4 ways to relish the sound of silence in Bend, Oregon

Listen. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of . . . well, nothing. Something funny happens in Bend each year during the weeks that follow a chaotic Christmas break and precede the visitor uptick in mid-February for Presidents’ Weekend. Traffic dies down, shops and restaurants go quiet, and there’s … Continue reading

8 things that haven’t changed much at all in Bend

So my grandma died yesterday. I know I’m usually upbeat on this blog, so I promise I’ll still lace this post with a few doses of irreverent humor. I’ve been feeling nostalgic about my childhood summers in Central Oregon. I’m a fourth-generation Oregonian who grew up in Salem, but for … Continue reading

Six signs spring is on its way to Bend, Oregon

Last weekend I ventured over the mountains to Salem where cherry trees are blooming and the ground is awash in tulips and bluebells. Here in Bend, springtime isn’t quite as flashy. Sure, we saw temperatures in the mid-sixties this week, but I’ll bet my snow shovel we’ve got at least … Continue reading

Three fun road trips venturing out from Bend, Oregon

Bend is an amazing place. I mean, that’s why we’re all here on this website instead of the one for Visit Blue Ball, Ohio (that’s a real town. I swear). While Bend has everything you could possibly wish for in a vacation destination, it’s possible you’ll feel like exploring elsewhere … Continue reading