Gold Barry SSWC

2018 Single Speed MTB World Championships

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What you’re gonna experience in Bend is a good ol’ fashioned bike race and festival. Remember NORBA? Its gonna be like a NORBA race before the roadies got involved and started doping. Oh yeah, doping? There will be plenty of that because the bike race is in OREGON!!!

Don’t know what NORBA is? Look it up on this internet machine, click images and check out the legends. You will surely toe the race line with some of those bad ass dudes and dudettes here in Bend. All the legends are gonna be here for this one, and if they aren’t….well, then…they just aren’t legends (at least in our minds).

The party starts on Wednesday night, October 17 and will rage on well past the day of the race which will be on October 20th.

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