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Based on the author’s own experiences in the Peace Corps in Africa 45 years ago, Nigeria takes the reader on a thrilling ride through a mysterious African adventure.

The year is 1975. In the remote African savannah region of northern Nigeria, a lone American Peace Corps Volunteer mysteriously disappears while searching for a secret oasis. It was an innocent-enough camping trip that went horribly wrong. In a race against time, three of his friends—two Peace Corps Volunteers and a Marine Security guard from the U.S. Embassy—embark on a search and rescue mission like no other. Their manhunt takes an unexpected turn when they stumble onto an ancient and deadly side of Nigeria’s past. Survival soon becomes the primary goal for the search team as they close in on their objective, become isolated, and face unimaginable terror.

Author Tom Wangler was born and raised in the high desert of Central Oregon. A graduate of Oregon College of Education with a Bachelor’s degree in physical education, health sciences and journalism, Tom embarked on a teaching career which eventually landed him a two-year stint in Africa with the Peace Corps. After returning stateside, he obtained a Master’s degree from Oregon State University before working for a utility company, an aircraft company, commercially flying helicopters, and teaching at a residential high school. Tom lives with his wife, Cheryl, and their two German Shepherds in Bend, Oregon, where he is working on his second novel.

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