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A dog’s guide to making friends in Bend

Jack swimming Quinn Creek 1600

Hello, I’m JackJack! I’m a one-year old pup living with the lady who writes this blog. Since her birthday is next week, I thought it would be a nice gift to eat her shoe   chase the cats    dig in the garden    write this week’s blog post for her. I’m helpful like that!

Everyone says I’m pretty much the friendliest guy EVER, so I thought I’d tell you all my favorite ways to make friends in Bend. Here we go!


Visit dog parks

I used to run free on the Warm Springs Reservation, and got rescued after a car almost hit me on the highway. Yikes!

After all that freedom, you’d think I wouldn’t adjust to life in a house with fences and stuff, but guys, I’ve gotta tell you…being domesticated has perks!

One of those perks is visiting Bend’s dog parks. There are eight off-leash parks in Bend, and not only can I run free, I can make all kinds of new friends. Did I mention I love friends?

Jack with Visit Bend blogger Tawna.

My favorite place is the Bob Wenger Memorial Off-Leash Area at Pine Nursery Park. It has 14 whole acres of fenced terrain where I can run, fetch, frolic, sniff butts, and play in the splashy fire hydrants just for dogs.

It’s a great spot to make dog friends, but I’ve also seen my humans chatting with other humans. Seems like a friendly place for everyone, and don’t we all need more friends?


Pick up after yourself

Guys, I’ve gotta confess…I don’t know how to pick up doody. Not yet anyway, but I’m sure my opposable thumbs will grow in soon.

Jack and his friend, Bindi, in a boat on Clear Lake.

Until then, I make sure my humans pack lots of doody bags so they can help me out. They say it’s important whether we’re hiking in the woods or hanging out in one of the 80+ parks and playgrounds around Bend.

Lots of those places have doody bag dispensers, but just to be safe, I pitch in by carrying my own stash attached to my leash. My humans bought our baggie holder at Bendy Dog, and the fact that they have tasty cookies there almost makes up for the next thing I’m about to tell you. Brace yourself, guys, it’s scary…


Smell nice

I love rolling in stinky things, don’t you?


All right, fine. Not everyone loves dead fish smell. If you’re one of the weird ones who doesn’t, it’s nice to make the right first impression on your new friends by smelling clean and fresh.

Jack camping with his humans at Crescent Lake.

If you’re a dog like me, you can ask your person to take you someplace for a bath. My humans like the U-wash dog stations at Bend Pet Express, but other people might like regular ol’ dog groomers who do the dirty work for you.

Oh, and if you’re a stinky human who needs to get spiffed up, I heard Bend has a lot of cool day spas where they scrub you with body polish and wrap you up in nice smelling blankets before they rub your belly or your back or whatever.

Personally, I’d rather smell like the goose poop I found last week in Drake Park, but to each their own.


Go out to eat

One great way to make friends in Bend is to hang out at Bend restaurants or breweries along the Bend Ale Trail. If you think that’s only for humans, I’m here to tell you that’s soooo not true.

JackJack learns to swim with a little help from Bindi.

Just last week, my humans walked me to 10 Barrel where we all sat outside and enjoyed ice-cold beer and pizza. I didn’t get the beer and pizza. I licked myself, but that’s just as good.

There are tons of places to eat and drink in Bend where humans and dogs can hang together on pup-friendly patios. Check out Visit Bend’s dining page to find a spot where all of us can make friends and fill our bellies at the same time.


Stupid Heckin’ leash

You know how I said I love to run free? Sometimes, that’s not an option. Like if we’re walking around Downtown Bend or hiking along the river, I’m not supposed to run up to strangers and lick them in the face. It’s the law or something.

And I’m all about obeying the law, even when it’s a leash law I don’t like all that much. Apparently, fines are pretty stiff, and if my humans pay fines, they’ve got less money for squeaky toys.

JackJack seconds after getting a kiss from a friend.

For anyone who’s not sure where you do and don’t have to wear a leash, the folks at DogPac have put together some good info right here to help folks know.

And really, the leash thing isn’t so bad. Don’t tell Mom I said so.


Smile with your face or your booty

Part of making friends is looking friendly, don’t you think?

That’s why it’s cool that people are always smiling at each other in Bend. Seriously, random strangers smile and wave when they pass on the trails.

My humans say it’s the Bend way, and that you can find more tips for how to Visit Like a Local on this page.

Since I look a little like a shark when I smile with my teeth, I make the smiles with my tail instead.

No matter what body you use for wagging, the main thing is to be friendly. It’s how you make all kinds of friends, whether they have two legs or four legs or sometimes three.

Just not eight legs. Spiders are scary, guys.


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