8 family-friendly hikes in Bend and Central Oregon

Driving along a country road Sunday afternoon, I heard a voice from the backseat. “Thank you so much for taking us on that hike. It was really fun.” The voice belonged to my 14-year-old stepson, and those of you with teenagers know it’s kind of a big deal to have … Continue reading

Let’s go chasing waterfalls in Bend, Oregon!

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon on Visit Bend’s Facebook page. Every time we share a photo of a waterfall in Oregon the post gets three-gazillion likes, shares, and comments. It’s clear Bend fans are passionate about the idea of water rushing over towering cliffs and rocky flumes, so let’s take … Continue reading

Smith’s Pleasures

If you want to go to a “Pleasure Palace” for a little off-line recreation, I’ve got great directions for you. Drive 26 miles north of Bend, Oregon. Head to the west of Misery Ridge and past the Red Wall. Then climb 100 feet upwards. You won’t be disappointed. And the … Continue reading

Hiking the High Roads

On my first trip to Bend, back in the 1980s when I still lived in Seattle, I spent my first high desert hour meandering along the Deschutes River Trail. This urban hike, five minutes from downtown Bend, and surrounded by Ponderosa pine trees, captivated me. One year later, after a … Continue reading