Our Own Private Forest…A Morning of Mountain Biking in Bend

The first week of summer is showing off in Bend, dressed in festive colors and bringing smiles to the faces of visitors and locals alike.  After a long spring, the passing of the Solstice has brought warm weather, sunshine, and evening fires at O’Kanes Square to our little city along … Continue reading

Farm Fresh Strawberries – Four Pints isn’t nearly enough.

With high hopes of serving strawberry shortcake to our dinner guests on Thursday night, I bought a few pints of strawberries from the Bend Farmer’s Market on Wednesday afternoon.  Four pints would be plenty I thought, to enjoy Wednesday evening and still have enough for our friends the following night. … Continue reading

The Nation’s Best Cyclists Descend on Bend.

The cycling population of Bend is going to grow exponential this weekend – in preparation for the USA Cycling National Championships.  Junior, U23 and Elite road racers from all over the country will descend on Bend to compete in road racing, time trial and criterium events.  For six days, June … Continue reading

The World Cup – Not so far from home.

Whether you are a die-hard soccer fanatic, casual sports fan, or reluctant spectator, you can’t help but get caught up in the action of this year’s FIFA 2010 World Cup.  Being held in nine different South African cities, this year’s tournament has international appeal and attracts millions of viewers – … Continue reading

FootZone’s Dirty Half….. Coming to a Trail Near You.

Lace up those running shoes and hit the trail! FootZone’s Dirty Half, a half marathon on the Phil’s Trail network just west of Bend, will take place this Sunday morning at 8 a.m. sharp!  A 13.1-mile loop of technical single-track welcomes runners of all abilities – from Olympic caliber athletes … Continue reading

So Much To Do, So Little Time – Memorial Day in Bend

Memorial Day weekend seemed to sneak up on everyone this year; and came rushing into Bend with a calendar full of events.  Portlanders flocked over the mountains to get a taste of the Central Oregon sunshine and Bendites had to decide whether to stay in town and soak up the … Continue reading

Six months later, we are still getting fresh tracks.

May 22nd, 2010.  Bend, Oregon.  Flurries of snow can be seen from my kitchen window.  The Three Sisters, Broken Top and Mt. Bachelor are invisible, heavily cloaked in swirling white clouds.  The skis have been retired for the year, but the mountain is calling.  The powder has been accumulating for … Continue reading