Pack the 10 essentials for your Bend winter adventure

Avid outdoor adventurers know the phrase “ten essentials.” Some even have a list tattooed on their foreheads. But for more casual explorers, a few reminders can be helpful. Yes, we know we should pack that mini-flashlight for our ski picnic, but where the @#$% did we put the darn thing? … Continue reading

Make a Bend New Year’s resolution and win a vacation!

We’re days away from the start of 2018, which means most of us are trotting out our New Year’s resolutions. Eat healthier. Exercise more. Watch less television. You know the drill. But how about resolving to leave Bend, Oregon better than you found it? That’s the idea behind The Bend … Continue reading

Reflections on 20 years in Bend

This week marks 20 years since I moved to Bend. I’m a fourth-generation Oregonian who grew up in Salem, but childhood summers were spent frolicking in sagebrush-speckled canyons near my grandparents’ Central Oregon horse ranch. Even as a kid, I knew I’d move to Bend. More than four decades have … Continue reading

Smile. You’re in Bend.

I was walking through Downtown Bend yesterday when I passed a guy smiling so wide I figured he’d just won a lifetime supply of beer on the Bend Ale Trail. I was taken aback. Was he cuckoo? Was he on his phone? Was he smiling at me? The answer seemed … Continue reading