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How to have the Bend experience if you’re a little lazy

Mt Bachelor view from Pine Marten 1600

When most folks plan Bend vacations, the itinerary reads like something crafted by a hyperactive Olympic athlete on speed. The hiking! The biking! The nonstop sightseeing!

But what if you’re not that motivated? You still want to see and do all the cool Bend stuff, but maybe without all that exertion.

Blogger Tawna cruising through the Old Mill District on a tour with Bend Electric Bikes.

Guys, it’s do-able. Here are five popular Bend activities, and how to cross them off your bucket list without breaking a sweat.


Ready for a bike ride?

There are so many ways to experience biking in Bend that just making a list leaves me needing a nap. There’s mountain biking and road biking, CyclePub and fat biking in the snow. There’s even a bike surrey for the whole family.

Okay, so what if you’re not up for all that pedaling? You can still get a two-wheeled Bend experience by renting an electric bicycle from Bend Electric Bikes or Let it Ride for some assisted pedal power. Both places also offer guided tours, so leave the planning to someone else and get a good glimpse of Bend while you’re at it.

If inspiration strikes and you feel like pedaling, that’s an option with e-Bikes. The zippy little motor comes in handy on hills or when you just plain don’t feel like sweating, and there’s no shame in that, folks.


Who says hiking’s hard?

Sure, you can hoof it to the top of Pilot Butte. That’s the preferred way to see it, and it grants you killer views all the way to the summit of this dormant volcano.

Bend Tour Company segway rentals

A Segway outing with the Bend Tour Company is a fun, unique way to see the city.

But there’s also a paved road that’s open to vehicles in non-icy months (generally early-May through late-October), making it easy to park at the top, hop out of your car, and snap the same breathtaking mountain photos your friends snagged while panting and mopping sweat from their brows.

If you’re craving more of an urban hiking experience, the folks at Bend Tour Company can hook you up with a Segway tour that’ll give you glimpses of Bend landmarks like Drake Park and the Old Mill District. You’ll still be on your feet and seeing lots of cool stuff, but you won’t actually have to move your feet. Much.


Do I really have to drive to all those breweries?

This one’s less about laziness and more about being smart when you navigate the Bend Ale Trail.

Leave the driving and planning to someone else when you book a Bend Ale Trail tour with the Bend Brew Bus.

Sure, you could map out all the breweries you want to see and figure out the best way to maximize your time while urging a member of your party to be the designated driver (he/she gets a special prize!)

Or you can skip all that and leave the driving and planning to someone else. Guided brewery tours make it easy to sip and snack your way around the Bend Ale Trail without the hassle or the risk of a DUI. The Bend Brew Bus will even pick you up and drop you off at your Bend Hotel or vacation rental.

If you want a switch from beer, they also offer the Local Pour Tour to give you a taste of Bend’s distilleries, cideries, wineries, and more.


My dog has more energy than I do

As the owner of two high-energy herding dogs, I know what it’s like to hit the end of a hard day and think, “ugh…the pups still need exercise.”

Wear your pup out with some frisbee fun at the Bob Wenger Memorial Off-Leash Area in Northeast Bend.

Fortunately, Bend boasts eight off-leash dog parks that are fenced and free for Rover to roam.

Your pup can run like crazy, but you won’t have to.


What goes up must come down

Want to experience the thrill of sightseeing on Mt. Bachelor, but you’d rather not ski down? A summertime scenic lift ride might be right up your alley. They’re available into fall, or whenever snow prompts the mountain to shift into winter operations.

Scenic views from the Pine Marten Lodge after enjoying a scenic chairlift ride at Mt. Bachelor.

Once you reach the top, you can eat lunch or dinner at the Pine Marten Lodge, take a hike to one of the year-round snowfields, or even play a round of disc golf.

Then hop back on the chairlift for a nice and easy ride back down to your car. Being lazy has its perks, huh?

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