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9 perfect Christmas gifts for your Bend beverage

Silipint 1600

The holidays are a great time to share some ho-ho-ho with your H2O. A present for your pilsner. A gift for your Grenache. A bonus for your banana milkshake.

You get the idea.

While your favorite beverage may not have been on your holiday gift list, these nine clever options will have you hustling to the Bend Visitor Center to hook up your hydration with a one-of-a-kind prezzie.


A puffy coat for your bottle

New in the Bend Visitor Center gift shop, these adorable koozies look like miniature jackets for your drink of choice. They come in a variety of colors and zip off and on in a jiff. Not only do they work great to keep your bottle cool, they’ll ensure you never lose track of your drink if you set it down at a party. 

If the coat or vest don’t float your boat, we also carry mini sleeping bags that are so freakin’ adorable I want to squeal.

Price: $15



Something for your coffee

Want to be reminded of Bend every time you lift your mug of coffee, cocoa, tea, or hot toddy? These stylish black mugs hold 10 fluid ounces of your favorite beverage and boast a raised pewter Bend logo that’ll catch your eye every time you lift it to your lips.

Er, lift the mug to your lips. If you can lift your eye to your lips, you have bigger issues than a mug can solve.

Price: $10


Beer steins for your favorite ale

Diggin’ the coffee mug above, but need something for your chilled beverages? This heavy-duty glass stein with pewter Bend logo is perfect for your root beer, ginger ale, kombucha, or whatever you put in that growler while out on the Bend Ale Trail. Tuck it in the freezer so you’ve always got a chilly receptacle or a convenient way to ice your ankle after a day on the slopes.

Price: $15


A bike chain bottle opener

The Bend Visitor Center’s gift shop sells several bottle openers, but the bike ones really rev up our outdoorsy crowd. Made from recycled bike chains, they come in two sizes, including one that fits perfectly on your keychain. It’s a great stocking stuffer for someone in your life who loves both beer and biking (which, come to think of it, would be about 80% of Bend visitors).

Price: $7.50 to $9



Silipints of all shapes and sizes

Everyone’s favorite silicone pint glass, the Silipint, is well known around these parts as a prize for completing the Bend Ale Trail. But did you know they come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colors? Choose from pint glasses and shot glasses, dog bowls and tumblers. They’re good for hot beverages or cold and can even go in the oven or microwave.

Best of all, you can knock ‘em on the floor with zero breakage, which is handy for kids or your uncle prone to over-imbibing at holiday dinners.

Price: ranges from $5 to $16



Hundreds of Hydro Flasks

It’s rare to find me without a Hydro Flask somewhere on my person. They keep my water icy-cold at the gym, and my tea scalding hot on camping trips. Hydro Flask has made several new additions to the lineup recently, including new colors and some handy new lids for the tumblers.

Hydro Flask reusable beverage containersThe ones we sell in the Bend Visitor Center include the spiffy-looking lasered Bend logo, so snag one or two or twelve and set yourself up to have fond Bend memories every time you take a swig.

Price: $25 to $43



A classy wood flask

There are flasks and then there are flasks. The difference is that I italicized one of those words and not the other, which really doesn’t say much, does it?

But having a wood-wrapped flask stamped with the Bend logo does say something about you, which is that you’re sophisticated, sexy, and prone to smuggling strong spirits in to your child’s holiday concert. Rock on, parent of the year.

Price: $35



A Bend wine stopper

Is it a wine stopper or a corkscrew? Yes! This handy little Bend-logoed gadget does double duty for prying the cork out of your favorite vino, then keeping the bottle sealed up if you don’t finish it in one sitting.

But who are we kidding? It’s the holidays. Of course you’re finishing in one sitting.

Price: $15


The growler to beat all growlers

You’ve probably got a growler or two tucked in your pantry, and if you’re like me, you forget at least half the time when heading to a growler fill station. 

But the Cadillac of growlers is one you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. DrinkTanks makes these bad boys with a big, sturdy handle, a clamp-on lid with a double-bail locking system that’s guaranteed to be leak-proof. They’re touted as keeping your drink cold for up to 24 hours, and I can vouch for having tested this several times.

Best of all, they’ve got an add-on Keg Cap Kit with a hose and CO2 cartridges to transform your growler into your own personal keg. If that’s not winning, I don’t know what is. Choose from 64-ounce or 128-ounce big boy.

Price: $74 to $115 (plus $45 for the keg kit)

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