Les Schwab Amphiteater Concert

Brandon Prinzing & The Old Revival

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Brandon Prinzing has had an uncommon journey when it comes to music.  With early roots in punk and rock and roll, a traumatic life event at 21 turned him from musician to full time live in nurse for the next 6 years.  Effectively ending his time in the music scene for the foreseeable future.

But what seemed like the end of a musical career and a deep dark hole wound up being the driving force for what became Brandon Prinzing & The Old Revival.  Nothing inspires honest, true songwriting like honest, true devastation and heartache. With more than enough defeat, loss, and struggle to draw from, he found his voice as a songwriter that later became his signature defiant style. Driven by brutally honest, personal, yet relatable lyrics, he drew attention from Aaron Gillespie of Underoath and The Almost.  With his support as a producer and studio musician the debut album “Hear This” was made.

All ages welcome.

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