What’s open in Bend as Memorial Weekend 2018 approaches?

We’re still a month from the official first day of summer 2018, but peak season in Bend begins a bit earlier than that. Each year, roads and attractions that close for the winter season start popping open like beautiful spring blooms in the weeks surrounding Memorial Day. Here’s what’s open … Continue reading

Show your feet (and the rest of you) a fun time in Bend

This blog post is for your feet. Since it’s possible your feet aren’t literate, you may need to read it to them. Ahem. Dear feet, It’s been a long winter, hasn’t it? You’ve been crammed into ski boots, subjected to frantic, icy sprints down the driveway on trash pickup mornings, … Continue reading

Get a Bend campfire experience (without the campfire!)

Late-summer in Bend means forest fire season, which puts a temporary freeze on your plans for cuddling by the campfire and roasting hot dogs over an open flame. Right now, all campfires (including charcoal and pellet fires) are prohibited on public and private lands across our bone-dry high desert landscape. … Continue reading

Bend summer is half over, so now what?

Over dinner a few nights ago, my husband got out his calendar and informed the kids that their summer vacation is officially at its midpoint. Even for those of us past the days of reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic, that’s a wakeup call. How can that be? There’s still so much … Continue reading

How to do Bend well (and how to do it even better!)

There are certain things that make it on most visitors’ summer bucket list: Go hiking, catch an outdoor concert, then set out for a leisurely river float before ending your evening with a cold pint along the Bend Ale Trail. They’re all pretty simple activities you can probably master all … Continue reading

6 extra reasons to smile in Bend this summer

Summertime in Bend is when I catch myself walking down the street and smiling for no apparent reason. Well, there is a reason. Did I mention the part about it being summertime in Bend? But this summer—the summer of 2017—we all have a few extra reasons to grin like goobers. … Continue reading

How to do Independence Day 2017 in Bend!

Everyone has a favorite holiday. Maybe it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day for you, but for me it will always be July 4. The fact that I spend it in Bend every year has a lot to do with that. From the waggy-tailed joy of the Pet Parade to the breathless … Continue reading

Summer 2017 has arrived in Bend! Now what?

This past Wednesday marked the official first day of summer, which means Bend’s peak season is officially in full swing. Planning a summer vacation to the outdoor playground of the West? Here’s what you need to know!   Visit Like a Local Want the inside scoop on everything from trail … Continue reading