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Disparate Voices: Pat Clark & Jim O'Connor

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Presenting the final 2018 installment of ScaleHouse Voices, a series of talks with local and visiting artists and scholars, exploring ideas and techniques, practice and process, creativity and culture.

Join us November 7 for Disparate Voices, a joint inquiry into water by local artist, designer, and teacher Pat Clark and USGS geologist Jim O’Connor. The two first met at Playa, an artist residency at Summer Lake, Oregon, and struck up an extraordinary friendship over their shared interest in the water table and the forces that irrevocably alter it.

Jim will share stories and images of a century of changes in our local geology and hydrology, and Pat will speak to her new work, which records and codes the history of the land through art, now on exhibit at Bend Art Center through November 27.

The talk will take place at Tykeson Hall, Rm 111.

For more information, visit www.scalehouse.org

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