10 fun DIY experiences for do-it-yourselfers in Bend

While some go on vacation to escape a lengthy to-do list, hardcore DIYers get twitchy without a task. Even if you’re not a serious do-it-yourselfer, there’s something rewarding about devoting a bit of vacation time to creating something. Bonus: You go home with a new skill, a special souvenir, or … Continue reading

6 ways to be a kid again in Bend, Oregon

All of us have family vacation memories from the days we were carefree kiddos who didn’t have to worry about annoying trip details like finding the perfect Bend hotel or kid-friendly restaurant. Just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you should surrender the idea of experiencing Bend with the … Continue reading

5 reasons autumn is awesome in Bend, Oregon

Everyone has a time of year they love more than any other in Bend, and for me, that time is now. Nights have turned chilly and trees have gone from ablaze in the literal sense (@#$% forest fires) to ablaze in autumnal hues of red, orange, and yellow leaves. Crowds … Continue reading

13 spots for indoorsy fun in Bend, Oregon

Forest fire season is upon us, and with several large blazes raging around Oregon, Bend has seen a bit of smoke this week. A short walk with the dog last night left us both smelling like we’d spent the evening by a bonfire, and folks with respiratory problems have been … Continue reading

6 reasons it’s great to be a tourist in Bend, Oregon

I’m writing this post from 5,570 miles from Central Oregon, which seems weird for a tourism blog devoted to Bend. But being in Barcelona right now has me in “tourist mode” instead of “tourism promotion mode,” which spurred a few observations worth sharing. While I’ve bopped my way between countless … Continue reading

6 ways to enjoy Bend, Oregon when traveling solo

My husband is traveling on business this week, so I’ve spent lots of time talking to the dog   drinking milk from the carton  exploring Bend on my own. Obviously, it’s not the first time in my 42+ years as an Oregonian that I’ve hung out solo in Central Oregon, but … Continue reading

6 ways to do some post-election self-care in Bend, Oregon

Regardless of whether you’re elated or heartbroken over the results of this week’s presidential vote, one thing’s pretty clear: This election cycle was hard on all of us. You need a break. A reset. A chance to clear your head and remind yourself what’s really important. Is there any better … Continue reading

6 reasons to get excited about October in Bend

One of the upsides of living in Bend for nearly 20 years is that I’ve developed a sort of Christmas-morning-like excitement about the surprises our autumn weather has in store. Will it dump a foot of snow on Bend the way it did in early-October 2009? Or is the weatherman … Continue reading