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Mindful Yoga and Wine Tasting Workshop

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“A complex, full-bodied red blend with an aroma of macerated plums; the flavor profile offers huckleberry jam, and overtones of cocoa and leather.” You don’t need to be a wine expert to give detailed descriptions like this one. The most important quality for appreciating the subtle nuances of different wines is the ability to be completely and entirely in the present moment!

Mindfulness is all about being present in the here and now, and experiencing each experience fully. As meditation teacher Guy Armstrong explains: “mindfulness is knowing what you are experiencing while you are experiencing it.” Research has shown it can help regulate our emotions, reduce stress, lower judgmental attitudes, improve memory and focus and even reshape our brain structures.

We will begin our workshop with an hour of mindful yoga practiced outdoors, cultivating present moment awareness and calming the mind. This will be followed by a mindful tasting of a flight of wines specifically chosen for the workshop and provided by Va Piano Vineyards. The tasting will allow us to practice mindfulness by engaging the senses through color, smell, texture and taste. The basic concepts of mindfulness will be explained and explored during both practices.

Whether you’re new to yoga, meditation or wine tasting, or have been practicing for years, join us to discover the practice of mindfulness and learn how to appreciate a glass of wine!

General public tickets are $30. Reservation required. Spots are limited as class size is small. To reserve email mauri@vapianovineyards.com.

Please note: Open only to those 21+ as alcohol will be served. Outdoor classes are dependent on weather conditions. If the weather does not permit the class will be moved inside. For cancellations contact mauri@vapianovineyards.com. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance for a full refund.

For questions and concerns please email Khyra at yogawithkhyra@gmail.com. For more information, check out her FB and IG pages @yogawithkhyra or visit her website at https://khyrawilhelm.wixsite.com/yogawithkhyra.

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