10 things you MUST do on a Bend vacation

Last week someone asked me to recommend a list of must-do Bend experiences and adventures. I started to email her a link to this blog post I wrote to answer that question. Then I looked at the date. March 2012? Huh. I don’t know about you, but I’ve changed a … Continue reading

How to be lazy as @#$% in Bend (and still love your vacation!)

Yesterday, I eavesdropped on a conversation between two tourism colleagues. I shouldn’t admit that publicly, huh? They discussed how Bend visitors arrive with detailed itineraries that have them hiking at sunrise, mountain biking by noon, and cramming in as many Bend Ale Trail stops as possible before the breweries close … Continue reading

5 things to do before the snow flies in Bend, Oregon

Last week, Bend photographer Pete Alport was up at Mt. Bachelor to capture a few images of our first snowfall for the 2014-2015 season. Pretty as it was, I’m not ready to bust out my puffy coat and winter boots just yet. Here are five things we all need to … Continue reading

12 ways you know you’re in Bend, Oregon

Saying Bend has a unique vibe is kinda like saying there’s beer on the Bend Ale Trail. It goes without saying. Nearly every day, I’ll see or experience something that makes me smile fondly and think, “that could only happen in Bend.” Here are twelve things that make you absolutely, … Continue reading

So I’m here in Bend for Christmas! Now what?

Judging from the number of cars I saw while en route to the office today, a whole big bunch of you decided to spend the Christmas holiday in Bend. Either that, or there’s a zombie apocalypse. But assuming it’s just the holiday, welcome! Now get out there and experience the … Continue reading