32 Bend experiences for 2017 holiday gift giving

In recent years, gift giving trends have swung from gifting “objects” to gifting “experiences,” which is pretty awesome in my book. Giftwrapping is easier, not to mention there’s less uncertainty about whether a gift is wanted or where the recipient will store more stuff. Luckily, Bend is packed full of … Continue reading

10 things you need to pack for your Bend vacation

It goes without saying that your packing list for any upcoming trip to Bend should include things like clean undies and sturdy walking shoes. OK, depending on who you are and what you’re doing here, I suppose the undies are optional. While I’m not going to remind you to pack … Continue reading

Stuff your stocking with a whole ‘lotta goodies made in Bend!

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you I intend to throat-punch the next person who asks me “have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?” Luckily, there’s a veritable arsenal of amazing holiday gifts for sale just 20 feet from my office. Even luckier for you, it’s open … Continue reading

Seven worthy splurges when you vacation in Bend

Though I live in what’s arguably one of the best vacation spots in the country, I do sometimes venture beyond the Bend city limits. As I was planning a road trip for late September, it occurred to me I’m spending a lot of time pondering how to make wise use … Continue reading