7 things your mom secretly wants in Bend

Today we’re going to talk about 7 things your mom secretly wants you to do for her in Bend. By “your mom” I might mean “me.” And by “you” I might mean “my family.” But since it’s almost Mother’s Day Weekend 2018, I figure this list might hold true for … Continue reading

What to know for winter break 2017 in Bend!

Bend is one of the most amazing places on earth to spend winter break, no matter which holiday you’re celebrating these last couple weeks of December. Heck, you don’t even need to celebrate a holiday—there are festivities galore for people from all walks of life. Scoping out visitbend.com is a … Continue reading

32 Bend experiences for 2017 holiday gift giving

In recent years, gift giving trends have swung from gifting “objects” to gifting “experiences,” which is pretty awesome in my book. Giftwrapping is easier, not to mention there’s less uncertainty about whether a gift is wanted or where the recipient will store more stuff. Luckily, Bend is packed full of … Continue reading

5 ways to guarantee a white Christmas in Bend, Oregon

This marks my 42nd Christmas on planet earth, and more than half of those have been in Bend. About half of those have been an actual white Christmas, which gives us decent odds of having some fluff on the ground December 25, 2016. But what can you do to guarantee it? … Continue reading