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Cork & Barrel Virtual Winemaker Dinner

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Cork & Barrel VIRTUAL WINEMAKER DINNER benefiting KIDS Center
Featuring Booker Wines and Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails
To purchase tickets, https://www.corkandbarrel.org/winemaker-dinners
VIRTUAL, On Zoom, On Your Computer
Booker Wines and Zydeco, represent high-end attention to detail with their wine and culinary deliciousness. Meet owner/winemaker, Eric Jensen, who, with his wife, Lisa, purchased 100 acres of the historic Booker farmland, and they continue to this day, the Booker tradition of being great farmers and humanitarians. Eric will share about the MFN Blanc and MFN Red featured at the dinner, while guests sip on the wines from the comfort of their own home. These wines will partner divinely with the courses that downtown Bend fine dining maestro, Zydeco, has created for curbside pick up.
Zydeco Kitchen and Cocktails is known for its Northwest cuisine with a Southern twist. Executive Chef Steve Helt will be crafting a thoughtfully prepared multi-course takeaway meal that guests will pick up in advance, with finishing instructions included.
Guests will have opportunities to ask questions during the virtual dinner. The evening on zoom will last about 45-60 minutes. During this time, beginning at 6 pm, guests will enjoy the food, wine, storytelling and conversation.
Join us for this fabulous evening of wine, food and philanthropy!

Guests will be given a time to come and pick up their dinner(s) and wine in advance (early afternoon) on June 30 at Zydeco. Simply pull up curbside and your meal(s) and wine will be ready for you to take home with instructions for the evening. Socially distant, safe, and delicious!!!
Guests will be given a link for the Zoom call the day prior to the dinner via the email that the guest provided when registering/purchasing tickets for the dinner. Simply click the Zoom link a little before 6:00 p.m. the day of your Virtual Winemaker Dinner to be connected to the meeting where the winemaker and chef/restaurant representative will lead guests through an engaging experience, all in support of KIDS Center. If you have not been to a Zoom meeting before, and are a ticket holder for a Virtual Winemaker Dinner, please reach out to info@corkandbarrel.org or 541.550.6660, prior to the dinner so we can mitigate any technical difficulties.
Each purchase for $250 will include:
Two (2) three (3) course meals crafted by Chef Steve Helt of Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails
One (1) 750 ml bottle of MFN Blanc
One (1) 750 ml bottle of MFN Red
Each purchaser will receive a receipt from KIDS Center showing the tickets purchased, the ticket value of $75 per ticket, and the philanthropic donation of $50 per ticket. If any guest makes an additional donation to KIDS Center, this will also be detailed on the guest receipt. The guest receipt will be hard mailed to the guest’s physical address following Cork & Barrel in the month of August.
KIDS Center is excited to be a part of this Virtual Winemaker Dinner! This experience will be different, but we are pleased to partner in this unique opportunity to connect KIDS Center supporters together, albeit virtual, with first class food and topflight wines. And, a special thank you to Booker Wines and Zydeco for parcitipating in this wonderful evening!
For specific questions or additional information please contact info@corkandbarrel.org or 214.724.3879.

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