

If she’s a reader, pop by a Bend bookstore to buy her the latest memoir or a saucy romance novel and leave her alone in a park for an hour to enjoy it. (Sidenote: This works best if you go back and get her later).


Time with the people she loves best

Now that Mom’s batteries have been recharged, give her the joy of a fun family activity you can do together.

Rent a surrey bike from Wheel Fun Rentals and have the whole family pedal along the river for an hour.

Book a family outing with Wanderlust Tours and fill the family’s memory book with an epic adventure canoeing or exploring lava caves.

With warm weather on the horizon, now’s the time to schedule that whitewater rafting trip you’ve been itching to try with Sun Country Tours.

For indoorsy families, consider a visit to Mountain Air Trampoline Park or Trampoline Zone, or check out the High Desert Museum together.

You’ll find more ideas for family adventures in Bend right here.


Don’t forget the dog moms!

Plenty of moms have kids who walk on four legs and lick their backsides, and some of them are even dogs. There are lots of ways to celebrate the dog mom in your life. Stop by Bendy Dog in Downtown Bend and snag a special gift for the pooch-loving lady in your life. They carry handmade wooden signs and etched metal leash hooks that say “dog mom,” and both are made by local artists. They even have car magnets bearing the “dog mom” moniker.

If you visit Bend Pet Express, you can take Fido for a little scrub-a-dub at their dog wash center while Mom shops for snacks and toys to spoil her four-legged baby.

After that, consult the DogPac page for ideas on great hiking spots for dogs, or visit one of Bend’s off-leash dog parks.

You’ll also find many Bend restaurants have dog-friendly outdoor patios, so dog moms can enjoy a special meal with waggy-tailed kids.

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