Trail Goats - Cascadia Adventure Film Festival

Trail Goats - Cascadia Adventure Film Festival

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An amazing selection of films from trails and runners around the world. | Doors Open: 6:00 p.m. | Event Starts: 7:00 p.m.

The Films:


Legendary Canadian ultrarunner Rob Krar has joined forces with the Movember Foundation to raise awareness of the crisis in men’s mental health. Rob became a star in the ultra-long-distance running world after winning second place in his first 100-miler in 2013. But his biggest struggle isn’t running 100 miles. For Rob, Movember is far more personal. READ MORE

The call to prayer is a familiar sound in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Five times a day the minaret sounds, and people from all across Moroccan valleys pause to say their prayers. Embedded with a powerful sense of tradition, the people of these villages very much still live ‘the old way’, and many are subsistence farmers who live honest, humble lives. READ MORE

On the surface, Anna Frost looks like a competition-driven elite ultra runner having won some of the hardest races in her sport. One would probably think the desire to win is what drives Anna to trail run. To her, trail running is a gateway to connection. Connection to nature. Connection to community. And ultimately, connection to the self. The film will get viewers stoked to learn more about the fabled, “Frosty” yet she is about go through the hardest challenge of her life, Motherhood. READ MORE

A story about Sverri Steinholm, a Faroese trail running pastor that explores the relationship of his spirituality both through his experiences in the outdoors and in a traditional “church” / community. READ MORE

Courtney Dauwalter has captivated the ultra running world with her signature long baggy shorts, endless smile and remarkable ability to dominate ultra races, often beating all the men and women. The Source is a film that sets out to answer the question, “what is Courtney Dauwalter’s source of will?” It follows Courtney and her crew as she races the Tahoe 200 giving viewers a front row seat to what it takes to run a 200 mile mountain race. READ MORE

To bring you films and experiences from the Cascades and beyond, to enhance your appreciation for outdoor adventures, help you discover new places to explore, and inspire a sense of community for those who love to share and preserve the outdoors. For more information, email

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